Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Profession by chance.

Never did i ever mention about my course in my blog. Had i? It hasn't been, until today now. May be only the name to the right side of my page under profile description.

Let me first give a brief introduction of what type of white apron i'm wearing, followed by how i landed in it, not by choice of course, it was purely by chance. Medical Laboratory Technology, a degree of three and half year course. It was two years, 10 months and 4 days back, on 25th of february, 2011, that my fate got sealed with the world of laboratory, to be joining the community of bacterias, microorganisms and be friend with the body fluids that are controlling our daily activities. In 2011, in undergraduate scholarship merit ranking, i was assigned the rank of 70th( very proud), of course i was proud, among 6000 students who appeared for BHSEC in 2010, i got be  there at least. Actually, i excluded the the students who took both maths and biology..:P..i wonder where i will reach then. 

Fate or the fruit of hard work, i don't know, but luckily i was the last one to be selected under the biology field. The seats were all marked red and biology doors were closed after me. Just before 5 minutes of entering inside the selection chamber, i had, by chance, had this profession in my mind as  last chance to get scholarship, which the name also, i came to know only 20 minutes before that. I had it. Everything was done and my career was finally decided. 

During pre-primary school, wherever teacher asked what i wanted to be when i grow up, i would always picture the man with spectacles, wearing white coat with head phone(stethoscope: didn't know the name then)  hanging around his neck. My ambition didn't change till class 12 though i addressed it differently then. Instead of Doctor, it was MBBS. But you see, we really never know what would happen. After the examination, i knew i didn't write satisfactorily, but few hopes to expect the unexpected was there. Still then, result had its own way to surprise me. I didn't know whether i was happy or sad when i got my result. I was just glad i would land somewhere anyhow. But again, hopes lit up when i saw the seat of professional course having around 198 and my rank was 70( both maths field and bio field). Competition all over. life is a race, agar bagho ge nahi, toh koi tumse agay nekal jayega mere dost!!! Every one agay and i was the most pichey....last one,...:D.
Inside one of the pages of my primary school note book.What is your ambition?

My dream to go for MBBS remained as dream only  But honestly speaking, now when i think properly, i feel God had it planned all and has given me something of  my capability only. Atleast, i'm in medical field. In my college, there are both Dental and MBBS students. Whenever i see them facing day and night, attached to thick medical anatomy and surgery books, i feel as of millions of catepillars are crawling inside my head. I know i cannot do that and was not meant to do also. Currently, in medical lab tech, i have got three subjects of microbiology, pathology and biochemistry and that too seems too much for me. I am very much glad, it's quite light..:D. 

It was by chance to be in this profession but a feel of acceptance has conquered my mind. With time, when i'm gaining knowledge of how we are surrounded by another world of invisible microorganisms which has great impact in our life, an enthusiasm of learning more grows. How the daily activities that we do correlates to our health. How the mystery of Immunity protects us from the virus of life. How we can outgrow the shield of protection from our body. As i flip the pages of my course, one by one, i see the answers and an appreciation and love towards my own profession grows bigger and bigger. I aspire to specialize in Microbiology and become a capable microbiologist in the future. 

Let me introduce you all to my laboratory family one by one.

This is my best friend. Charo Bacteria. Say hi!!!

This one is ata Virus. Has sucked someone's immunity meal and is totally lazy, like me...:D...

My neighbour aunty E.coli with her husband and kids.:)

They are my PSE gang(Parasite egg gang...)


THE BOSS: Hepatitis Singh( Youngest,Tinest brother of Gabar singh..)
He was in Sholay too but because he was so tiny, he couldn't be seen.
hahaha...lol fellas...

Friday, 21 March 2014

Heat is back again.....

Cold, cool and warm were the climatic experiences i have been having during whole of my childhood. Born in the capital, and grown on the mountain streets of Thimphu, a moderately moderate temperature throughout the year, at least for me, it was the best one. Memories of snow flakes kissing the cheeks of my face during winter, beautiful spring with the scent of new start of life all over again, warm summer and a promising autumn.
Never did it ever cross my mind that i would be one day going to a place whose spring temperature will more than Thimphu's summer temperature. Even the heat of Phuntsholing and Samdrup Jongkhar was unbearable for me before. Raichur is one place where one can experience "one hell of unbearable, skin pricking heat". Even the Bangalore is cooler than our place. Being here for almost two and half years now but still the summer heat is something like..."hell" for me.

Its spring but for the people here, summer has already started. Morning is fresh though, but gradually, a very powerful atmosphere of heat evolves. As we walk back to our hostel after class, the roasted road under our feet reflects so much heat that we feel we are being fried inside a large pan. This reminds me of my condition after death in the real "hell", if i am to believe. creepyyy!!! Back to hostel, no lights which means, no fan and that leads to us again dancing here and there, not able to be in one place due to heat. We lay down on our,bed, tired, eyes closed. But there again, buzzing of mosquitoes just against our ear. Totally irritating and the worst moments starting again. This goes on and on and on and on..............

Want to have some eggs for the lunch?? its ready,......:P

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A man who thinks from the heart.

A man in Bhutan whom i have never met before, never seen and never heard of has somehow touched my heart with great respect and profound admiration.
His name got captured in my eyes for the first time when he had uploaded the you tube video about the "Girl in Bhutan studying without clothes". The video brought about one of my greatest emotional moments and it also made me realize how lucky i was. I searched him through face book and added him to my friend list. Since then, i have been following his every post and reading about all the great deeds he is doing to the people unprivileged and with poor family background. I couldn't resist but to write few lines about him as an appreciation for his work and doings.

I have least idea about him and his present whereabouts. Most of you must be already knowing him.  Only through his face book profiles and pictures, i have come to know that he was the former Consultant at the World Bank Group and had also been His Majesty's secretariat. Personally i really don't know how he is as a person or anything else but one thing i have come to know that he is a man with "true human heart". Full of compassion and kindness, i can feel in his words. I can see through him, how many people are suffering even in a small country like ours.

Most of us just talk about kindness, helping hands and compassion but always turn our back when it comes to doing it in real. But, i can see him not only as a man of words but a "Man of Action". I have realized how an individual thoughts and actions can bring about a difference in not only in our lives but whole of other lives too. Having to sprinkle power and wealth for a good cause is something that we all got to learn.

Dasho Nima Tshering.

He saved a soul of a baby sitter named Chimi youden who was exceptionally excellent in academics but was in a verge of dropping school because of the financial break down she encountered. With no mother, a sick father and five siblings to take care of, she became hopeless but she found the ray of hope towards a bright golden door of Sir Nima tshering. Despite his busy schedule, he patiently lend his ears to the heart breaking story of Chimi. Giving her what small amount he had and seeking support from other people through social media, Chimi's dream to continue her education resumed.

You surely did made the difference to Chimi giving her the precious gift of 100,000 smile.

Another soul, a lone orphan who at the age from 2, instead of mother's milk, her diet got replaced with alcohol. Unbelievable though but for a mother who couldn't afford a milk powder and had a tiny baby struggling to survive, she couldn't come up with any other way. She never saw her father and lost her mother in a fatal accident. She quotes," life is an unplanned game, you never know what happens next". Like wise, i guess, she didn't know that she would meet a person who would change the course of her fate and bring life in her. She is said to be an academic topper, a painter, writer and a singer. Great indeed, multi-talents grew in her with the love and support from the angel unknown.

Painting from the drunk baby girl who grew up to be multitalented by Dasho Nima's love and support. Priceless indeed.

Class 10 passed but couldn't get the cut off point of 61% is a boy name Phurpa Wangdi. He recalls the day of examination during which he fell sick and somehow knew that his fate slipped through his hands. Seems, he knew only one person could get his fate back. He made contact with Sir Nima Tshering and guess what, nobody leaves empty handed through the door an angel's home. Sir Nima, sought help and made ties with other friends and finally gave Phurpa to live his life again.

With his honest support and compassion for people, a profound respect and inspiration has grown in my heart and i am sure in many other hearts as well. Only a person who thinks from the heart can see the deep core of struggle in everyone's soul. Only a person like him can a give Nu.500 to a girl who asked for only Nu.50 and only a person like him will stop his car and give a ride to a poor man struggling in a heavy rain with his two little kids.

Like wise, i do not know to how many others, he brought light to their darkness but i want to salute him for his deeds and support for noble causes. He brought life in those lifeless soul but along with that, your work has awaken the human in other people who are always busy in their own life and never give an eye to those un privileged people who just walk pass by us.

A Man indeed with a real human heart: Dasho Nima Tshering.