Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Festivities

Only few hours are left for the clock to tick 12 and the very first second of 2013 will start. With that as the crackers shoot high up in the sky with the shinnings as done in most of the country, each and every one of us will also gather up our new beginning with new hopes and aims. everybody is excited about the new year ahead as we have just survived out of the 2012 world end predictions. No planet called Nebru clashed with our earth, no earthquake or any tsunamies came and nothing like fire balls fell from the sky. But instead we are  what we were, celebrating the christmas present gifted to us as 2013 year. Fortunately the false alarm of world end proved to be wrong and we are all the same, happy as ever.

Each and every one of us has got different plans to celebrate the moment. Generally, as for the young boys, they will go hunt down the best bar and sip of the last drop of wines and knockouts till they themselves are knocked down. And for girls, prepare their best dishes that they have inherited from their mother, gather up eating and soft drinks stuffs and enjoy in their own cute ways. For the elders, they mightl assemble in one of their friend's home with aras and bangchangs, along with some steps memorized to shake the floor after the wines have taken control of them and at  night  put their childrens in trap of forcing them to listen to their childhood stories of how they faced difficulties during their school times. hahaha......

As for me, i am participating in the Bhutanese gathering that we are going to organize tomorrow with the session of cutting a big cake to unite our body and mind for the fulfillment of the resolutions that we made for the coming year. Then, with some games and dancing programmes, we will wind up our day. I m so excited about it.
Lastly i wish all the people around the globe, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.
and may your journey ahead be blessed with fortunes and good lucks.
before i wind up my post....i have somthing for you guys...

Nam losar tsheloo tashi delek: to all my dear bhutanese people

Neya Saal Mubarak! : To our country mate, all Indians

Sawatt dee pee mweï.: to our thai friends.

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu: to japanese collegues

Seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo: to koreans

I think i will stop here because i am already tired of copy-pasting and searching for the right word to wish to all the people arounf the world. In short once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.......enjoy!!!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Day, long waited

I have been counting the days to go back to Bhutan since two months back when i knew our vacations will soon be starting right after the exam. But our exams got postponed twice and so did our vacations. Now that we are done with our exam, and the time for me to step the soil of Drugyul is nearing, i am very much excited but our luck again tricked us. We planned to reach Thimphu before 22nd of september so that on the day, we find our self sitting near a plate full of red rice with phaksha cikam, shakam hanging from the side of the plate and mouth watering ema datshi.....( my mouth is already watery....), to find myself joining my relatives in the age old traditional dance going round and round. Damn, our tickets didn't get confirm. Actually we had tickets for 16th but now we are coming on 23rd, but have to move from college tomorrow. We are neither going to be in our college atleast to celebrate with our friends nor will reach up there but it seems we will be spotted  in between somewhere in the streets of city of hyderabad. We have got no direct train and have to go through the railway station in hyderabad. We are supposed to land on Phuentsholing on 25th morning and if possible, soon after i am going to fled to Thimphu. 
So, guys, HAPPY BLESSED RAINY DAY and keep my share of enjoyment especially the food. Happy reading, readers and bloggers keep on blogging. Really enjoy the blogyul family. I am not very good in writing as of you guys but i want to keep trying and improve it as i am very much inspired. thank you.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Failed responsibility, lost of patience

Our college has collected a good amount of Bhutanese students this year. We were only 45 before but now that the new batch of students have also joined us, we are much more a big family. It has crossed seventy plus and now  has become form Bhutanese student association. Tomorrow on 19th, youths of Bhutan studying our college will all come together to have each other introduced, perform cultural program mes to make it memorable and celebrate blessed rainy day in advance. 
But a day before itself became memorable due to lost of patience. We were supposed to perform a welcome dance for our juniors. Our seniors were busy involved in organising the programme and as they were small in number, they asked the second year students(we) to set up a welcome dance. I was the only one who could dance quite well. Being a member of cultural group in school and with my interest involved, i took up the responsibilty to choreograph the song and came up with an entertainment. I selected a wonderful song sho sho by Ugyen Panday which related with the celebration and made the moves. I did all and finally went to ask my mates to join me. But, i got all the negative responses. Nobody were confident enough to cooperate with me. I explained them well that it was not a competition, only a part of fun and not necessary one  knew dancing like superstars. Everyone was reluctant  and afraid to become a joker near the new batch. However i could convince some of them and made them shake their body to some extend. I taught the moves and they could catch up quite well. Nothing more was needed. We reached almost into half the song and one more stanza was left to be completed that they started losing confidence and was getting irritated for they were really expecting themselves to dance like those of the partipants in Dance India Dance. Almost whole day i was making the moves and in the evening, i took my time to teach them. Some moves, i did modify to make it easier, actually much more simpler to make it work for them. But  nothing was going on as i expected. I got irritated, lost my patience and cancelled the programme. Welcome dance was gone from my side. I informed my seniors. But their understanding and urge for keep on going encouraged us  that i gained back my confidence and this time it was working much more smoothly and beautifully. Despite being busy with organising for the day, they took out time to convince us and even decided to dance with us. They substituted those who weren't willing to join back. They too didn't know how to dance but they instantly decided to join us to make us feel comfortable  and we could finally complete the song. We practiced hard and i could see their weariness hidden inside.
 I really thank my seniors for they really did something worth getting a huge applause. They woke the confidence in me and made it a goodnight sleep at last. I am quite ashamed and not happy for i gave up so easily. For now, i wish that the progammes go on well and the day become as memerable as this time also i expect something fruity.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Finally exams gone, time to say hello to Bhutan...

Today also i woke up with my heart beating so fast, my brain worried with incomplete theories stored in it with broken hands and legs, stared at the ceiling above for sometime and looked for my mobile to check the time. It was 5a.m. Time to freshen up and prepare yourself for the study again. 
Oh no! exams over, i finally realized. I imprinted myself a huge smile  and went back to sleep. I was actually gone used to waking at 5 because my brain was adapted to the time because of the past few days. my past few days were my most difficult but the one of my most sincere hardwork involved. This is the stage that every student passes through when they prepare for the examination at last minute.
It was a living hell for me to spend whole day and night with books. I dont remember being in tension ever as much as of those few weeks where i spent only around 3 hours sleeping. On the night before the last exam i stayed whole night and felt my eyes dancing in the morning. Even during meals i would think about the large portions that i am left to cover with and my heart would start bouncing hard time to time. And i know my friends have also gone  through the same phase because at the beginning all had gone through the same phase of procrastinating the study time table. 

But now, its all gone. The bouncing of heart, spending sleepless night and taking of coffee continuously without break at the middle of the night. I am so much of relaxed. Its been 5 days now since my last exam. That was really a very good lesson that i learned. Assuming it as being college life, i took my studies for granted and got paid of at last minute. No w that my exams are done, i am worried about the results which would soon be released after one month or so. 

BUT, the most happiest thing for me.What kept me excited about the time after exam was my vacation which i will soon be going back to my motherland, the land of thunder dragon. My nose had been missing the fresh air for one year now and is desperate to suck it hard through the green environment of Bhutan. My stomach has been begging for ema datshi and kewa datshi for some time now and now i can't deny them anymore. So,onnly few days are left for me and soon i will be found roaming the streets of Thimphu, inside one of the hotel in zangdopelri shopping complex area having bathup or may be in Tashi Chhodzong staring hard at the Bardo cham because i have planned to reach one day before the Thimphu tshechu begins. So, Bhutan, i am coming. Please wait for my arrival.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Silent weeping rose

Rose has been silent for days now. From a joyful, talking flower, he has returned back to his original silent nature. He feels abandoned, his other mates have used him during their happiness and he thinks he has been dumped by them when his need is not required now. As they started their journey together for the first time they passed their time making wonderful memories. All of them would dance, sing and do naughty things together. But by the passing of time he feels betrayed. May be he is right because his mates really didn't understand him well. His sweet fragrance attracted other mates at the beginning but towards the closer look, all were repelled by his sharp thrones along his long stem. All his mates may not be but some  are aware of it. Some could hear the Mr. air whisper the loneliness the Mr.rose was suffering from. They wish to lend their hand. BUT, there was always a but. Why but came in between, nobody knew but they had gone away from him for the betterment of both the lives. And its not justifiable how it was better that way. They just wanted to send a message through Mr.air that it was always the same and that he was good in every way just like his beautiful look,only the thing was others failed to understand him well.. Just as he says time has ruined it and it can never be back again.

Monday, 16 July 2012

I Became Charlie Brown

With a cute little pink bag, I saw her following her uncle. It was my first time seeing her. The year for the school season had already started and she  came two weeks after the class began. We were all excited with  one more year promoted passing the BCSC examination and being in the stream that I always wanted to be, SCIENCE, 11 science. Her glance did not have any affect upon me at the beginning. I was the front row holder and could have easily notice her charming face but her long striped hair infront  covered half of her face and on top, she was very shy girl. She was assigned at the last bench with a partnerless girl with an empty chair beside her. Our distance in the seat never made anything come up between us until……….

One morning during SUPW period, all the girls and boys were made to work together in our cleaning area unlike other days where work was divided within groups of A and B. I was in A and she was in B.  But that particular period was the moment where my new life has just started to germinate. When she was covering her mouth because she could not resist a slight dust particle, my friends started making fun of her and misusing languages against her. I got upset and told my friends not to speak and talk like that about the a girl when suddenly my friends took up wrong perception and started thinking that my supportive sentence towards her means me having  feelings for her. They all started teasing me. I disagreed for that moment and told them it was nothing as such but I remember myself looking at her that time and saw her face so close….gosh! she was so beautiful…!! and felt myself blushing within.

The following night, I kept thinking about her face. The way she was covering her face with the handkerchief  and saw her eyes and long shinny hair tied down to the left of the shoulder. The dream was almost to reach the heaven that night. My most wonderful leisure night.

Next day, I made an attempt to go and talk to her. She was sitting in the last row writing notes on English short stories. English being my poor subject, I used that as my tool to talk with her. “excuse me, can I please borrow your english book, I will return you in the afternoon” .” oh…of course” , she replied and her sweet voice rang my ears  time and again.  She gave me the book and I looked at her through the corner of my eyes and left. That day, her book was all enough for me to have her presence in my heart.
I frequently searched for such opportunities and  made my face get imprinted on her mind. I accompanied whenever she was alone, made her laugh, cracked jokes and in turn, I would observe her eyes, her smile and facial expressions. Slowly she felt comfortable being friend with me and she would always  ask for me rather than other boys in the class. Other guys getting jealous at me since lots other in  the class  liked her.

One incident I would never forget in my life where my best friend tried to hit her.  My friend was asking scale from her when I,  in fun signaled her from side not to give him. She was half way on passing the scale, one end of scale being on my friend’s hand, that suddenly seeing my signal, she pulled back the scale. Our teacher also saw that and my short-tempered friend got embarrassed and mad and almost hit her. I pulled him back and told that it was my fault. That was a critical situation where in one side was my best friend and on other side, my love. No one knew, in actual, that I loved her seriously.

Above was the sad part. Now my most half embarrassing and half happiest moment. It was during one of the free period when our teacher got late to reach the class. My friends knew about my feelings for her then, they all got me onto the chair and tied me up with the kabney and made me impossible to move also. They all carried me beside her seat and placed me there. Coincidentally teacher entered the class and saw me in that condition. That was so embarrassing, my face turned apple red. I saw her, she was embarrassed too and was keeping her head bend down. But in one way, it was my most happiest moment, my teacher too knew about my love and pretended not to notice and I just rejoiced my unconditioned situation to be with her whole period.  Ahhhhh!!!!

Time passed off like winds. My closeness also became stronger with her but before I could express my love for her, I learned the secret sad story of her life and my step stopped the midway itself. When she was in class ten, old enough to understand everything, she was orphaned as both of her parents died in a tragic car accident leaving her all alone with her younger brother and younger sister. She ultimately had to support her brother and sister emotionally. My heart pitied hearing her story and I never made any attempt to express my feelings  for her ever.  But I know she knew that I loved her , she just didn’t admit it. My feelings for her grew more stronger and I started caring her like never before. After that whole chambers of my heart was  for her and there was no space for any other girl in my life anymore. I never admitted but I kept loving her. Time flew and we all completed our class 12 grade. During vacations also, we would meet sometimes. She went to her birthplace in Bumthang and I went to my place.

Soon, our results were out. She got into CNR(college of natural resources) and I came to india for my further studies. Our path were totally diverted by then but we decided not to lose contact. Now it has been almost one year that  I am away from her and didn’t even see her once though we met in facebook. I had no feelings at all in any girls in the college and became uninterested to girls. I only remembered her and only her.

Few months before, I went back to my homeland during my vacation. I decided to meet her. I searched for her and waited for her to be online sometimes but she never came. One day I met one of my old school friend who was also studying in CNR and he gave me the most TRAGIC news of my life. I heard “she has got boyfriend”. My feet became numb, I could not hear anything for one moment and almost forgot  where I was standing. Soon I rubbed my ears and heard “ yes, she has got boyfriend from her college only”.  I got so emotional that tears started rolling down my eyes. I realized how I made the biggest mistake of my life. I didn’t even share my feelings for her and now she is around the arms of someone else. My coming to vacation so far from my college was to hear this small news that would have taken soul out of me. I became emotionally hurt and for few days, my life was in darkness. I felt terribly sad.

I became Charlie brown, failing to requite my love for her just like in the short story “nothing spoils the taste of peanut butter” . But the difference between me and Charlie brown was that, he loved the littler red haired girl at first sight, he didn’t knew her, she didn’t know him, he loved her but the girl didn’t know he loved her. As in my case, I loved her as I spent more time with her, I knew her, she knew me, I loved her and she knew I loved her and who knows, she might have been waiting for me to say something to her. I was not so brave enough after listening to her sad part of story.  Biggest regret of my life and I would never forget. I wish and wish that I could turn back the time.

(note: it is a real story of one of my friend,and not to be mistaken as being mine. i have written in first person point of me and haven't mentioned any names. i have tried my best to portray it as originally as possible. hope you had a nice reading. thank you.)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Seven months have passed........

With the rising of new dawn, gives hope to the new day, new beginning and a new adventure but as journey goes on, day set of  with the sun getting dipped behind the mountains(or hills in case of India)   pulled  by the dusk. Opening the eyes, hostel becoming alive with the voices of different land creatures all settled up here in the knowledge giving home, I too open my chinky eyes. My body factory of bones and muscles sets into work for the day. As soon as I wake, recite some prayer and coop into the bathroom for showering and then provide my oral cavity with some delicious ingredients, may not be, into it in the mess. Coming back, stare at my still dredged into dream roommate with only innerwear upon his lower part of the body. Again do my daily  job  of sprinkling some H2O onto my hair and style it left and right with the gel(I use hair oil). Going into my wardrobe, I see collar shirts and formal pants hanged, choose for the one I haven’t worn in the previous day, fit it into my thick, large diameter thighs and abdomen. Upon my upper part, I add a white apron representing a medical community and then wait for my two fellow mates to ride our way to the college for the class. 

On the way, our shiny shoes get powdered by the dry sands and reach to the class fully made up. There we encounter our another two fellow, now they are not masculine, they are soft and high pitched creatures in our class. Yes, they are girls. Five of us, only five of us in the class and that also all Bhutanese. No seniors, no juniors( yet to come),no international students, no faculties separately, no college segmented, just and just five of us. But a wonderful, joking, laughing, fighting, getting angry ,small, happy family we are. Learning together, leaning when bored together on the table, day dreaming together, bunking together, having juice and lassi together and egg puff not to be forgotten also together. Memories made within these seven months in our college life and yet to be made in another two and half years. We are not recognized much in our college being small in number and course started newly. We are also not recognized  in college activities, didn’t receive a fresher’s welcome party like our other course mates did and  also unlike them, we could not spot our self inside the quarterly magazine named NECTER which is usually filled with new faces of the year. That was a melancholy thing for we guys  felt as if we aren’t there. That was just merely a luck(sad one) for we didn’t have any seniors and the course was a fresh one. 

Within this seven months, though not entertained as how we expected the college environment to be, as the passing time, we gained the anatomical wisdom by Madam Sudha on Monday, pathological knowledge by Mr. Basavraj on Tuesday, biochemical history of body by joined faculty of biochemistry department on Wednesday, studies on bacteriological creatures by Mr. Anand on Thursday, physiological functions of the body  by Sir. Majunath and on Saturday, join medicine community for learning various national and international health programmes. That trend kept  going on weeks by weeks and months by months till this stage where we five have become the most wanted guest in the college as we are taught upon by many professors.. Not only that, sometimes we gather the intellectual knowledge of more the one faculty as PGs(post graduates) also teach us. Compared to the number of learners in our course, number of faculties are more which is of more entertaining to our learning surrounding as what counts more in the end is the basic motto of all education system “learn to excel”. Coming this far from our home land, we are here to learn and with our best strength,  will try to excel and go back to our place by printing smiles on our masters. Carrying degree certificate in our hand and a certified knowledge in our brain, we dream to serve our nation to promote the principles and philosophies of Gross National Happiness. 

Rough sketch of my MLT Group
(Medical Laboratory technology)
I am not included there as i did that sketch. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

girlfriend, boyfriend, friendship, love, society and life...........

"Hey, I am Kinley and you are also Kinley, right?", knew eachother for the first time that way. Being in the class together,same school and resident near,so going home together and roaming together wasn't a big deal then. Lots of students and lots of friends surrounding. We had our own life separately. All had their own life. Nobody cared what others did. That was good.
That is when being as an innocent children

But for now, we have got no idea whether it was just the mere of coincidence or fate but we are into the same college doing the same course. We two being only student from same school and being a good friend, our closeness together as a friend grew more and more.Story of deep friendship began with it. She was my classmate from 11th standard till 12 and our luck carried us together in the same college and same course. Starting our journey from train till some months back, we were into good fortune as being a  pretty good and close friend but time made us set ourselves differently.  There were 14 other students from different schools of Bhutan, all government sponsored students. All faces were new to one another. Talking to each other was uncomfortable. But for me and Kinley, we were already a known face, so throughout our journey, we were doing chit chat together.  That time we weren't aware of what the new faces were making out of our friendship. 

Time went on, college started and everything went smoothly. We got made up with new faces. I too got build up with my new colleagues. Once one of my friend started using me as a booked guy to the other college mates. That was weird for i never had one nor i shared anything related to my personal things to anyone then. I asked what he was talking about and there i got the whole idea that all that time all my train friends had been thinking me and kinley as 'girlfriend and boyfriend'. Everyone was bothering now to each others life unlike in school.We never did a sort of thing to make them think that way but i guess our togetherness made really wrong sense to them. News flew from one pair of ear to another, people talked about us from one mouth to another and we became a headline for all tv channels in our college. Kinley started feeling uncomfortable then to be with me, actually i too was.  I didn't had that free thing to do everything with her as a friend.  Our closeness became diverging, everything was like a new after that, like she was becoming stranger to me and me to her. We never talked much then. 

That is when being in school

 I kept asking myself, can't a boy and girl be a friend, just a friend???. Spending time together, is it done only between boyfriend and girlfriend?? Friendship is put upon a question between the gender. Not only that i guess now even between same sex, if time is spent more, people start thinking them as gays and lazy beans. Now that i have not much connection with Kinley, friends started thinking we have broken up and trying new ones in it because we are grownnup now? May be that is one of the chapters of college life. How the hell fast people keep suspecting and coming to conclusion. Exception might be there but that must be one of the nature of human because i too remember doing that to others. Seeing every time a girl and a boy together, thinking them as couple, starting to tease, not believing what they are saying is just a part of social life i guess. Life, society, friendship, love, actually everything is unexplainable. Like one of my friend says, every human beings are pretenders, to complete their cycle in the samsara, they are doing things what that environment or situation make them to do. We are grown into that environment,so i guess we have to also go through that.....!!!!.

   Now that is in college

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I was on my way to  shop to buy hair oil when the cool
 breeze from somewhere far away, in a gust, kissed my
 face and hugged me as if it knew i had longed for it. I felt finally it did come.
It was for the first time i experienced such breeze since i
 came here in college and it flew all across the area. I
saw the trees and plants dancing in delight along with it.
Weather was also good, black smoky cloud which has
 covered the ultra violet rays of sun in its feather making
 the so heated land cooler and better. I stayed standing
there for a moment enjoying the new air when suddenly
 a big plastic covered with sand hit my face. I opened my eyes but the eyes won't open because the sand has entered my eyes and slowly my eyes became watery. I rubbed to remove it but it rather created more rashes. Finally i got rid of it. I looked around and saw plastics and papers flying all over, few dancing up in the sky, making the space look ugly, all the rubbish that the consumers have dumped till now was sowing its seed. The freshness of air did not seem fresh anymore. The trees and plants did not seem delighted anymore when the paper hanged on their branches. My 'U' shaped smile turned downward.

I sheltered under the roof of the shop when i just got stuck with the memory of my school days when we were asked by our teachers to pick the papers during supw. That time, in teacher's presence we would be very sincere but as soon as teachers turned its back, we would throw back what we have picked. We weren't aware with what will happen in future. Various cleanings campaigns would be held to keep the city clean and green in schools, colleges and offices. Guess, the organisers knew what the consequences will be if they didn't come up with such initiatives.I feel very thankful to those wise thinkers as of now.

I came back to where i was and i just realized the hardwork that our government was putting upon to maintain the cleanliness  of the country and became happy that i was one of the people under which such government ruled. 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Causes and results of good and bad actions

Below are some answers for the questions that we humans often ask to god during emotional disturbances. It is put forward by Jigmed Thubten Thrinley Palzangpo, the 4th Dodrup Chen Rinpoche and translated by Jonathan Miller.

When Ananda asked to the Blessed One," though we in this world now have for once the support of human body, among us , some are handsome and some are unattractive, some are brave with great fortitude while others are cowardly. There are rich and poor, there are those who reach a hundred years of age, some die when young and others while in their mother's womb. some endure long life that is always stricken with suffering and some have unbeatable happiness and well being until they die". Like wise Ananda made his heart pour out for the  different questions he had about the lives of  humans despite being same creature.

The transcendent Buddha spoke, " Ananda, in accordance with your questions on different experiences that occur due to fully ripened consequences of former actions:

Through the peerless force of engaging in pure actions in former lives, one is in the present the most attractive among humans. Being beautiful and charming is the fruit of having cultivated patience in previous lives. Having a face the is ugly arises from karmic effects of anger.

Presently, being a destitute human without food and clothing is the fruit of having been stingy in the former lives. having great wealth and enjoyments is the result of having given generously in previous life.

Being human with great physical strength and splendor comes from abandoning pride and showing respect to the leaders of land. Being of puny physical stature and without strength comes from disrespecting Dharma out of pride.

Being the person who is the most spurned when participating in discussions and meetings is the sign of having done things in the course of your previous lives such as , though being at fault yourself, not disclosing it to others; and not accepting the explanations of ones shortcomings when told by others.

Having a sickly body with poor vitality, gaunt and beaten down by long lasting chronic diseases, while inwardly bearing spiteful attitude, the very condition is the result of being without faith in past and having disregard and appreciation for the value of Three Jewels.

Being human with an oral condition like cleft palate, harelip or other deformity is the result of eating the ritual cakes, butter lamps and other such foods offered  to chortens( stupas).

People whose eyesight is unclear comes from previously having gouged out eyes of other creatures, as is done by killers of small birds such as hawks.

 Those humans who are dumb mutes, unable to converse are experiencing the result and having said in a past life that there is no such thing as karma.

People who have teeth like predatory beasts are experiencing the result of previously loving to gnaw on the flesh and bones of sentient beings.

To appear ugly or repulsive among human beings can result not only from failing to respectfully salute Buddha but from any expression of disrespect.

Having heart disease can result from cutting the limbs off sentient beings and chopping them up in previous life.

Having leprosy or disease with sores that are itchy and weeping comes from having bullied the innocent, accusing them of wrong doing, then seizing their property and possessions.

Those people who are without progeny, male or female have previously killed baby birds. On the other hand, to some people are born many male and female children; they are experiencing the result of loving to nurture sentient beings.

Wealth arises from giving generously.

Possessing clear eyesight and sharp intelligence is the result of reciting the sutras and setting them in writing.

Having senses of sight, hearing, smell , taste, touch and mental faculties that are whole and free from defects of any kind is the result of preserving the discipline of ten virtues.

Having a foul smelling, bad tasting mouth is a result of scolding others with harsh abusive language.

Males who fail to develop sexual organs are experiencing the result of previously castrating or sterilizing dogs or pigs.

People who scornfully make fun of others by repeating the words they say and take pleasure in teasing them with contempt will later take birth as parrot.

Like wise what we have done in previous life has ripen its fruit in our present life and now that we know that the fate of our next life is decided by what  deeds we do in this life, so  we should as far as possible try to follow the path of dharma and teachings of Budhha, so as to have a life we always wanted to have in next life.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

When the floor underneath shook.....

Apa, ama, aunty's son, my cousin and me, were on our way to Phuentsholing. I was to leave for India to pursue my further studies. The reporting date was 22nd of September. For the first time i was to experience a border life struggling all by myself, till now all depended upon my parents. My parents wanted to see me off from the border town since it will be the last  to share our parents and son glances  and  i would not see them for sometime from there on. With full excitement along with little sorrow for having to be separated from my parents, we reached Phentsholing. It was seventeeth of September month. Arriving to phuentsholing, i could feel differences in the weather in Thimphu and there, the scorching heat that was piercing through my skin and continuous sweating made me kept wondering if it was the case here, then how would i survive in India. Tired, we reached my auty's house and i didn't take a minute to take a nap on the warm bed. After i woke up, night has set in, environment  was cool and apa asked me to go with him to exchange the currencies. Just we were way home back when my aunty called me and asked me to go to play mela. " mela changmae dikhey kota",(kota:means brother,my home name) followed her sharp voice which still lingers in my ear. My heart almost reached my mouth while playing the giant rotatory wheel.After that, had some icecreams to remove off the circle-circle thing that was moving inside my head because of the wheel and then we were back at home. We all had dinner and went to bed for the peace day ahead.

"The morning is cool, fresh and today is my last morning in Bhutan", i thought. Apa and me decided to go for shopping after the breakfast. We didn't do shopping much, only the necessary things for the college. My only intention was to buy a mobile, went round the electronic shops written "NOKIA" on it. No mobile made me happy and if it made, the high price didn't supported me. Finally i picked up something in random, it was better and the price was suitable.

I was back at aunty's house, when at 3:00 pm, my friend called me to gather near moonlight hotel. We all met at 4:00 and gave our share of money for the train ticket. Rest of the day went doing nothing.

TIME: at around 8:30: DATE:september 18: my mother and one of my cousin(girl) was in the kitchen. Dad and uncle in the sitting room witnessing the dungtsho layreem(weekly health programme with the medical specialist), aunty gone somewhere and i was busy browsing through my new mobile, my elbow on the refrigerator, standing straight and behind me my middle cousin sitting on the bed going through his books. It was then, when i was about to open the music folder i felt the floor below me shaking, the glassed cupboard making irritating noise. For few minutes, i thought my brother was dancing behind, but when i saw myself shaking uncontrollably and the tings(holy bowl) falling off from the choesham(alter), there i realized..yes! its an earthquake. I didn't know what to do, my hands tight on the edges of the fridge, after sometime everything became dark, i felt my brother's hand around me from back, i felt the death so near, i thought before reaching college, i am going to meet the god of death and i started chanting "om mani padme hun, om mani padme hun"(prayer). The shake  lasted about 10 minutes and then suddenly, everything became silent and still. Just then, my uncle came running to the room shouting" phiska jukcho kota, Sonam(brother's name)" Still in shock, i made my way through the sitting room, no one was there, i was worried where my apa and ama went. I went down running, on my way, heard childrens crying, girls screaming. Outside, i saw people all gathered, my mom carrying my sister's baby( cousin) almost in tears but her tear fell off when she saw me and said " college mashekparang aei pura shelay lamay"(before u reach your college, we will all die) her voice vibrating. I remained quite, still in shock. I tried to call back home in thimphu, where my grandmother and brother is all by themself but the mobile singnalled connection error. All network and electricity supply was disturbed.We could contact no one. My father"s phone rang after sometime and it was call from my sister from her college in Sherubtshe, her voice too shaking as she was crying. Everything was dark, i saw few policeman with torches near our crowd, i heard them talking about the damages the earthquake has caused in the town.My mind still worried about my brother and grandmother, kept on trying home but in vain.

It was a relief when our houses were lit back to light, everything glittered, i could see everyone clearly and back to normal. I looked up on one of the window where i saw the thangka(painting of god on the silk brocade) hanging slanting, the shake has dispositioned it. Every one was hesitant to enter back to house with the fear of being hit again but after waiting for 2 hours outside, the number of people outside decreased, everybody felt safe to go inside,i also went inside with my family. Network was back, i called Thimphu and was relieved that everything was  fine.My aunty was also back home,her face red hot and was watching the BBS channel.

Tashi choden, the news reporter was speaking live in the studio "Bhutan has been hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 just a few minutes ago........the epicentre is found to be in Sikkim......people are all ouside here in deaths has been report till now...but  structural damages has been reported,our reporter  Tandin Phuntsho reports" followed by video of people all outside the house. Earthquake shake was recorded nicely on the live camera, when the dungtsho layreem was going on. Dungtsho was in the state of  the answering the questions that the interviewer was asking related to health that suddenly he stopped answering when he realized the shake,when the shake became severe the dungtsho jumped off from the sit along with the interviewer and finally the stage was empty leaving the camera with only table and chairs. The evidence of earthquake was shown by the vibrating stage recorded due to the vibrating camera. It was a disaster.
It was 12:00 midnight and we were still awake.

 Tomorrow i was to leave but i thought the journey would be cancelled thinking the damages the earthquake might have caused to the train tracks. Still then i was not sure, so to wake up early, i went into sleep with the fear  still inside me. After struggling for few minutes,i was finally into dreams....and i was never to forget that night ever in my life..the most deadly night of my life...!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Untold love story

"She is so cute! Why is she so beautiful? Is it so that i am loving her. In every angle, i find her no defect. Her eyes, her lips, her hair and most touchingly her voice....gosh! it kills me. She has made my life. She is everything to me. Her tapestry dancing in the air and blowing along with the gust of wind made the hard heart of a meek boy to experience the rhythm of crush for the first time. With the launching of his facebook account , unknown friends started sending request to him along with which the girl also made a part. Chating became the regular scene for this two fellows who never knew what was going to happen in the future.

Slowly their friendship grew stronger and stronger but the heart of the boy gave new name to his friendship. He started loving her desperately and so...desperately! Facebook chat switched to mobile sms but calling was not something that the girl was ready for. But the boy was ever ready to listen to her voice. Once she made a sudden call to him who was in an intoxicated state with the hard drinks running through his veins but her charming voice freshened him up and that night was his most wonderful night. Calls become twice in a week and the boy was in the cloud nine with her but the girl didn't get the slightest idea of how the boy was thinking about her as of the boy never dared to share his feelings to her. One day, the boy gave her some hint when he was to leave for India to pursue his studies, he told her that home wouldn't be the big deal  but his departure from her would surely sadden him. The girl showed the care and love towards him which made him think she too had some soft corner for him and the fact that the girl told him that she would call the boy when he reaches the border town though her mobile was not working, she would anyhow call him from her friend's mobile made him more touched.
 As soon as he reached the border town, he could reach her and then, he could dare atleast ask her whether she had a boyfriend or not the the answer was 'no' which meant a lot for him. Now, as we know, in every love story misunderstandings block the way, it too happen to his love story which was a tragedy.  Reaching college, the boy had to make apologise for loving her, for not able to convince her with his love, and taking their relation into more than a friend but her reply made him more suspense. She said to him that she never heard the words and he never uttered to him and she was a big.........??? that black space at last was his curiosity. He could never ask what was it. He had no idea after that what he should be doing. He felt depressed and lonely. In the crowd also, he felt solitary, more over he would close his room door and get lost into his own world without saying a word with his friends. His friends on top never made an attempt to give him company with his sadness as they were of more worry of how to spent their christmass vacation. Everyone left for their trip and he was left alone. He could share his feelings to nobody except his diary that he had especially bought for her. Once again, with the help of his friends, his friends could do not much but at least attempted to be friend with her through facebook and tried to convince her how much he loved her. She said "yes! i am realising that he really loves me" followed she said, she is not going be in relation with anybody and thats forever.why is that? Is it that she has got another guy, or has she been betrayed by her true love in the past or she has got some other reason that even after realising there is someone who really loves her and as we know true love is rare thing to achieve, she cannot except his love. Question mark with no answer.

He got more depressed with his epilogue of the story turning into tragedy. Nothing was helping him and he kept on thinking what was there that he could not understand her or she didn't understand. But unlike other guys, he didn't go into drugs and all, doing that he thought it would make his love more cheap and rather he decided he would be strong and not to give up so easily. He said to himself he would meet her once personally and pour out his thoughts and questions. He is the true Romeo and yes! he is the real Singye who is ever ready to except her Galem even if she had the deadly disease hiv. The first part of the epilogue has shown its colour and now let us wait for the second part to show up. Let us see what is lying behind after his secret meeting with her.....lets wait and watch!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Simple, smily, kind-hearted, beautiful
She is been described
Never seen her, never talked with her
Pictures and words touches a lot though

Hi! Hello! says she
Doubts the man who said ' i love you'
Did he really mean that, doubt!
But has got soft corner around.

Ain't beautiful is how she describes herself
His mind turns deaf ear
Friends' say not that beautiful
Is she really not?

God makes couple in heaven
Destined is what people refer to
Are they really destined?
Neither of them sure

Has fate brought them in contact
Will they cherish forever
If so, let pray come true
For two yellow roses to be a red
Forever and forever....!