Friday, 22 February 2013

Call from the wind

It was 6:15 p.m. The sun was already down behind the hills and mountains. I took the stairs and climbed to the first floor. The corridor was all silent with soft music coming from someone's room. I walk passed from each of my friends room and moved near the window where i spotted, far away towards the corner of the reddish sky, the dust arriving. I sat there and closed my eyes. Cool breeze in a gush, kissed the left side of my cheek and i felt the stripes of hair on my forehead dancing along with it towards the right side. The feeling was just wonderful. The world seemed to be lost, i felt like a lonely bird enjoying the call of the wind all by himself. I heard the voice of my friend talking in the phone next door slowly disappearing and my inner freshness sprouting out with every gush of wind clapping my cheek.

Suddenly, i remembered about the Hyderabad bomb blast tragedy that i heard few hours ago and my mind was disturbed. Images of people crying, mother sobbing with a still child on her hand, daughter crying on the lab of his blood drenched father and many lying on the hospital beds. It was as if the wind has brought that sudden feeling of sorrow all the way from there towards me and similarly all around the world. It felt like a prick when i thought like ' what if it was me or my family', how would i have felt. it was really sad and since i could help nothing, i prayed for all the victims for the peace of their soul and punishment to those heartless terrorist.

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