Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Untold love story

"She is so cute! Why is she so beautiful? Is it so that i am loving her. In every angle, i find her no defect. Her eyes, her lips, her hair and most touchingly her voice....gosh! it kills me. She has made my life. She is everything to me. Her tapestry dancing in the air and blowing along with the gust of wind made the hard heart of a meek boy to experience the rhythm of crush for the first time. With the launching of his facebook account , unknown friends started sending request to him along with which the girl also made a part. Chating became the regular scene for this two fellows who never knew what was going to happen in the future.

Slowly their friendship grew stronger and stronger but the heart of the boy gave new name to his friendship. He started loving her desperately and so...desperately! Facebook chat switched to mobile sms but calling was not something that the girl was ready for. But the boy was ever ready to listen to her voice. Once she made a sudden call to him who was in an intoxicated state with the hard drinks running through his veins but her charming voice freshened him up and that night was his most wonderful night. Calls become twice in a week and the boy was in the cloud nine with her but the girl didn't get the slightest idea of how the boy was thinking about her as of the boy never dared to share his feelings to her. One day, the boy gave her some hint when he was to leave for India to pursue his studies, he told her that home wouldn't be the big deal  but his departure from her would surely sadden him. The girl showed the care and love towards him which made him think she too had some soft corner for him and the fact that the girl told him that she would call the boy when he reaches the border town though her mobile was not working, she would anyhow call him from her friend's mobile made him more touched.
 As soon as he reached the border town, he could reach her and then, he could dare atleast ask her whether she had a boyfriend or not the the answer was 'no' which meant a lot for him. Now, as we know, in every love story misunderstandings block the way, it too happen to his love story which was a tragedy.  Reaching college, the boy had to make apologise for loving her, for not able to convince her with his love, and taking their relation into more than a friend but her reply made him more suspense. She said to him that she never heard the words and he never uttered to him and she was a big.........??? that black space at last was his curiosity. He could never ask what was it. He had no idea after that what he should be doing. He felt depressed and lonely. In the crowd also, he felt solitary, more over he would close his room door and get lost into his own world without saying a word with his friends. His friends on top never made an attempt to give him company with his sadness as they were of more worry of how to spent their christmass vacation. Everyone left for their trip and he was left alone. He could share his feelings to nobody except his diary that he had especially bought for her. Once again, with the help of his friends, his friends could do not much but at least attempted to be friend with her through facebook and tried to convince her how much he loved her. She said "yes! i am realising that he really loves me" followed she said, she is not going be in relation with anybody and thats forever.why is that? Is it that she has got another guy, or has she been betrayed by her true love in the past or she has got some other reason that even after realising there is someone who really loves her and as we know true love is rare thing to achieve, she cannot except his love. Question mark with no answer.

He got more depressed with his epilogue of the story turning into tragedy. Nothing was helping him and he kept on thinking what was there that he could not understand her or she didn't understand. But unlike other guys, he didn't go into drugs and all, doing that he thought it would make his love more cheap and rather he decided he would be strong and not to give up so easily. He said to himself he would meet her once personally and pour out his thoughts and questions. He is the true Romeo and yes! he is the real Singye who is ever ready to except her Galem even if she had the deadly disease hiv. The first part of the epilogue has shown its colour and now let us wait for the second part to show up. Let us see what is lying behind after his secret meeting with her.....lets wait and watch!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Simple, smily, kind-hearted, beautiful
She is been described
Never seen her, never talked with her
Pictures and words touches a lot though

Hi! Hello! says she
Doubts the man who said ' i love you'
Did he really mean that, doubt!
But has got soft corner around.

Ain't beautiful is how she describes herself
His mind turns deaf ear
Friends' say not that beautiful
Is she really not?

God makes couple in heaven
Destined is what people refer to
Are they really destined?
Neither of them sure

Has fate brought them in contact
Will they cherish forever
If so, let pray come true
For two yellow roses to be a red
Forever and forever....!