Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Feeling the Missing........

The stone in my heart has just started to become lighter and lighter that suddenly, it feels so damn heavy with the approaching date for me to leave the place which i couldn't find any reason to love in the beginning. It has now unexpectedly encircled me warmth of it's hidden beauty. The nectar of joy just poured on the buds of my tongue that now i have the letter on my hand which is asking me that i no longer belong here.

The extreme struggle of not being able to adjust in Mongar forced me to put for a transfer. I accepted the challenge for not being spoon fed and learn through hardship, the way to grab independence for the first 4 months of 2016 but soon my pillar of holding on just broke and finally i sealed my sign on to the transfer application.I desperately wanted to leave the place at that moment.

I don't remember how the time sped forward bullet fast after that because, soon i saw my mundane face turning into contentment day after day, my lips curving into smile weeks after weeks and my mind getting cleared months after months. I saw myself surrounded with new set of friends who wouldn't go hangout without me, who would make me into a crazy laughing buddha when being accompanied by them, and pasted unfathomable polarized memories into the 2016 album of my life.

Tshering, Chimi, Tashi, Lg boss, my immediate neighbours whom i was reluctantly avoiding them for the 1st few months being a stranger. Well, fate played its sweet melody without our knowledge. We became the squad for doing crazy stuffs thereafter disturbing the other neighbours time and again with our undiscovered alien voices, dancing, having meals together daily like a family.

Soon, a new member, Sither joined and she was the queen of all crazy, funny, psychic but of all, the kindest. Only after few gatherings, did we come to know how she, herself was drowning into the ocean of depression and sadness that she still mentions,," You all pulled me out of the dark ocean into which i was almost neck down". Her personal life was a living hell that, we came to her life as a saviour and i am sure, the almighty planned so. We all believe so and will keep doing so.

As the year 2016 was nearing end, and as the tide of time went flying, we were soon introduced to same flock of psychic friends. Common factor being Tshering, we came to know Sampa, Bir, Jigme, Dorji, Sangay, which was a 1:1 match for our group.

My 1 melancholy life in Mongar became 10 strong band of happiness by the end of the year.
 It was in the mid of sipping the juice of Mongar's beauty with my squads that i was ringed to inform my transfer to Thimphu has been approved. THUD!!!! I completely forgot i even applied for transfer.

I almost jumped with joy but WAIT!. The excitement for approval was short lived; only for few seconds. I saw the laughing, smiling faces of my friends there and to my surprise, i felt the pinch of sadness for having to leave them at once. How the samsaric life of human play games with the emotions. I am always reminded, "Nothing is Permanent". To one point, i almost had the urge to cancel but there, i got a call from my mom how happy she was with me coming to be near her. She has been ill for a very long time with an unknown disease and she almost told how she wanted me, her son who is working in hospital wants to be with me.

Priority always to my parents. I now accept the gamble of Khorwa. It has always been difficult for me to accept the fact of departing with my loved ones. But, i optimistically believe what ever happened, it happened good. You leave your friends here, you have your old set of friends anxiously waiting there; the colleagues here are left out but your new staffs there have decorated door for welcoming me. Change is inevitable. Let me munch it up.

World isn't large and now with the technology reaching peak of standardization, you always bump to each other. I thank almighty for letting them come into my life even it was for a short duration of time. I will miss you all. Mongar was all beautiful because of you all!.


  1. Hey Kinley,

    Haven't met you for all that long 2016 despite some cozy-catch up through this blogspot.

    And now you are already announcing of the transfer? How sad!

    Anyway, let's not give this short-lived emotions rule out our obligations. So, i am happy that you are getting closer to your sick mom.

    It was wonderful reading your post and getting that lively feelings of how you have patched up with a string of good friends.

    I wish you to have a good stay at your new place again. And yes, i am hoping to read your next update.

    Take care.

  2. Thank you karma...lets plan to meet in Thimphu if you ever come!

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