Monday, 11 November 2013

One Man, Thirty Nine wives

Quite excited right?  Well, i was too when i first spotted the topic on the story about the Ziona Chana's BIG FAMILY in Mizoram on the north-eastern side of India.
I was browsing through a magazine in the library when my eyes captured the topic, " A Big Phat Family". And just below i saw a paragraph in between the story " 39 wives, 90 children and 45 grandchildren".
WOW!! i got really excited to see the full story.

Long before, in the very past, there were stories about kings having more than 40 wives but it is quite amazing to learn that at this generation also, a common man like us is living a life of a legendary King with multiple wife to care him, 90 children and 45 grand childrens, well if  in-laws are counted, the family has a total of 180 members. Unbelievable!!!

Many questions ran through my mind. How does he manage to make a living?? How do they leave together?? Aren't wives having problem??  Well, gradually all my questions were answered. A flourishing furniture business, farmlands, poultry farms and piggery holds under his power. Along with that, he runs guest houses for tourist who flock to village solely to see him and his family and for that, he charges 150 dollars for a family picture. They live in a four stored house with 100 room where  wives reside  in giant, separate dormitories. Their mansion set amid-st the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram. And most surprisingly, for a meal, the recipe consist of more than 40 chickens, 48kg of rice, 24 kg of dal and if it's beef, around 10 cows are slaughtered in a day.

As for the bed sharing business with the king, in his room having double bed, the womens take turn, a rotation system. The youngest five wives get the privilege to set their rooms near to his. Wives consider him GOD to them. Their family is based on 'mutual love and respect" and to maintain peace, senior wives let him hang along with young ones with great understanding . Ziona Chana, in his religious sect. states him having 400 member in his family which means, he is not going to stop looking for new wives. 'To expand my sect. i am willing to go even to the U.S to marry" he has mentioned. Woooooo.......!!!!

Husshh!!, No energy required to read his story but i really felt tired after reading that. Can anyone imagine so....hahaha..(wink) ...

Mr.Ziona Chana's China Population.

Ziona Chana With his QUEENS.

The Senior Queens with their share of Chickens.:D

Shared dormitories inside the room.

Mr.Chana with his little ones..


And here is his GREAT PALACE!!.
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  1. Wow intresting piece dude. I could not stop laughing throughout your post, and his photos made me laugh even more, and louder. Great man he is. I don't think they have time in a day to talk with all of his family member. I think to talk about family matter also he need to gather for a meeting with Microphone on his hand hahaha....:)

  2. Every man has a strength to keep their legacy. So, shall we call this his strength to do so? Hehe. Nice story.
    Thank you for the link dude.

  3. I read about this man sometimes last year. Yet there is a joy to read again. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I think this man deserves the Best Manager of the world..:D

  4. read about this man long time back...he indeed is one hell of leader...:P

  5. Very impressive. I salute him.