Monday, 15 December 2014

A Glimpse Towards My Future Profession.

Almost 2 months into the atmosphere of Drukyul . Pleasurable moments of chill air hugging all over my heat rusted skin in the evening and ice cold kisses in the morning and warmth of the winter sun, hussssshhhh!, something I longed for and yeah! I am chewing it to the fullest.

Well, all over excuses again of not having access to the internet to blog but this time I was a bit busy than the usual vacation. I sure did miss you dearest bloggy but I sure did keep in touch with the post of my fellow bloggers through my phone.

I applied in as an intern in the National Referral Hospital here in Thimphu and yes! Thimphu tshoten menkhang  is all about being busy. I entered into my so to be future world since two months back like a man with scarf wound around my eyes with least practical knowledge and with a will to get some light of hope with the work flow. Laboratory section in particular is one of busiest with samples dropping in in bulk without a stop, the section further being divided into hematology, biochemistry, histopathology, microbiology and blood bank. It is through it with which most of the diagnosis of diseases are made and confirmed clinically.

With supportive and frank staffs all around, I could find some transparency through the scarf with which I could slightly make out what was what and how things worked out. Despite that, there were few which made us feel bad about our lack of capabilities in some field  without the slightest idea of the kind of environment with  which we struggled hard to scribble things from nowhere and trying to pour in knowledge from the can which had actually never had experience of carrying its burden.  We don’t blame our self for not knowing much for we tried to push our self hard, we don’t blame our professors nor our college, it is rather contentful in blaming our fate for having to face such challenges with not even a smallest knot to catch hold on for the support back then. With a hope to gain those missed hand of support, we made our mind to be an intern of our motherland environment. Never did we have the slightest pride of being a degree holder nor did we ever  disrespect anyone but we surely did get our self mistaken by assuming everyone to be frank. We shall take this positively and try to the be the flower which blooms little bit later in a more fascinating way than those who bloom all together in one go.

Well , sorry part was only a paragraph, rest  of the story were all filled with fun and a moment of remembrance. Blind folded scarf fell  down and down with time and my eyes could now see a little more further. Observing the work flow and understanding the system was what we aimed for one month of our stay for we had limited time. I  am just so fascinated by how organized our hospital is. The Quality Control Scheme is well regulated and all the staffs are strictly observant about it. Serious laboratory working mentality and strict procedure follow up was something that we were not exposed to back in our college. We are so much glad to have had some hand in hand  and eye in eye experience in it.  If it was in our hand, i would be more delighted to continue our internship of 6 months here since the environment is far better here but as per our college curriculum, we have to perform in our college itself. So I am left with half of the scarf un-fallen which I would expect myself to learn slowly in the future with encouraging staff and supportive working environment . 

Fresh Laboratory competitors.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Coming home again!!!

There is no other joy greater than the joy of knowing that you are going back to your country, your people, your home and your family after a long, long years stay outside. Every year, at this point, excitement builds, energy thrives and patience struggles as the mind is hurried to make a go and step on the earth of motherland.

I am done with my final year as of now till the result is out which would probably be during January month, which means i have an extra days, weeks and a month to be spent this time at home unlike previous vacations which would only be for a month.

Enthusiasm and marbles of anxiety is jumping inside me. Many thoughts and feeling, unexplainable excitement is taking over me these days. Being out of the borders, browsing net, reading and viewing the events, news, programmes and seeing the pictures of our family gone to a picnic, pilgrimage, adventures etc, makes us feel so much wanting to be there and be a part of it.

There's a whole lot of things that is planned inside my head, that i am to do back home. Well, nothing as such but eating  job job of bhutanese dish  is my first priority in the list which i would not delay even an hour after stepping in the sands of Phuentsholing. I am so done with the bindi, sambar, plain dal, yellow yellow curries whose names which i still do not know. Even the thought of this food chokes me to feel like a vomit. I just wonder  how the hell for three long years, have i been eating those. But i am thankful for i have reached till here because of its metabolism.
Red swelled up yuechum, cheessy cheese ema datshi, shiny slime sikam along with giant ema marb and dried norsha gote, ohh!!, the thought of it itself makes my mouth watery.

Second is to have adventurous rounds in and along the mountainous paths, breath in the mist of fresh and cool air, listen to the birds chirping in the dense evergreen forest. This time, i wil have winter season all to my self. Sweating in the heat of raichur and biting and clapping drama with mosquites has all scalded off my skin rough with red spot appearances. I just wish, snow falls early this year, densely covering whole of thimphu white all over. I haven't seen snow for the past three years and i just got to get covered in it once.

Well, many more are in my list. I would have it done when the time comes. So nature of Bhutan, wait for me, i'm coming!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

You will all be remembered dearly Dear seniors: Will Miss you all.

Farewell always reminds us the ultimate law of nature, "We are born once to die and we meet, once to depart". Dying is inevitable, we have got no control over that fate. But departure does not really depart us forever, there are moments where we catch up again and relive those days of past.

Yesterday was the day, a farewell to our seniors, soon to be passing out from the college and stepping into the new phase of their life. They have spent 4-5 years of their time, happy and sad, all together in this college. Being the first Bhutanese students, i'm sure they have had worst first year of their life. Only about seven of them, deserted place, dry and rock occupied location in the corner near the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border with people mostly uneducated,backward and they hardly even spoke hindi. Despite all of this discouraging environment, they paved the road and built a small space filled with promising blossoms in this place called Raichur and college of Navodaya Medical College. For the first time, unique Bhutanese names were added with pride to the Navodaya Family.

As the seed to the college was already planted, the next batch of students got to eat the fruits that had ripened. It was our batch who plucked those fruits of hardship that our seniors sowed before. It was more than 20 of us, bunch and a bundle of us. We were many and they were few, despite that, they gave us the best welcome party and a trip to the Amtalab park. The memories stay afresh and i still remember every moment of it.

Year by year, more and more Bhutanese got added to the family of Navodaya and finally, "Bhutanese in Raichur" page got established and the first Bhutanese students of association(BSA) formed. Size has bulged a lot now and we can hold the status of being a "china population".:D. The most coolest BSA where we keep "One Nation, One People" as our prime focus and i am sure, there isn't such in other colleges in India(even if there is, ours is the

Our population then(2011)

 Our China population now :D

Our achos and azhims were the roof and pillars for the Bhutanese building blocks. They were the most calm and coolest seniors ever. We have had several problems, we made them go through troubles, embarrassment and still then, they stood strong hard beside us protecting and defending us in every possible way. Now that they are leaving, it feels as if the roof and the pillars are also being blown away by the wind. But there is no way we can hold them back, now its time for them to live their life, settle for the life and get paid for all this years of staring into thick books and striving hard in a process to acquiring  knowledge. Once we will also go through it, time which will knock every individual's door.

Yesterday's programme brought several untold words, appreciation and gratitude, both from juniors as well as from seniors. Thank you Acho Phelgye for sharing about the day of your darkness and we are so glad that you let it out on that special moment. As i told, you are still healthy and handsome that many more girls will love you and we will always pray for you to live 1000  more years(hehe). Thank you all seniors for your advice. All of us will take that as a reminder to why we have come to college. Thank you brothers and sister for actually not being like brothers and sisters but rather treating us like your friends. Acho Ugyen told he felt like a celebrity with cameras flashing from all sides. Well, all of you are like a celebrity to us, a role model who has set an example for us to balance between studies and enjoyment, who taught us to never leave the hand of our beloved and you guys have showed us the role of being a senior not as senior but as a protective elder and a friend. I would also like to thank the nursing seniors who passed out last year, gratitude beholds equally for you guys as well but sorry for we couldn't arrange anything like this last year. Miss you all!

Thank you juniors and friends as well for your wonderful cooperation.I especially wanted to thank Mr. Jangchuk dorji(we call him John) for  showing up "unexpectedly". Well, everybody was shocked but seniors were so glad to have seen coming him forward at a moment like that.Back in hostel, he told me he was quite worried he wont get a chance(hahaha).Thank you Kamal Potter for your sharing your "otom" incident with Ana sonam choki. It seems her "otom" didn't actually pain you much but rather touched your heart for you admitted the "fact" that you had "crush" on her(if i say so, in your own words). It was a fun 2 hour event, short and sweet.

Personally, i am so glad you guys liked the gift for i am taking the credit of the idea. Memories of all are scooped and is made in that square which would stay hanged on the wall of your houses in the future reminding you all that you had a fellow juniors like us. A final BIG THANK YOU to you all and i wish you guys luck in the journey ahead of your life.

 Wish you all the best seniors: Never say goodbye!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

As i wrote my last exam

As if the air, sign of life was losing its clutches from within to enter the impermanence circle and the pricking feeling of mourn towards letting go of something that we have got no control over. As i printed on the words on the paper of my last exam, all the bacteriological terms, pathological conditions that for the past one month, that had kept me clutched in busy around the thick text books which also made my blog remain barren for a long time, more than the delightedness of not having to write any more of the exams, i felt myself mourning for the end of youth days that was coming nearer with each passing day.

In between the answers that i was writing, it was very unusual to see myself going back in time, flashback memories of my first time in college, every minute and seconds that i spent in and around the college premises just kept on infusing in and going  out time to time. While the students all around me were busy, some tensed, some hurryingly scribbling, some chewing the but of pen out but there i was, lost into the fantasy in becoming Walter Mitty. Time seemed so long, my fingers around the pen, eyes on paper but mind was ubiquitously flowing around.

The exam was probably the last one that i had written as a student( if i am not to get any back paper, hopefully i wouldn't because i was very serious this time being the last). Well final year is done until the result is out and i am then, 6 months away on taking first step of the next stage of my life.

This time i would have a longer vacation because our internship would start only after the result is declared and for the past two years of my stay here, there has not been a history of results being declared earlier than two months of the exam. So, till then, i will be in our Drukyul only, perks of having to eat more of momos and ema datshis...:D for the longer duration ofcourse!!

Looking other way round, my mind can't help thinking of how fast the college days have past, the joy of being a youth, a student, coming to almost the "THE END" phase. We often say life as a student is a golden life, it is only when we see the finish line that we realize, yes, indeed it is. There is no turning back, timeline can't be reversed, mistakes can't be corrected, sorrowfulness cannot be erased but surely we can prevent our selves from committing any more mistakes and learn to live a meaningful and happy life ahead.

Waiting for this hat to sit on the head!!!:)

The only thing knocking my head now is the thought of one more exam, an exam that would bear the fruit of our 16 years of studying, fruit of flavor unknown. I just pray and hope that the new chairs are born in the hospital and that RCSE, be ready to pull us in, ofcourse, we will try our best as well. :)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Does it really happen with all?? NO??

Seriously needs to touch some flicks on human psychology. Is it only with me? or it does with some or with all??
My exams are nearing and in a month or so, i would be having letters and words dancing in my brain randomly, eye bone palpating disco and mind restless with tension. This is what happens few days before my exam and during exam. Just now, certain fear exist in my heart but my brain is lazy to touch the book. Heart says "Son, exams are COMINGGG!". Brain defends " Come on, it isn't TOMORROW!!". It always turns out that the brain always weighs little more than heart in this case. Unless, its.....tomorrow....we never tend to do.

The clock of three years in college ticked tiger fast. I am amazed again, noticing myself realizing, this has happened all over again. Last year, during the exams, i went through same thought and the same, the year before. First year exam was a hell like experience for me. I had just started my journey through college that in a blink of an eye, i noticed myself sitting on a chair, concentrating on a book, a week before exam. To the peak, i was flying enjoyably with the perks of being in a college life that when the year came to an end, pressure was unbelievably strong. Trying to inject the knowledge of the page infront but constantly, flipping the thick width of pages behind, which i have to complete.I would be like, "yeah!, i am done with this topic!!" . A friend ask you. BLANK!! "I just read that topic, wait, ummm.....yeah....wait, i will see once and i will remember!!" This happened most of the time. Actually, this always happened, even when i was in school. Every thing seemed like fading within few minutes after you studied even when you felt sure that you understood fully on that moment. You flip back on the same topic to take a glimpse once. Clock ticks on the side wall near by. You see "8" with second pointing to 3. You come to an end of two pages. "8" has already become "9" . River of fear rushes suddenly and your pace of studying runs. 

I remember during class twelve, when i used to be in my room studying and when saturated, i would be eagerly waiting for the door to be pushed open and some one come inform me "Dinner is ready, come and eat!". I would jump and run for hand wash. After having a nice meal, then again you get bored with the thought that "Oh no!, i have to resume and take my seat again!" Then i would see my brother and sister playing, watching movies for they would have already done with the exams. How it used to stimulate me to go and join them, but  i used to control and pile up the coins of enjoyment to be used on after exam.Sleep deprived, i would say " i will sleep bong bong right after my last exam and do that, do this!!" Well, ironically, when exams are done, the coins of enjoyment and the sleep that i put hold on to enjoy later never comes. After exams i don't feel like doing anything that i desperately wanted to do when hanging on with books. Funny though, it happens.Did it happen only with me?? 

Well, nothing has changed so far. In college, instead of door, its the clock that i keep track time to time. When it hits the mess timing, book close, go jump for it. Meal over and again, "Oh, this is boring!!" I usually wonder, why do we(may be only i) feel bored to study which are actually important for our future and enjoy doing something which are just temporary for now. 
Deeply seated for hours with butt sore, you kind of tend to give up and promise yourself, "Next year, surely i will start my studying from beginning of the session and keep in constant touch" Next year begins," from tomorrow i will start, next Monday, next Month, procrastination and then you are back on the same couch of tension when exam knocks the door!!

Anyway, somewhere, somehow it has changed now. Maturity has taken troll in me and hopefully, it does to all. I know how important books are for us, for a life, not only for exams, but for the things that we will do till our breathe ceases. BUT, somehow small part of us always remains that way and we are like that all over again. I asked many of my friends, does this happen with them. They say "Yes man, it happens with all of us!!" Relieved, i feel. Well, it's not only me but all. Then i happen to think, does it happen to the Toppers also?, did it happen to our teachers when they were students?, to my father? Answers differ but one point in a life, i think all goes through this stage unless the person really enjoys studying and who holds passion for studying from the time they were born. Am i right? Have my psychology interpretation wrongly interpreted? Well, this is what is in my mind with my limited curves of understanding. (wink)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Friendship from heart has no barrier...

First week of August is considered a friendship week. The four pictures below made my day today. Hope it ticks a smile on your faces too...HAPPY FRIENDSHIP WEEK!!.:)


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


May lord Love and protect them, if it's the right thing to do.......
Amateur, enthusiastically blind, young, innocent(may not be), they had been.....
But Punish them if sins unforgivable is done.....
The world knows nothing of them.....
Because they chose to keep their loved ones away from ache.....
Masked upon by the cover of so called love, not because they didn't love, but they cared for each other....
Oh Lord!! Only they know what they have done....
Oh lord!! Only you know whether the did right or wrong....
River of emotions ran again and again in them......
Rain of samsara soaked them time to time....
Reminded of impermanence and the call of death to be unexpected....
They kept the peace alive.....they did it, truely from soul...only lord, do you know that....
Rush of anger and lost of patience...
During a time unknown, place unknown....
May lord forgive them, may lord punish them....
For they have done unknowingly or may be with knowledge( without realization).....
No live is permanent and nothing is forever......
So, by your Grace, may they be freed from this cycle of suffering.....
One day if not night if not tonight....
Oh Lord!! Oh lord!!

Note: The things that i write and label them as poem, may not be exactly the poem. I just write what i feel like to write in a way randomly and it does not come under any forms of poetic classification. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The GIVER: From the pages to On Screen.

Brace yourself class 10 students of 2014 because this year your English 2 subject will be much more fun. The novel Giver that you have as a part of your subject will not only be on the pages but on screen as well. Yes, the Hollywood has done it again. The best seller Lois Lowry's book has now been adapted into a movie. And for those who has already done with 10 standard or who has had the 'Giver' as your favorite novel, let your memories be retrived back with Jonas and the weird community.

I am in no doubt that the novel 'Giver' would have been an essential part for all especially the Bhutanese students because not only was it a compulsory part of a subject and not only the stroy in it was fun, weird and interesting, but for most, it was the first( actually second novel after DAWA..:P) one would have ever read or completed reading fully. Right?? Hehe!.

Anyways, for me personally, I read novels before that but never completed anyone fully. But 'Dawa' I did. Yes!! So, "Giver" comes second in the list. During class 10, i read it not once, not twice but thrice( one in mid- term, another on trial and finally on annual..hehe!!). But actually, after that i read it three more times because i enjoyed every time i read. I still remember how i wished it to be adapted into movies. I had my own imagination of Jonas,Lily, Asher, Fiona, Larissa, chief leader, community, crews, and of course the Giver as the picture of the old man on the front cover every time I read. Now, those might get replaced after I watch the movie but I am very much excited to meet them visually.

The release date has been fixed to 15th August. The Trailer is a Blast!! Camera effects and cinematographies seems perfectly placed upon. Unfortunately, Raichur theatres won't hit the movie. I would either have to travel 180 km to watch or wait till it is available for download. Well, i am eagerly waiting for the moment to meet the Jonas' community.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thank you...Dear Parents.

“How often do we thank our parents?”, the right side of Ms. Sherub Pelmo’s blog page read.  The subject ticked me for a second. My urge to go through made me click on it.  It was a lovely post and the very fact that “sorry” and “thank you” does not exist in parents-children relationship especially in Bhutanese society is indeed strongly prevalent and it is a respectable habit which needs be taken up by all as she mentions.  She also highlighted how education and modernization has taken its toll to the current generation and now even little kids thank their parents for every thing. It is true and a very overwhelming sight  to see such relationships between parents and children.

Well, reading her post made my “son” button click on and I just started missing my parents a lot. Thank you Sherab pelmo for I got awakened from my sleep and “thank you” to my parents will be one word I will try to make a habit so that it slips easily and spontaneously and let them feel  how that small word from their children can bring a smile on their face.

“Thank you apa, thank you ama”, did I ever thank my parents? No! I don’t remember saying even once. As soon as I was grown matured enough to know what’s right and what’s not right, I started thanking them from inside for the things they did for me. I thanked god for the lovely and loving parents he gave me, shared with friends  many a times how blessed I felt for having them but I actually never said “thank you” to them personally, never.  There is actually only two word “thank you”. I could have said it when my father gave me pocket money every time I went out with friends and to my mother who used to hurryingly prepare warm hot food and serve me when I came tired, hungry  from outside.

Blurr images of myself being a toddler , bathed by my mother, putting on gho onto me and sending me to school. My father on the other hand, always hiding his own worries, needs and wants only to fulfill ours and keep us happy. From those times where I didn’t even know how to wipe my own snot to now where I have become an adult 22 year old man, now do i come to realize many things when seeing back onto times. I would like to start by thanking them from here, from written words into my blog.

As I heard one of my friend say, “we do not have to wait for a birthday to gift a someone special”, today without waiting for mother’s day or father’s day, I want to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to both of my parents . A children will never be able to repay the love bestowed upon them back to their parents but I wil try to gift even more love back to you two. I will try to serve you both well with respect when I stand on my feet, the feet that  you two held whenever I failed and made me move on. I may have hurted you both a many times or might hurt you in future too as no human is perfect, I would like to apologize for my childishness and say “sorry” in advance for my future wrong doings. I will pray in every life, I get blessed with parents like you two and in every life of yours, you get loved even more. 

Monday, 30 June 2014


Drop by drop, shiny droplets falls                                
Rose smiles as it gets cleansed
With the morning dew freshness
It spreads its beauty to the world

Sun from the far tip of mountain
Stares brilliantly with its warmth
Rose smiles again and sprouts out its petals
Flowery garment fluff along her happiness

With the morning breeze she walks
With the rays of sun, she moves
She moves and she moves
Soon does she realizes evil in her

Red as is her beauty color
So is the print of her darkness
Down till her neck lies all evil
Blood of thrones surround her

Touch me not, never below my neck                            
A pain, painful than any pain          
A cry, louder than any loudness
Finally, did she realize the forgotten

Morning of darkness took it's toll
Dullness surrounded the shrines of her beauty
World never wanted her beauty above
An illusion, haunted with fake happiness

Droplets dried, petals fell
Fluffiness shrinked and wrinkled
Scooped in her home of cloudiness
She sleeps into her lonely world.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

I too feel concerned: As a citizen and a youth

I have never been keen and interested to ever have a say on the politically related matters. I have limited knowledge on politics and my thoughts do not push me confidently enough to break through. With just a speck knowledge that the main purpose behind Democracy is "People's voice" and the representatives shall raise those voices to the reality ground.
Still an amateur but my 21 years of inner maturity and with exposure to the little world that i have managed to crane my neck through to learn about the outside, a sting of concern is instilled in me. I have no great words to share and i doubt if i would be brave enough to raise it extrovertedly, but from this small platform of mine, i could not help but to place my clump of worries and apprehensiveness towards the way our small country is currently running.

The previous government, as young and fresh as it was, my mind and thoughts was also still a child and i didn't turn a bit to give a look out onto the new system in which our country was to adapt. I have had no view, no thoughts, no concerns. I was as cool as the chilly winter breeze.

Five years clicked off within no time and 2013 election brought lots and lots of chaos all in and around the country.We have seen how three more parties emerged along with the previous two, how one of the party got disqualified and how another party lost with a mountain difference in the votes. Members of party jumping to another party, how the primary round gave hope to  DPT and got sliced off into pieces when PDP took hold over the final round. We have also seen how the foreign media came into to make a difference in the final round with the rumors of our former Primer Minister making up with Chinese minister. A rise in the price of LPG gas, rupee crises and several other factors also was claimed to be have made the votes difference. And most importantly, how the anonymous website BHUTANOMICS revealed and uncovered the darker sides of several politicians or rather puffed the eyes of people with illusion of false dusty informations.

Post election, everything died down slowly. We saw our former prime minister, then the opposition leader resign and PDP's president took over the seat as a new PM. Every thing of old was replaced with new. Every thing became quite normal with the LPG gas price resuming back to normal, rupee outflow reduced and Bhutanomics talked less then. Mountain of hopes and aspirations from the new government.  Most of the ministers and parliamentarians including our own PM were a amateur beginners as a leader to a major population. Despite that most of us placed a hope of seeing a change, a new Bhutan with the vows they made to us. Lots of austerity majors with the kick start of the seat made us believe that the "CHANGE" is soon to come and people could see their hearts smiling and proud with the choice they made.

Hardly had it been one year with the new government taking seat and austerity measures lighted in, that a sudden discomfort and unpleasant fear has grown in the minds of most people with the way that the current decisions are being made. The start does not seem to be going on well with MPs appearing to be stepping back from their words.The giant, huge vows such as emergency and rescue helicopters made during campaign and several others seems to be disappearing one by one. A delightful emotion was felt when hearing about the pay revision but a sudden disappointment stroked in when  the news of 100% vehicle import tax for ordinary people and tax free for the parliamentarians was circulated..  A fatty allowances for fuel and maintenance, driver's, mobile voucher and several other allowances individually for the parliamentarians. I am not sure how the Upper house responded to it and what came the output but it is something which has be looked and thought upon carefully.
Is it  also the case in Bhutan?

I know nothing what's "Behind the scene" case and what is running through the mind of our democratic representatives. May be it might be for the future betterment or it can be like placing our own leg into the mouth of crocodile without having a far vision . But one way or another, all of us know that we are known to be  from the land of thunder dragon , unique in every way, though small,filled with Himalaya of happiness, the Gross National Happiness. It was obvious that with the introduction of Democracy, chaos and controversies would pop out naturally. It's the part of it. I do not know if it's possible but i believe we can give a new meaning to it. A democracy which is peace and sugar coated in and out.

My only concern as a citizen and a youth is that, it is quite a nightmare to imagine our now peaceful country turning into wild rivalry of gundas fighting with each other, people carrying sticks and protesting nearing the gate of parliamentarians houses and giving the meaning of democracy nothing different than other nations. Violence has never brought peace in anyway. It was with patience and the Non-Violence philosophy that led Gandhi to independent India and Aung Sung Su kyi to fair democracy Burma. We are in a way lucky to have started democracy late after witnessing all pro and cons of it from other nations and i believe we should be taking the opportunity to reform everything about it. Though it seems hard but a rough beginning will surely bore a sweet future. It might take years to bring that quality into the system of democracy and the ones who has taken hardship and initiative might not live long enough to see the change but the names will remain in the history with great pride and honor to the the future generations. What more would we want to achieve in our life other than that, in this impermanent land of samsara. A legacy of remembrance and clouds of happiness to all the little ones to lead the country in future following the footsteps that we have taken.

I do not know which direction our country is moving towards or are lead up to but i, as an individual just hope that our present government has not actually forgotten their vows that they made to the people or even though they have slid a bit away from it, get shaken and realize back that they have 1000 of needy and helpless mouths to be fed, 1000 of weak bones who walked hours to vote for them and 1000 more of those rusty, weak helpless hands who pressed on the button next to your picture believing and putting full trust and faith in you. The tenure has just begun,  four more years to come, to show that the people have made the right choice. The beginning might not have been pleasant but make the people smile at the end with immense pride.
I just pray that my nightmare does not turn into reality and i hope next time i want to vote, i do not see people with guns pushing me here and there, forcing me to vote to someone against my wish.

All the people below have Hopes and aspirations from you!!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

B.A Pass.

The title of the movie imaged my thoughts to a young B.A college student struggling with the demand and supply curves of economics and commercial mathematical problems of commerce to obtain the degree certificate in business administration. But the plots pours out to be totally contrasting. I wonder what connection did the title and movie actually had?

"Early lost of both parents does not seem to be an accident nor a death call, just seem to be a betrayal, who played the treachery, it remains a mystery", narrator begins the story with the line on an unfaithful dark day with his parents picture curved  with flowers infront. Mukesh is left orphaned along with his two teenage sisters, without complete degree, unemployed and struggling on burdened shoulders of his maternal aunt.

Aunt, having lost her strength to hang on with the burden, sends two sisters to "Home", a place where young girls without proper guardian are looked after. But instead, the girls soon come to realize the sort of activities going on there and  how mischievously the place was running and rather find unsafe to be there. Mukesh, desperately in need of money to rescue her sisters, finds no other path but enters into the world of male prostitution. He introduces himself into the sex industry with the help of the lady name "Sarika".

The poison of necessity and desperateness not only leads women into such paths but even men. Houses to houses, platform to platform, he knocks the door of rich wives with the fragrance of money flowing in the air, quenching their thirst of pleasure and taking back with him, his two to three hours hard earned action salary.

For sometime, everything runs smoothly and he finally decides to bring his sisters back.But the cruel game of betrayal once again plays with his life.His friend runs away with his money within a speck of seconds without his knowledge, having put his trust completely on him, only to realize later that the pot he was feeding on was actually feeding from him, playing with his innocence and he was now left with only a hollow well of pot, full of emptiness. He breaks off completely. In the mean time, he receives call from his sisters saying they are on their way to reach his place anytime. Buzz of confusion, fear, anger and sadness run through his head. In a state of such confusions and head spinning situation, he lands up killing "Sarika" . One after another, arrow of problems prick  him all over. Craziness crosses the limit, height of desperateness reaches its maximum and he finally sees nothing infront. He closes his eyes and lean forward to let himself fall, fall into the world, free of suffering, following the steps of his dead parents, he kills himself.

 Lust of sexual energy runs through in the beginning having to witness lustful scenes but the ending leaves the viewers with the thought of betrayal, struggle, and harsh realities of life one has to go through if the coin of our fate turns out to be rusted.

The Movie is adapted from the short story "Railway Aunty" written by Mohan Sikka who is a writer and artist based in NY, sketching mainly the social and familial relationships.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Rising of the new dawn

The alarm of the new morning rang, slowly, the darkness volatilized and clouds gathered to welcome the first sun of the  fresh month. Dim blue and gradually turning light and then bright, the cool breeze swirled all round the air decorating the day with kisses and hugs.

The buffaloes far away, sensed the air, recognized the breeze. Standing on their four legged upright position, they marched individually in search of green.

Completely drenched into the Disney land of dreams meeting people unknown and doing impossible, the social animals lie dead on the bed with air going in and out of the nose. The coolness and freshness does not seep in through the barrier of so called houses, buildings when the early morning sun ticks in. Heat of the fire afternoon, awaits for the moment to pull them tiger up.

Well, the time has come. A small ray of light pushes hard through the tiny hole between the cottony clouds. The clouds get the signal. As i wait and observe through the window of my hostel, the clouds shuffles away gradually, giving way to the first rays of the day light. Bright shining light glows in between and touches the land all over. Factory of green plants rooted down upright into the earth opens to get prepared for the photosynthesis, now that their source of meal has arrived. The ray of hope, source of living and promise of new beginning, the Rising of New Dawn.

A clear sky, bright blue, color of fresh, early bud, new beginning and new HOPE!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

I too had a love story: Ravinder Singh.

As i caught the interest of reading this particular book after being mentioned in Sir.PSN's blog, i finally got to flip pages of the debut novel written by Ravinder Singh.
The languages are simply simple and fun going through without having to hammer our head to understand certain parts. Everything is clear and free flowing.

As i reached the mid pages of the novel, the hormones of excitement and happiness starting jumping to its peak. But few questions started popping inside my mind.

Can Broadband really connect peoples heart to that extend??
Can the connection through network and websites bring soul mate together to such extend that they fall in love without having to see it in real?
Is voices enough to get attracted? What if the voice and the looks that we expected comes out to be completely different?
Are pictures that we see online, which might be edited,cropped, photo-shopped enough to say that the person is exactly like the one we wanted.
Can someones love life be just so perfect? Does soul mates really meet through coincidences and finally become one?
Can families be as supportive as it is described?

Ravin and Khushi is a soul mate who meets through Well, for all the questions that rose inside me, the answers are perfectly positive for this two love birds. Ravin's first love carries him dangling through the rope of euphoric and cloud nine paradise of romantic happiness. He enjoys every bit of his first talk with a girl for long hours, first time feeling of "missing you so much", first time saying "love you shonimoni" , first adrenalin "fight or fly" feeling of meeting a girl for the first time and seeping up the air of romance flowing all around him.

Ravin and Khushi apart, there are lots now in our generation where i guess people meet through online chats and network calls. At the beginning, the taste of love is really sweet just like for Ravin and Khushi but the sweetness subsides slowing or instantly when  finally deciding to meet for the first time, mostly due to disappointment of not being to the level of expectation. For most, it isn't as easy flowing as Ravin and Khushi.

That be the first part. On the second part, the perfectly perfect love birds also faces the cruel treachery of life. The perfectly positive answers that Ravin and Khushi gave for my questions was short lived. Just like most love stories, the ending started turning into tragedy. I somehow knew the girl in the story was going to encounter a cruel fate after reading the summary to the back of the book. I thought of "leukemia or lung cancer" . In any tragedy love stories, this two disease always struck my mind first. But Khushi meets a car accident instead. Marriage was around the corner and their engagement was just at their doorstep about to knock that instead the bride itself gets knocked off. The big curtain of happiness falls down and the world for both falls down completely. Among st many cab, why is it have to be the only cab in which Khushi was present? Why is it that severe damage has to struck exactly on the side where she was sitting?

Why is it so? is it so that the lovers are meant to be met only to be separated? Even Romeo and Juliet couldn't live together, surely they died together though. Has god planned it that way to remind us of impermanence? or is it so that only sad ending love stories cover the front page of every novel, movies and reached to the ears to people and happy ones are left untold.
LOVE came uninvited to Ravin and with Khushi's tragedy,  DEATH also didn't send him greetings before arriving. As i heard somewhere, both love and death comes uninvited.

Ravinder Singh pour out his love and tears for Khushi into the printed letters. An inspiring love story, yet disappointing end. The story would have been entirely a different taste if it wasn't for that truck or if Khushi hasn't chosen to be seated to the impact side. The science of network and website brought two hearts together but the advanced science technology of ventilator dependent lungs and stored blood couldn't keep them longer together. But surely did the thought of turning his love story into a book must have given a ray of hope. Though far away, Khushi will live with his book all along his generation and even after his death. Like every love story, his love story will also be cherished into the museum of love euphoric environment and Khushi will live with us, all of us, FOREVER.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Journey back all over again


Having Peldon's last exam postponed, we were back to our own college, back to my hostel, back to the room. Early morning, i was back on my own couch. Super relaxed, i fell for a whole day nap after having a tiring journey. Till afternoon, the next day, i could sleep soundly. I woke up and the feeling of those supra orbital bones of both eye pulsating  had finally gone. It gave me sign, my eyes got more than enough rest but to freshen up a bit more i got in for a bath.

"It wasn't a restful day and the weariness of the journey hadn't subsided that suddenly I saw five more miscalls from Peldon after I was taking bath. I knew what she wanted to say…"

The particular line above from the previous post seem to have given a wrong idea or should i say confusing. My poor ability to express the things the way i want does not seem to be pouring out in that way. I have mentioned that, since Peldon's exam got postponed for two days or three, not being sure about the dates and the complicated situation of staying in hotel for another few days would be like 1000 kg burden for her, so we had decided to make a go and come back trip.
That was the last situation back then in Devangere.

Back in my hostel room and in my bathroom, i was in shower, rubbing off all my tiredness. :D . After the shower, when i checked my mobile, there were five miscalls from Peldon. Yeah! I knew, what she wanted to say. I called her back and she told me, " i got the call and my last exam is tomorrow", that!, was what she said and that!, was the answer i was expecting which indirectly meant we had to leave the night itself. Barely, did i sleep only once in my bed after coming back, i had to head the journey back again on for 8 hours to and 8 hours fro back again. I thought about the cool place, the park and the freshness there, and replied "ok Peldon, no worries, lets move". The next thought was about the long hours on the humping and bumping bus, my expression was like Phurba Thinley trying to squeeze out the constipation :P ( Yuck) .But the latter thought i  kept to myself.

That was it. The repeat telecast of  our journey then. We got dropped off to the bus station at 9 pm by our same friends, enter and rode on the same bus with same conductor and driver, reached there exactly at the same time as before, lodged on the same hotel and the same room. The story after that was Peldon finally completing her last exam and again humping and bumping back to Raichur the night itself.

That was one Hell of a journey to be remembered!!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Next Day: Towards the park

Ghajini  did kill our time for atleast 3 hours. For another two hours,  Rahul Gandhi, Modi, BJP, Congress and Bollywood stars on election kept  me going on. Boredom reached its height.

‘Wai, lets go for an evening stroll through the park nearby, I saw it near to our hotel”, Peldon insisted after having her unfinished nap of the previous night when she was sorting out her practical notes inside her brain. I instantly got up as she just stole my thought.  Dust setting by, cool air on the way, end of tiring day, time for spacious moment with family is what the set of evening brings on.

Peldon had a one day break.  She would resume the next day with her next two exams. Meanwhile the day was free for her as well as for us to explore the new city. Till afternoon, we jailed our self inside the hotel due to the heat outside. By evening, the park cleansed our boredom.

A Big open space situated at the heart of the busy city, fenced neatly with the iron bars forming a giant rectangle. “Ice cream!!” , I stepped forward towards the man with a metal box, like a small child. With ice cream to keep our mouth busy, our legs rejoiced the walk after being stiff for whole day.

It was melting off fast, so i sucked it hard eventually...

There were weird eyes staring at three of us from all sides. It was unusual for the remote places like Devangere  in India to receive  fair, small eyes fellows like us. We gave  no shit and just moved on ignoring since it was nothing new to us. We entertained the situation many a times in our own place in Raichur.
Peldon started her pose and shots with Kinley taking on with camera. Her face slightly turned, lips as if to kiss someone, one leg slightly bend and crossed with other leg is what I assume to be her favorite pose. I could see a fat elephant standing dead towards the centre and two tigers facing one another into a battle field just behind the giant. Young ones  rode them fearlessly, laughing, smiling and playing while elders hold them from beside.  There were mothers holding the hands of their one year old child learning to walk, old parents happily holding onto their grandchildrens’  and couples sharing their moments to the fullest. A perfect family time and a place.

A sudden puff of thick smoke hovered above the tree nearby, followed the ear piercing , creaking sound of unknown creatures flying in the air above from tree to tree. Those weren’t  birds. Something else. I strained my eyes hard above and soon I noticed several ridges on the wings of the creature and the head was unusually large. BATS!! Oh yeah. It was bats. The smoke disturbed their day upside down nap. They were restlessly flying from one tree to another. I always thought bats always resided in dark habitats, in a cave or something cooped with least sun rays but we encounter many a times in Indian trees in town where bats just hung themselves under the tree branches. I never saw bats in Bhutan, so I excitedly admired their aerial features and enraptured them in my camera but it didn’t come clear due to their flying motion. 

Definitely a BAT.

Peldon was still giving her pose in various scenery while Kinley was still her photographer. I was trying to gather wonderful moment pictures of the park, people , bats and children but soon I ran off with the battery and the excitement just melted.
Back to hotel. It was already dark then. We filled our night bellies with Hyderabad chicken, omelet and chicken biriyani. That was awesome dinner. At least for me, ate the girls share too that finally when I was back to hotel room, I felt like having a C-section and have removed whatever was inside. :D.

Morning of next day: I opened my eyes slowly for I heard the BANG twice. Peldon was dozing off with the book on her hand. The book loosened from her grip and fell on the table twice. Working hard!! Pitied her for she had to come so far to do an exam with all the expenses on her head. Nevertheless she had good friends like us….:P…
It took unusually long that day. Last time, she completed within 4 hours but  that day, four hours of waiting took a boring hell out of us. There was no nice place to roam nearby and the day heat was uncontrollably harsh, so no plate of option was left other than to wait on that hard steel chair.

She finally appeared with satisfied exam performance but she brought along a news  which was not worth lending ear to. Her last exam got postponed. What kind of board exam is that, anger ringed my ear hard. Postponing thing about exam wasn't new to us but  in the middle of the on going exam, was definitely an unpleasant news. All of us got confused. She had no idea when her exam would be then, probably two days later. But she was running out of money and staying in hotel for two more days would mean, no eating and no coming back to Raichur. We were helpless when it came to money matter. We lost into individual thoughts to sort out a way. Finally, we did. We decided to go back and come back again when exam date is fixed. I was quite reluctant at first due to the tiring journey on bus but as we say “friend in need is a friend in deed” and at that time, a supportive company was what she needed the most. Stress of  exam,  thoughts of expenses and burden of  travelling 8 hours to and fro, definitely her brain needed some peace and warm company.
The very next day, we drove back to our place in Raichur.

It wasn't a restful day and the weariness of the journey hadn't subsided that suddenly I saw five more miscalls from Peldon after I was taking bath. I knew what she wanted to say……

Note: I assume you all got why i took another few more days to update the second part. It is because of the call i got the last minute from Peldon....