Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Belated 106th National day celebration.

Been long time without update but i have just got a full long and colorful moment to share with you guys.
I was suppose to update on Monday only but because i couldn't get hold of the pictures, i could only do it today. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.

17th December. In Bhutan.

“Smelling of fresh pine leaves and the artificial turf all lit up, the ground is all set to receive the Bhutanese family, which will come together today to celebrate the 106th National Day. With thousands of butter lamps being lit in the honour of our kings, the day of 17th December in Bhutan began with Changlimithang stadium turning into colorful events and people across the country got the attend the K5 address”, source:kuensel.
In Raichur.

17th December.In Raichur
And here we were, on our usual days. Most of us attending classes while few skipped  trying to celebrate the day by themselves listening to the online streaming of what was happening in  Changlimithang. We didn’t receive funds early to celebrate on the particular day of 17th because of which the day turned out to be normal as usual and dull for us while Bhutan was singing and dancing with celebrations. But we got our funds in  the  first week of January, and  we  had to had the day fixed on the 26th of the month, which was falling on Sunday, coincidentally with the Republic day of India. While Indians celebrated theirs, we Bhutanese gathered to celebrate ours and together on the same day, we celebrated “One Nation One people”.

26th January.
The morning of 26th was very busy for me as the alarm woke me “tiger up” at 6.00 a.m unlike the usual one. I had the stage of the venue to be decorated. I woke few of the biker friends of mine and left for the first activity of the day. Jamyang, the “jolly bolly” girl of our college was the only girl there with us in the early morning and she was the brained system for what kind of design was to be put upon on our venue hall. Filled with enthusiasm and tirelessly working, she turned the dull hall into a lively, colorful, balloons and ribbons filled and made ready the stage for the great event following. Everything was made perfect. The cooks and the music system coordinators arrived soon and they started their work. The only thing left was to make ourselves ready.
With Jolly Bolly Jamyang.

I came back to hostel and freshened up myself, put on my national attire, styled my hair left and right especially for the three items of performances awaiting me. As I reached there, I saw almost all of our girls have occupied the seats, shining brilliantly with their best outfits and make ups. Most of the boys’ seats were empty though. I wondered, world has changed, boys seems to take longer time than girls now but actually most boys were involved in cooking business and other activities.


With the Vice president, Miss. Sonam Deki’s  wonderful, short and sweet welcome note, we kick started our day. Along with Namgay jigs and Mnzung lhamo’s nigh tangled voice , me and my group performed our  welcome dance with traditional choreographs. Followed, a wonderful romantic couples dance by our second year groups. Next, it was kinley2 , two kinleys filling the air with their sweet, charming voices.
One after another, items continued and soon, it was time for some fun activity. A real couple game. We 
called upon 5 couples of our college and made them stand near a series of red, romantic balloons in front of them. All the boys were blind-folded and the girls guided them towards the balloons. Whoever blasted the balloons open first would take the prize with them. Finally it was our Devendra and Deo Maya. Scientist(T.Namgay) started before time, so disqualification had its rule upon, otherwise he would have got the gift one for himself and another for Tenzin deki.



First part of fun time was over. We were to resume our next item that suddenly, Raichur electricity showed their ill side. Everything was silent, the wooing of fan was gone, lights were out. But we had another game planned. While the lights came back, it was time for another fun game. To cherish our childhood, we brought alive a memory of our sports day. A “BALLOON FIGHT” among all the boys. Three brothers also made their way in. After few minutes, all Big, little, beard bearing Boys gathered with balloons hanging onto their left leg. With a start signal,  we could hear balloons blasting. All searching for their prey. One by one, the group become smaller. It was very funny seeing all grown up adults selfishly  playing like a primary school children. Finally, only two, Dophu Tshering and T.penjor had their dual and guess, senior had the stronger energy. T.Penjor won and to award the prize, we called upon Chencho tshen Eddy wangmo , all the way from kitchen.
Balloon Fight

Lights were still out. We decided to resume with speakers connected and it was loud enough to be heard by all. Jigme seldon made her solo entry with a zabardast hindi dance, followed by a duet song by Scientist and Tenzin Deki. After that, a couple dance by non other than myself(:P) and Jamyang. With the remix of songs, we had a strong romantic chemistry build up but it was not strong enough for all the audience to cheer up with loud response. Jamyang had her best, she is the best!!! After few more items, I could see the hunger in the faces of all the audience. Everybody’s minds were somehow diverted towards the kitchen side and as soon as we informed them about the lunch, maximum jumped out of the chair with joy.(:P). With Karma’s rocking song, we proceeded for lunch.
All the energy and hard work of our cooks were well absorbed in the food. I could notice the gulp at the middle of everyone’s throat while the servers were serving the food. No idea of being “tshe chen nga”, I guess all of us had our plates licked off with delicious chicken curry. Mushroom datshi had its flavor touched the taste buds of all the tongue holders with spicy chillies.(hahoooo…). I guess maximum of the boys came back to have the second  and even third share  this time, couldn’t miss the opportunity. Hahaha!!

Jigme seldon's Kamali kamali and Phuntsho Wangmo with Bhahara. Both got a SWAG!!!

Well, that was all about our lunch. Heavily loaded, everyone settled back to their seats. But I was little worried now. Not only me, but my dance mates too. Since we were full, not in a condition to jump because all three of us knew about the breaking and jumping choreographs we had in our item.  Phuntsho Wangmo set  the stage floor with her charming “bhahara”  scent . Everyone enjoyed her dance which was filled with enthusiasm, passionate and full of expression. I salute her for the great talent and interest in Dancing.

With only about three more items, we had the final and the most interesting item of all. Actually the third part of fun game. The most oldest and the most interesting game, the “MUSICAL CHAIR”. We wanted everyone to participate but since we were many, we had it divided into two groups. The first group of volunteers came reluctantly. Everyone had that small urge to join but the “kambagd DIL” filled with shyness hold all back. Anyway, we had all the chairs filled with one extra member. Music “ON”, everyone made a round, their eyes fixed on the chairs and ears towards the song. “STOP”, a large crackle of the sound of chair and laughter bursted out. Some even fell upon a chair one upon another and even a chair got broken. A totally funny site to have witnessed. The second volunteers came willingly and much easily without having to pull them up. They enjoyed the game and wanted to try for themselves.  Boys dominated the last few rounds with only Sonam chimi to represent the girls. I think Sonam Chimi had made a mind that, she would get hold of the last chair no matter what and yeah…she did it. She took of our last prize and with that, we were done with all the items of the day.

We took a whole lot of pictures with all our Bhutanese family members in Raichur

Jam session as a part of modern ending and Tashi labay as our traditional culture, we concluded the day with outmost satisfaction. The event was worth remembering and a memory to be made alive when we are old. Sorry for those who couldn’t attend. We got a whole lot of pictures and videos shooted. This ended the day and we were all back to our rooms totally exhausted and tired.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Daily Hours of the day.

Nothing special did it come to my way this days. I didn’t have the enthusiasm to share anything. My usual waking up at 9:00, getting dressed up for the class at 10. In between some noddles for the breakfast. I got no class in the morning in the first three days of a week which are my best days because I don’t have to worry about pulling my body from the bed till noon. The post- three days are the worst. Class at 8:30, lab postings, break for 1 hour and then back to another class and again lab postings.

I reach back to hostel, lie on the bed for few hours. It will be already dust by then. The dark evening makes the environment ideally fresh and cool to hang out for a walk. I will be back to hostel and then, a very long hour with friends, hot conversations about this and that, movies, facebook, youtube, dinner and again facebook and movies till my eyes get swollen enough to drag me back to sleep which will be only around midnight.

Time is moving like an invisible bullet train knocking my head time and again. Still then, the lazy young mind gets carried away by the tide of busy century.

The circle of my useless usual hours repeats again the next day.  

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A small piece of Help.

Wearing a dull, faded yellow, thin robe over her, i have been seeing this little girl roaming around the campus of our college time and again.
There is nothing new in seeing a beggar following you and pulling your hand, your shirt begging for a penny or so in India. It is common all over India including the metro cities.
I saw that girl  many times but she never ran onto me. But today, when i was sitting near the bike parking with my friend, the girl approached us lending her open palm forward.
"I already gave her yesterday", my friend said.
"Meri pass paisa nahi hai", i said and told her to leave. I lied. I had but only 10 rupees in my pocket, kept to buy a pen as my previous pen was lost somewhere.
She kept waiting and staring at us. With low voice she was still whispering "sir, sir". I could make out by her lip movement.

After sometime, i asked her name in Kanada( the local language of people in karnataka). I picked up few of the basics from my local friends.
"Ninna asaroo anu?", her expression seemed freaked out. haha!! she didn't expect that from me. She was surprised and didn't say anything but kept staring for a moment. I asked her again.

"Radh...." i heard something coming out. "what?"."once again!!".i told her.
I finally got it."Radhamma". Ok fine. Her name was Radhama. After that, i had no other kannada words, so i too kept quite and  had my eyes off her.

10 minutes later, she lowered herself and turned her head looking around for people again. There i noticed her eyes had turned  numb, weak and the face had that 'innocence' that we used to have while crying when we were of her age. At her age, we were already enrolled in school and would have already caught up few of A for apple and B for ball. We were lucky enough to be born in Bhutan with our parents being able to keep the two ends met.
The time where she is supposed to play and sing "head and shoulder", she is out in open, begging from people to people only to fill her tiny belly or may be to add an income to her family.

She slowly left and a guilt pinched me. If my 10 rupees can  make a little difference to her life, then it would make me feel great satisfaction that i have at least done a small good deed today which is something i never tend to do in this busy world.
I took out the money but she was already gone far away. I was sure i will meet her again, so i reserved that 10 rupees back in my save pocket bank.
But on the same day, after 1 hour, i met her near the shop. She was running from people to people. There i slowly ran towards her and gave her my love of Rs. 10 to her. I took a snap of her as i wanted to write about her in my blog. She was again shocked and freaked out. Her expression told me everything. I gave a HUGE smile and left.

                                         Freaked out Radhamma. I think you made my day.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Congratulations To me: I passed

After a very long wait, perhaps the longest, finally we got our result. Pillow under my head just a few minutes ago and there i got my phone beeped with heavy vibration. I almost rejected but i didn't.

"Onng!!, Gache mo?"
"slept?, give me your Index number", my friend, Baku, said from the other side.

I sprang from my bed and reached my finger to the log on button of my laptop.

"Result out yasonuya?"
"ya, give me fastttt...."
" Sorry dost and yeah,thank you baku!!" I hung up.

Heart beat was into a racing mode now. As the laptop welcomed me, my mind jumping up and down. The desktop icon flashed it's light. Still it took some more time to load the whole icons. I 'refreshed' it again and again.
And, clicked the "google chrome", "", "examination result" and there.......i saw, towards the left side of the table...MLT RS2. YES!! result was out. Heart raced faster.

Reluctantly and slowly i entered my register number and closed my eyes for a moment. My heart missed a beat when i finally saw it.

CONGRATULATIONS!! I passed!! Not only passed but i got pretty colorful result this year. "Distinction", it brought me more pull towards my smile. I have managed to get more than 75%.
Last time i felt like this was when i got my class 10 BCSE result. Totally unexpected, exceptionally good marks. :p. haha..self praise is a donkey praise.. The thing is i am very much happy.

I would have been more happy if it was my future RCSE result. If it was it, then, i will have no more exams to do, but have a secured job enough to share the burden of my parents. My parents would have been more happier than me and i would have been most happiest to pass on the news to them.
Hope to expect an unexpected happy shocking news in THAT future. LOL.

Beginning of 2014 January has brought a good start. :). 

Monday, 6 January 2014

When HE said.......

When he told he felt something while watching you from distance - it was one of the greatest truth he ever told to anybody.

When he said your smile radiated toxins of attractive beauty which he failed to notice before- it was the most honest compliment from the deep core of his heart.

When his heart started to beep in unusual manner- he knew, that time his heart wasn't with him, it was with you.

When he finally said, he want to give a part of his heart to be grafted with yours- it wasn't just words, it was the words worth more than 13 million dollars that you can earn in 13th day of a month every year.

When he asked you for a date, he asked for the memories of Love that he wanted to nurture and care all along the journey of his life with you.

When he told he wanted to marry you, he didn't just say it, he meant that because he knew he couldn't give a daughter in law more better than you to his parents.

When you said NO every time, he believed that he would change that to YES one day.

When he saw you being close to others other than him, he wasn't being possessive, he was just afraid that he was not making you comfortable enough for you to approach him first..

When friends moked him about you spending time with others instead of him, he consoled himself that it was going to change one day, one day you won't have space other than him.

When he got angry with you, he expected you to understand 'WHY' he was angry, not to hear you say, 'I don't like you doing that'.

When he comforted you with Lies sometimes, he wasn't expecting you to see him as liar. He was just not brave enough to see you hurt with his mistakes.

IF and only IF you had that powerful heart to dig inside him  and see through his eyes, you guys won't be this way. It wasn't a fault of either of you two. You had your own expectations and your own willingness. You did like him but couldn't understand him at all, neither did he to you. And relationship without understanding is just like a earth without Oxygen,. You will suffocate and die within your own surroundings.

Friday, 3 January 2014

First note of the year: Letter to my Blog.

Dearest Blog,

A very happy new year to you. Almost two years now that we have been together.
Since I came to know you, I found someone to lean on when I am grieved, someone whom I was able to share my happiest moments with full excitement, someone who would listen patiently with the comment box to answer me back. There were moments where I poured my anger to you, moments where I went through a series of sorrow and you were the only one trustworthy enough to understand me, moments where you always smiled back while I shared my opinions, be it good or bad. You always made me feel complete. It was a mere of luck and my hidden interest in writing that brought me closer to you and made me discover your presence inside me. I am grateful to you, the blogging universe and all those great inspirational bloggers who made me realize what was there in them was also in mine.

Now, that we are entering into yet another year of mystery filled future, you will have to bear more load of my experiences, my adventures, my thoughts that I would be sharing with you with my rough writings.
I am really thankful to you because in this two years, you brought me closer to the world. You introduced me with various bloggers in and out of Bhutan with high intellectual knowledge. I am just amazed by the way they put their thoughts into words and let it reach to the eyes of other people all around the world. Their words of advanced knowledge filled with wisdom of experiences keep me totally engulfed in an enchanted admiration. I am just happy that I am among them now though I am of no comparison to them. That’s not all, through them, I  even know their family members along with names and I am sure I will recognize them instantly, if they happen to encounter me suddenly. Whenever I sit to write something in my blog, I end up getting lost in reading  their blogs which I keep opened in another tab and finally forget . Their writings just wakes the inspirational seed inside me  and keeps knocking me to grow more and more and become like them every time I read. So, you ought to keep me motivated and continue your patience to listen to my stories and keep smiling more and more whenever I write. I will kick the pages of your ass harder this year because, this year, I won’t be as lazy as last year to keep the blog post vacant with long gaps in between. So, bloggy:  Be prepared and let us start afresh a new beginning.