Tuesday, 3 January 2017

As the 1st page of 2017 opens......

The icy air of Thrumshingla and Korila passes, swinging in through the  woods of alpine vegetation, dancing along the shoots of giant bamboo, catching the attention of breath compressed into the slope of habitation, it swings and it swings, finally to kiss the cold, apple red cheeks of the 2 legged walking animals cooped inside the fur of thick enclosure, all encircling the red rods generating flame of warm pleasure.

...... (WINTER HAS FINALLY COME!), at least here if not in Game of thrones even after the sequel 7th.

Did my poietic beginning impress you all??? Please say so even if not!. I am very much guilty of leaving out my blog barren for one whole year. 2016 was an exciting event for me as i was recruited in civil service and  yet, stressful with many things happening around me which was completely new for me. Trying to adjust in east for someone who was born and brought up in the streets of capital with parents above all decision and when suddenly being plunged into the ocean of independence,  it turned out to be a very challenging experience.

There were times where i felt completely lonely and yet, slowly i learned to love the company of my own. i enjoyed spending time with myself. I used to go for walk, close my eyes and feel the air kissing me, listen to the birds and insects chirping and get aware with what's happening with the world we usually ignore. I rejoiced waking up early and feel the rays of sun rise and hug the warmth it gives. And now, in winter, the season i always cherish, i love letting the chill air enter the system of my lungs, the IN and OUT  process of breathing icy air is just amazing.

The joy of social bond with the network of people all including co-workers, neighbours, shopkeepers, bar tenders, karaoke, hangouts and our closest knit of friends with which i made so many memories within this period of time was invaluably one of the best. The love, care and respect i received being myself all independently was a total blessing in disguise. I never expected it to be so but time does heal everything and for me, it was all about learning to built pillars for the foundation of my future life.

2017  made its entry and is already 4 days old. It seems a very long journey but 2016 was the fastest year for me. I wonder if any body felt so. I hope to scribble the pages of 2017 with more fun, more exploring and more productive. And not to forget, attend my blog and keep updated hitting highest record of blog post so far compared to past years.

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! and be regular to visit my blog. I promise to keep updated without fail. I failed with my first post of 2016 but it will not be repeated this year because, this year is my year. Yes!,  i already completed 2nd cycle of 12th year of life. Wish me a wonderful 24th.

....Anyone, if you could help me re-design my blog in a more bright, yet a simple outlook.....


  1. Happy New Year Kinley!!! Please write more.. :) Have a wonderful year ahead!! :)

  2. Hi kinley,

    Just a suggestion okay, as a reader of your blog.

    Why don't you please change the font? Really, its not reader-friendly. The font looks bit messed-up.

    So, i am keeping this, your latest article to read when you are done with changing the font styles. Otherwise, to me, its hardly readable.

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you for your suggestion karma!. Actually i was on the process of trying different layouts and in a way you saw it.I guess you your suggestion didnt make me think twice because even i didn't like that font of the backgrounds.

    I like to keep it simple yet attractive.Don't know but if you have an idea...help me out. i will share my password and mail.

  4. Thank you Kinley for considering my suggestion. And I am sorry for the delayed response.

    Well, i am not very confident to take your account information in.

    Please, why don't you google it out?

    Thank you.

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