Saturday, 13 September 2014

As i wrote my last exam

As if the air, sign of life was losing its clutches from within to enter the impermanence circle and the pricking feeling of mourn towards letting go of something that we have got no control over. As i printed on the words on the paper of my last exam, all the bacteriological terms, pathological conditions that for the past one month, that had kept me clutched in busy around the thick text books which also made my blog remain barren for a long time, more than the delightedness of not having to write any more of the exams, i felt myself mourning for the end of youth days that was coming nearer with each passing day.

In between the answers that i was writing, it was very unusual to see myself going back in time, flashback memories of my first time in college, every minute and seconds that i spent in and around the college premises just kept on infusing in and going  out time to time. While the students all around me were busy, some tensed, some hurryingly scribbling, some chewing the but of pen out but there i was, lost into the fantasy in becoming Walter Mitty. Time seemed so long, my fingers around the pen, eyes on paper but mind was ubiquitously flowing around.

The exam was probably the last one that i had written as a student( if i am not to get any back paper, hopefully i wouldn't because i was very serious this time being the last). Well final year is done until the result is out and i am then, 6 months away on taking first step of the next stage of my life.

This time i would have a longer vacation because our internship would start only after the result is declared and for the past two years of my stay here, there has not been a history of results being declared earlier than two months of the exam. So, till then, i will be in our Drukyul only, perks of having to eat more of momos and ema datshis...:D for the longer duration ofcourse!!

Looking other way round, my mind can't help thinking of how fast the college days have past, the joy of being a youth, a student, coming to almost the "THE END" phase. We often say life as a student is a golden life, it is only when we see the finish line that we realize, yes, indeed it is. There is no turning back, timeline can't be reversed, mistakes can't be corrected, sorrowfulness cannot be erased but surely we can prevent our selves from committing any more mistakes and learn to live a meaningful and happy life ahead.

Waiting for this hat to sit on the head!!!:)

The only thing knocking my head now is the thought of one more exam, an exam that would bear the fruit of our 16 years of studying, fruit of flavor unknown. I just pray and hope that the new chairs are born in the hospital and that RCSE, be ready to pull us in, ofcourse, we will try our best as well. :)


  1. Congratulations for having successfully completed your degree course. I hope you're well prepped with ammunition to face the battle of real life, the life you have to lead the board all by yourself. All the Best as you go ahead and I'v hope that you'd shine with rays of our prayers and wishes. Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much brother!! Was a great pleasure to receive those encouraging words. I wonder whether i am well pepped with the ammunition to confidently further or not but i will surely do push myself to keep on learning step by step and never keep a though that ' yes, i am fully prepared'. I expect myself to keep on learning as i move on with time.
    thank you once again for you prayers and wishes!! Please do pray!!😊