Monday, 30 June 2014


Drop by drop, shiny droplets falls                                
Rose smiles as it gets cleansed
With the morning dew freshness
It spreads its beauty to the world

Sun from the far tip of mountain
Stares brilliantly with its warmth
Rose smiles again and sprouts out its petals
Flowery garment fluff along her happiness

With the morning breeze she walks
With the rays of sun, she moves
She moves and she moves
Soon does she realizes evil in her

Red as is her beauty color
So is the print of her darkness
Down till her neck lies all evil
Blood of thrones surround her

Touch me not, never below my neck                            
A pain, painful than any pain          
A cry, louder than any loudness
Finally, did she realize the forgotten

Morning of darkness took it's toll
Dullness surrounded the shrines of her beauty
World never wanted her beauty above
An illusion, haunted with fake happiness

Droplets dried, petals fell
Fluffiness shrinked and wrinkled
Scooped in her home of cloudiness
She sleeps into her lonely world.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

I too feel concerned: As a citizen and a youth

I have never been keen and interested to ever have a say on the politically related matters. I have limited knowledge on politics and my thoughts do not push me confidently enough to break through. With just a speck knowledge that the main purpose behind Democracy is "People's voice" and the representatives shall raise those voices to the reality ground.
Still an amateur but my 21 years of inner maturity and with exposure to the little world that i have managed to crane my neck through to learn about the outside, a sting of concern is instilled in me. I have no great words to share and i doubt if i would be brave enough to raise it extrovertedly, but from this small platform of mine, i could not help but to place my clump of worries and apprehensiveness towards the way our small country is currently running.

The previous government, as young and fresh as it was, my mind and thoughts was also still a child and i didn't turn a bit to give a look out onto the new system in which our country was to adapt. I have had no view, no thoughts, no concerns. I was as cool as the chilly winter breeze.

Five years clicked off within no time and 2013 election brought lots and lots of chaos all in and around the country.We have seen how three more parties emerged along with the previous two, how one of the party got disqualified and how another party lost with a mountain difference in the votes. Members of party jumping to another party, how the primary round gave hope to  DPT and got sliced off into pieces when PDP took hold over the final round. We have also seen how the foreign media came into to make a difference in the final round with the rumors of our former Primer Minister making up with Chinese minister. A rise in the price of LPG gas, rupee crises and several other factors also was claimed to be have made the votes difference. And most importantly, how the anonymous website BHUTANOMICS revealed and uncovered the darker sides of several politicians or rather puffed the eyes of people with illusion of false dusty informations.

Post election, everything died down slowly. We saw our former prime minister, then the opposition leader resign and PDP's president took over the seat as a new PM. Every thing of old was replaced with new. Every thing became quite normal with the LPG gas price resuming back to normal, rupee outflow reduced and Bhutanomics talked less then. Mountain of hopes and aspirations from the new government.  Most of the ministers and parliamentarians including our own PM were a amateur beginners as a leader to a major population. Despite that most of us placed a hope of seeing a change, a new Bhutan with the vows they made to us. Lots of austerity majors with the kick start of the seat made us believe that the "CHANGE" is soon to come and people could see their hearts smiling and proud with the choice they made.

Hardly had it been one year with the new government taking seat and austerity measures lighted in, that a sudden discomfort and unpleasant fear has grown in the minds of most people with the way that the current decisions are being made. The start does not seem to be going on well with MPs appearing to be stepping back from their words.The giant, huge vows such as emergency and rescue helicopters made during campaign and several others seems to be disappearing one by one. A delightful emotion was felt when hearing about the pay revision but a sudden disappointment stroked in when  the news of 100% vehicle import tax for ordinary people and tax free for the parliamentarians was circulated..  A fatty allowances for fuel and maintenance, driver's, mobile voucher and several other allowances individually for the parliamentarians. I am not sure how the Upper house responded to it and what came the output but it is something which has be looked and thought upon carefully.
Is it  also the case in Bhutan?

I know nothing what's "Behind the scene" case and what is running through the mind of our democratic representatives. May be it might be for the future betterment or it can be like placing our own leg into the mouth of crocodile without having a far vision . But one way or another, all of us know that we are known to be  from the land of thunder dragon , unique in every way, though small,filled with Himalaya of happiness, the Gross National Happiness. It was obvious that with the introduction of Democracy, chaos and controversies would pop out naturally. It's the part of it. I do not know if it's possible but i believe we can give a new meaning to it. A democracy which is peace and sugar coated in and out.

My only concern as a citizen and a youth is that, it is quite a nightmare to imagine our now peaceful country turning into wild rivalry of gundas fighting with each other, people carrying sticks and protesting nearing the gate of parliamentarians houses and giving the meaning of democracy nothing different than other nations. Violence has never brought peace in anyway. It was with patience and the Non-Violence philosophy that led Gandhi to independent India and Aung Sung Su kyi to fair democracy Burma. We are in a way lucky to have started democracy late after witnessing all pro and cons of it from other nations and i believe we should be taking the opportunity to reform everything about it. Though it seems hard but a rough beginning will surely bore a sweet future. It might take years to bring that quality into the system of democracy and the ones who has taken hardship and initiative might not live long enough to see the change but the names will remain in the history with great pride and honor to the the future generations. What more would we want to achieve in our life other than that, in this impermanent land of samsara. A legacy of remembrance and clouds of happiness to all the little ones to lead the country in future following the footsteps that we have taken.

I do not know which direction our country is moving towards or are lead up to but i, as an individual just hope that our present government has not actually forgotten their vows that they made to the people or even though they have slid a bit away from it, get shaken and realize back that they have 1000 of needy and helpless mouths to be fed, 1000 of weak bones who walked hours to vote for them and 1000 more of those rusty, weak helpless hands who pressed on the button next to your picture believing and putting full trust and faith in you. The tenure has just begun,  four more years to come, to show that the people have made the right choice. The beginning might not have been pleasant but make the people smile at the end with immense pride.
I just pray that my nightmare does not turn into reality and i hope next time i want to vote, i do not see people with guns pushing me here and there, forcing me to vote to someone against my wish.

All the people below have Hopes and aspirations from you!!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

B.A Pass.

The title of the movie imaged my thoughts to a young B.A college student struggling with the demand and supply curves of economics and commercial mathematical problems of commerce to obtain the degree certificate in business administration. But the plots pours out to be totally contrasting. I wonder what connection did the title and movie actually had?

"Early lost of both parents does not seem to be an accident nor a death call, just seem to be a betrayal, who played the treachery, it remains a mystery", narrator begins the story with the line on an unfaithful dark day with his parents picture curved  with flowers infront. Mukesh is left orphaned along with his two teenage sisters, without complete degree, unemployed and struggling on burdened shoulders of his maternal aunt.

Aunt, having lost her strength to hang on with the burden, sends two sisters to "Home", a place where young girls without proper guardian are looked after. But instead, the girls soon come to realize the sort of activities going on there and  how mischievously the place was running and rather find unsafe to be there. Mukesh, desperately in need of money to rescue her sisters, finds no other path but enters into the world of male prostitution. He introduces himself into the sex industry with the help of the lady name "Sarika".

The poison of necessity and desperateness not only leads women into such paths but even men. Houses to houses, platform to platform, he knocks the door of rich wives with the fragrance of money flowing in the air, quenching their thirst of pleasure and taking back with him, his two to three hours hard earned action salary.

For sometime, everything runs smoothly and he finally decides to bring his sisters back.But the cruel game of betrayal once again plays with his life.His friend runs away with his money within a speck of seconds without his knowledge, having put his trust completely on him, only to realize later that the pot he was feeding on was actually feeding from him, playing with his innocence and he was now left with only a hollow well of pot, full of emptiness. He breaks off completely. In the mean time, he receives call from his sisters saying they are on their way to reach his place anytime. Buzz of confusion, fear, anger and sadness run through his head. In a state of such confusions and head spinning situation, he lands up killing "Sarika" . One after another, arrow of problems prick  him all over. Craziness crosses the limit, height of desperateness reaches its maximum and he finally sees nothing infront. He closes his eyes and lean forward to let himself fall, fall into the world, free of suffering, following the steps of his dead parents, he kills himself.

 Lust of sexual energy runs through in the beginning having to witness lustful scenes but the ending leaves the viewers with the thought of betrayal, struggle, and harsh realities of life one has to go through if the coin of our fate turns out to be rusted.

The Movie is adapted from the short story "Railway Aunty" written by Mohan Sikka who is a writer and artist based in NY, sketching mainly the social and familial relationships.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Rising of the new dawn

The alarm of the new morning rang, slowly, the darkness volatilized and clouds gathered to welcome the first sun of the  fresh month. Dim blue and gradually turning light and then bright, the cool breeze swirled all round the air decorating the day with kisses and hugs.

The buffaloes far away, sensed the air, recognized the breeze. Standing on their four legged upright position, they marched individually in search of green.

Completely drenched into the Disney land of dreams meeting people unknown and doing impossible, the social animals lie dead on the bed with air going in and out of the nose. The coolness and freshness does not seep in through the barrier of so called houses, buildings when the early morning sun ticks in. Heat of the fire afternoon, awaits for the moment to pull them tiger up.

Well, the time has come. A small ray of light pushes hard through the tiny hole between the cottony clouds. The clouds get the signal. As i wait and observe through the window of my hostel, the clouds shuffles away gradually, giving way to the first rays of the day light. Bright shining light glows in between and touches the land all over. Factory of green plants rooted down upright into the earth opens to get prepared for the photosynthesis, now that their source of meal has arrived. The ray of hope, source of living and promise of new beginning, the Rising of New Dawn.

A clear sky, bright blue, color of fresh, early bud, new beginning and new HOPE!!