Friday, 27 December 2013

Year draws near to end........

Dawn of new year is nearing and yet I haven’t thought of any resolution. I have no plans to have a resolution though, since it  has never got well along with me. I would rather want to go back to days, weeks and months that I have left behind to remember all the deeds that I have done. 
Our body is physiologically and psychologically organized in such a way that it is not in our hand to control certain emotions that we encounter in our life. Happiness tends to bring joy in us ultimately finding the world infront of us full of happiness and when sadness and anger creeps in, everyone around us is a disaster.

Like everyone, the year of snake for me had been a cup of sweet coffee some times while some had been poisonous enough to make the moments one of the worst nightmare.  There were times where I used to make whole lot of people laugh and smile and yet some boiled in anger sometimes because of me. Moments where I made great things out of everything and yet spoiled some things very badly. Times where I devoted myself in reflecting the state of impermanence and prayed for all living beings.  And yet, lost my track again and got involved in activities unhealthy for me if I were to take my last breathe. I did and enjoyed my life with my friends with the thought of not getting the gift of human life next again. Along with it, I did waste a lot of my precious time forecastinating and lengthening my life to be having still more 50 years to be alive. 
The most important people in my life, my parents had been happy throughout having to see me smile but I made my mother cry once because she couldn’t stand seeing me with a smile anymore since the smile was not natural but induced by ‘OH’. I might have smiled for a very much longer period where she couldn’t stop her tears falling down because my lips were stretch involuntarily by the toxic maize juice ( asham juice) in my blood.
Do’s or don’t, I have had both equally in my life. For the good do’s that I have done in the year 2013, I wish to have my motivation spirited high up and keep me up forever awaken with it and for all the don’ts which I would have done intentionally or unintentionally, I wish to beg for forgiveness and help me get rid of those stimulus which brings about those actions and prevent me from further committing it.

I pray that the “Prayers of those wearing red robes residing in isolated caves, Rimpoches, Lamas,
trulkus, and all the lay mans constantly meditating and begging pardon from the almighty of wisdom to free sentient beings from the world of suffering”  be fulfilled

AND….Happy New Year to the fellows all around the globe. May the year bring  star of lovely surprises to make your life glow with infinite voltage of glittering power.

Monday, 16 December 2013

A Wonderful Weekend: An encounter with imaginary Wangdue Phodrang dzong

Noticed something familiar???  Well, i did and realized only when I took a snap of it.

It was Saturday. Was a hurrah day for me after having a hectic continuous week of sleepy classes in the lecture room . As  evening approached with the sun dipping behind the hills spreading the beautiful reddish yellow rays, I took a ride on a bike with my friend towards the Amtalab park, the one and only place to be having a restful and peaceful weekend. The night there wasn’t so quite though, family, friends, couples all seated on the hard-stone seats  having a view of amtalab lake surrounded by glittering, colorful lights all around. 
Firstly, both of us wanted to fulfill the desire of our grumbling stomach asking for a delicious gobi manchuri or a pasta. We ordered a pasta plate each from the restaurant situated near by on the first floor with the open roof with fresh air kissing all around us and a beautiful view of the park below.

Delicious feast of the night: Mouth watering pasta.

Then, we strolled through the lighted street of the park where people were all enjoying the weekend feast of peaceful rest. All the seats were occupied, so we stood near the edge and had infront of us a magnificent lake shining with the reflections of moon and lighted houses around .
Just then, I turned around onto my left side where the hill occupying the ancient castle- like, long stones arranged one upon another about a 100 m long in height had my eye captured. The edge of the area was lightened by beautiful green glitters within a certain distance apart from eachother. In the day, we never take notice because it looks just like an old,dry muddy part of stones, attached to the hill. But when I took a picture of it, it instantly made me feel that the design somewhat or almost resembled what looked like the Wangdue Phodrang Dzong after the fire engulfed it completely last year. It  was as if I was standing on the highway road below, where my imagination took hold and  made my past memory of  Wangdue Phodrang Dzong resurface.  It felt ,as if the dzong has enliven just infront of me cutting thousands of distance and at that moment, it took me miles away from India only to have myself standing on a cozy stone watching the old, yet historically beautiful castle of Wangdue. I almost forgot about the dzong blazed into fire and how the history of many centuries also got burned along with it. Hope the reconstruction work is already on its way to completing.

It was a perfect weekend which took me back to my motherland and I have decided to often  visit that again to experience  the miracle of flying thousands of miles and tour above the gigantic, elephant castle.

Heavenly way towards the lake.

Amtalab lake

Imaginary fortress of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong in Raichur.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mulee khang :Raddish stem

Chopped into pieces of about 2cm each, mixed along with onions and tomato and red chilli powder over it and some salt to add a taste. That become the traditional pickle( raddish stem ezay) of Bhutanese mostly common among the sharchop families prepared very easily and fast. That’s one of mother’s favorite. She would call upon her friends and neighbor aunts and deliciously prepare with lots of spicy talks  about other aunts and laugh out loud with their mouth wide open such that if we try to throw a grape, we wouldn’t miss the target. Hahaha!!( quite a exaggeration though…:D). It is included in most of our meal menu at home.

At home, it doesn’t flavor my taste bud much, so it wouldn’t be on my plate most of the time. But, here, yesterday when I saw the fresh raddish with long beautiful stems on it, it instantly triggered a picture of mother’s watery mouth and the way she used to eat with full delicacy and enjoyment. So, I thought to include that into our dinner menu so as to bring back my memories of home back alive.
I was sure that the flavor wouldn’t be as same as it used to be when my mother prepared but to my surprise, it tasted much more better and was delicious. I had some chili powder mixed with pepper brought from home during my vacation last month, I added that along with tomato and an onion. Some salt, ginger and garlic paste and little melted cheese from the curry we were preparing. Then, I mixed with full force of my palm and finally came to be like the one seen below in the picture.

Doesn't seem tasty in the picture though but we had it best with our meal.

Having to make traditional items in  a place  far away from our motherland is an enjoyable moment where few of us from same place get to be together and feel the presence of “home sweet home” air all around us.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blog for change

Just like 'toast for change', 'taste for change' and 'dance for change', i chose to keep the title of my blog today as 'Blog for change' because i believe myself also to be a" freedom writer".
Since the day i read a review on this movie "freedom writers" in Sir Passu's blog few months ago, i had been searching to get hold of it. Luckily i got it just after a month i read about it.
Most of you must have read and watched the movie as well. I, too, have been straining my eyes time and again with this movie which, every time i watch awakens something powerful inside me( yet to discover that powerful thing...wink!!). That is why i wanted to give my own review on the movie to be shared online with my fellow readers.

Miss. Erin Gruwell

With a fight among the students, Miss Gruwell's first class in the school starts. Class divided into groups of different racial origin and everyone with hot burning grudge against each other, ever ready to start a battle. She tries hard to make the class peaceful and interesting. Instead of just lectures, she let the students understand her lessons through audio visual clips and through games. During one of her class, to bring some union among the parted class, she organizes a game where she let  them  stand on the line made on the floor if the question she ask correlates to their lives. A turning point strikes in which one of  her question silences the whole mood of the class. "How many of you have lost your loved ones, your friends, in a fight?". 90% of the students stands on the line. There, everyone realizes that they were not alone in case of losing someone they loved and understood the impact,  fights and angers brought in their lives.

To each one of them, she gives a diary where she tells them to write anything they want but to write and maintain everyday. All of the students come forward and jot down their own share of sorrow  they faced in their personal lives. By doing a part time job, Miss.G( as mentioned by students) buys the book " Diary of Anne Frank" and hand over each copy to the students and ask them to relate it to their lives. She takes them to the museum and shows the clips of the people who fought discrimination and racism during early centuries and what impact that brought to them. The constant hard work of Miss G pays off and soon she finds her students shining with positive changes. Everyone finds a reason to correct their lives. Miss G gains trust from all her students BUT unfortunately, the knot of her own  personal life loosens under the hands of unpredictable fate where she gets divorced with her husband. 
Despite all of that, she continues to support her class. She is a great inspiration to all the teachers around the world and  a picture form of example to the students to understand the difficulties, a teacher has to go through. 
The" freedom writer diary" depicts that we are not alone who come across disastrous challenges in life and teaches us how to tackle them. 

The two Miss.Gs with the freedom writers

Friday, 6 December 2013

A soup of supportive love to my Sister

The day of 5th December was a day planned for the the fellow graduates to finally know their fate of future which they will be living along with throughout their life. 'Joy of happiness for the success" for some and " sorrow of failure" for some. Some would have already stored pennies to give treats to their loved ones for their rising up and some ready to use their handkerchief. 
Well, like all of them, i was also in a state of  apprehensiveness along with excitement, not for myself, but for my dear sister. She got through the Preliminary round and  also came with a sweet of satisfaction on her face after she did her final. We were quite sure that, if not that good, she would at least make it through with satisfying fruit. But, the result banged not only her heart but mine too. By one point, she didn’t qualify and I am sure it would have been a disaster for her.  
I know she had been crying whole day after knowing her results. I can feel the pain and the lowness that is jumping inside  her at the moment. So, though I am not near her, I want to reach out my support  to her through my freedom diary .

Dear sis,

I know how much you been working hard, burning the midnight lamp and waking early to prepare and give your best for the final test of your life after 16 years of continuous studying. Whole of my vacation, I have seen how hard you fought your sleep to gather the knowledge from the papers into your mind and always being surrounded by them day and night. I know you have  always been feeling responsible for the family being the eldest  and I have no words for thanking you for how cherishing and caring you have been to me and brother. I know that you have been battle ling hard to soon get yourself secured, in order  to lend a hand to our father to loosen his burden a bit. Despite all of your input, the fruit bore a bitter taste. I know how hard it is for you to absorb this at the moment but we never know what the next chapter of your life would bring upon your shoulder. Things might have turned out like this , may be to give you a bigger surprise for you in the coming future. May be it is too early for you. I have full faith that your hard work won’t go in vain. May be the result of just now would have been just a trick to you. Real one might be, yet to come. Have patience, strong willed and know that you brother  will always be by your side to protect and pull you up whenever you fall. Lets us fight this together keeping in our mind that this a just a temporary wound which would soon shed off giving you a brand new skin of life. Let us think not of past but of present and future by which we will bring a change not only in our life but in our parent’s life too and make them proud of having us.

                “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment.                        Full effort is full victory.” 
                        ― Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, 29 November 2013

Maximum post in a month

Tomorrow, the month of November will end. I have written five post in this month itself. Wow!! this is huge. Well i know, this is nothing for most of the  bloggers. They write more than 10 or even more than that in a month but for me, it was like "woah! i did write a lot this time"!! 
I have come to know that, some of the bloggers though being occupied with tight schedule , won’t put their head on the pillow before at least pinning on some words on their respective blogs. Passionately driven into the world of writing, they write lying awake at night.
Well number of times, i sit in front of my laptop, opening my account, script it down few words but then again, i let my words be erased not being satisfied with what i am writing. I get stuck with the confusion of words to be put down together, not getting appropriate topics to write on and finally always landing  without a single post. So, most of the time, i prefer reading and getting cheerfully amused by what other bloggers have written.
Blogging is a platform where we can pour out what's going inside us, our feelings, thoughts, and opinions without the consent of any body and share to the world without spending a penny. Our literature might not be as good as it should be, mistakes might occur but it's all ours. Time would rectify everything.
So, i ought to promise myself to increase the number of post every month and I have also promised some of the respected bloggers that i would keep up with them and i do not wish to let them down as i have chosen writing not as a materialistic thing  but as a close friend of mine, whom I would chat, laugh, cry and play to the extend I want.
So, fellow bloggers, keep visiting my blog and drop your comments  as much as possible as that would boost me up more and more.
Thank you!!
Have a nice night and a happy December.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Studying without clothes: Story of Sangay Wangmo

I felt a sudden jerk in my throat, my eyes got numb with tears and i felt my heart crying when i saw the video of this little girl called Sangay wangmo. She had a face filled with innocence, having put on an old clothe given by other people.
As she spoke, her voice made something pinch in me and as she went on telling the story of struggle she was going through, thick tears rolled down my cheek as i couldn't resist.
We tend to complain about going to school, quarrel with parents to do the homework, fight with teachers for having got a scolding for not doing the work properly. Well this little girl is instead fighting her emotions, defending herself against all pro and cons of the pathetic life she is having only to pursue 'education'. Among st  the 8 siblings, she is the only one going to school. After the death of her father, mother became regular with drinking, her three elder siblings dropped the school, three younger ones were given away for adoption and one found his way to religious path. She was the only one who refused to drop school even though she knew her mother won't be able to support her. Hand on hand with the thorns of life, she continued her schooling with the peck of supports she got from the people feeling pity on her and moved on with constant pace.
 I salute her for her determination and hope with hopeful prayers that she achieves what she dreams of life and get what she wants. this is the link if you wish to watch her story too.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Magic behind words: Story of J.k ROWLING

On screen and in books, we have watched and read the magical world of Harry Potter, created magnificently wonderful which is enjoyed thoroughly all over the world by not only the children but the adults as well. Along with Harry, Hermoine and Ron, we have been through the adventures in search of philosophers stone, revealed the secrets behind the chamber of secrets, rescued the prisoner of Azkaban, participated in the Quidditch match most of us with Griffindor, felt the pain and evil power of the half blood prince and cherished the end of the  " he who must not be named".
Well, the white witch which has taken us on this fantasy world, one responsible for the "boy who lived" and let us into the journey along with him, Ms.J.K.Rowling(Joanne Rowling) has her own share of beautiful childhood days but a dreadful teenage years.

In a documentary movie " magic beyond words" we can actually see how this most popular and one of the richest billionare  in England, once struggled, having no shelter for her and her baby, depending on the state benefits, not even having a proper paper to write her stories.


Her passion of writing lay back down from the age since 6 where her mother used to read her books every night. As an on ,she imagined herself to be one of the character and always used to get lost in the fantasy world. Since then, writer was what she wanted to be. .

J.k.Rowling's childhood                                    Her Inspiration: Her Mother

In her adulthood, her life took a massive destructive stage. She lost her mother, got divorced with her husband, became jobless with a dependent child whom she had to feed. She was sunk into the forest of depression on a verge of even committing suicide but her feeling of illness brought alive the idea of Dementors(soul sucking creature) in the third book and she describes her failure as liberating.
                  Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy to finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one area where I truly belonged. I was set free, because my greatest fear had been realized, and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and I had an old typewriter, and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.
 – J. K. Rowling, "The fringe benefits of failure", 2008

Her first book harry potter and the philosopher stone got published with the help of Christopher Little Literary Agents and that was a turning point in the life of Rowling. Her messed up life started to sort out itself slowly and then, soon enough Harry potter started climbing the tree of success under the novice pen of Rowling chapter after chapter and book after book. Within the term of five year, she became one of  the richest women, won lots of awards and gained the highest respect of being a writer with millions of fans cherishing her book.

'Her progress from living on state benefits to multi-millionaire status is due to the greatest passion she had, the thing she always wanted to do, 'WRITING" . If we want something truely, i believe we can achieve it. Row is such an inspiration. I salute her for her dream come true and the wonderful inspiration she has given to all her fans on screen and from books'

You are an inspiration.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Illusionary journey of impermanence

As i move on and on with life, time and again, i get to wonder why we are here. In the streets of raichur, i see many people, young and old, all busy trying to cope up with life under the scorching heat to fill up their bellies. On the way, for the cattles and buffaloes, Ranveer kapoor and Deepika padukone's film posters have become the meals for them as no green grasses are available. They got no choice but to change their taste buds to fulfill their hunger. Back to college, many white apron bearers including me are seen in libraries, some in hospitals and some in hostels, all busy designing their life so that  it be beautifully decorated in the future.

Animals, humans, insects and even the non living things get transformed, non functional, and one day become what we refer to as impermanence. With time, everything ceases. We are living in an illusionary  dream which will be over one day or the other. For the living ones, when death calls us, we have no idea as to where the call will lead us to. If there is life after death, then we shall live in another  world of suffering, ignorance and hatred, full of illusions adding up our sins forming a chain around the circle of life and death.

Buddha has spread Buddhism in almost all the directions around the world. People do know and understand the precious, golden words of Buddha which was spread from his disciples to make us understand the teachings for the generations now and then to pass over this samsara and attain the life of Nirvana. But in this advanced world where technology and science has dominantly taken powerful hold, the innocent worldy beings are driven into the so called trying to achieve 'impermanence". Life seems  meaningless when we think about death but worth meaningful if done something meaningfully good and beneficial to all sentient beings.

                 No matter how green she might have been, it will  have no single leave to beautify her.

              you might have been the most beautiful once, but the wrinkles wont stop you from aging.

        it would have been the best looking car, but the lifeless things also ages with time.

          While alive, mingling together would have been fun, but death do all of us apart forever leaving behind just the gust of memories in the air which volatilizes with the passing 
                                                                    of time !!!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

One Man, Thirty Nine wives

Quite excited right?  Well, i was too when i first spotted the topic on the story about the Ziona Chana's BIG FAMILY in Mizoram on the north-eastern side of India.
I was browsing through a magazine in the library when my eyes captured the topic, " A Big Phat Family". And just below i saw a paragraph in between the story " 39 wives, 90 children and 45 grandchildren".
WOW!! i got really excited to see the full story.

Long before, in the very past, there were stories about kings having more than 40 wives but it is quite amazing to learn that at this generation also, a common man like us is living a life of a legendary King with multiple wife to care him, 90 children and 45 grand childrens, well if  in-laws are counted, the family has a total of 180 members. Unbelievable!!!

Many questions ran through my mind. How does he manage to make a living?? How do they leave together?? Aren't wives having problem??  Well, gradually all my questions were answered. A flourishing furniture business, farmlands, poultry farms and piggery holds under his power. Along with that, he runs guest houses for tourist who flock to village solely to see him and his family and for that, he charges 150 dollars for a family picture. They live in a four stored house with 100 room where  wives reside  in giant, separate dormitories. Their mansion set amid-st the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram. And most surprisingly, for a meal, the recipe consist of more than 40 chickens, 48kg of rice, 24 kg of dal and if it's beef, around 10 cows are slaughtered in a day.

As for the bed sharing business with the king, in his room having double bed, the womens take turn, a rotation system. The youngest five wives get the privilege to set their rooms near to his. Wives consider him GOD to them. Their family is based on 'mutual love and respect" and to maintain peace, senior wives let him hang along with young ones with great understanding . Ziona Chana, in his religious sect. states him having 400 member in his family which means, he is not going to stop looking for new wives. 'To expand my sect. i am willing to go even to the U.S to marry" he has mentioned. Woooooo.......!!!!

Husshh!!, No energy required to read his story but i really felt tired after reading that. Can anyone imagine so....hahaha..(wink) ...

Mr.Ziona Chana's China Population.

Ziona Chana With his QUEENS.

The Senior Queens with their share of Chickens.:D

Shared dormitories inside the room.

Mr.Chana with his little ones..


And here is his GREAT PALACE!!.
Read more:

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MiSty TeRRaCe: Inspirational BAND of the generation.

I am sure i do not need to give any introduction about this band  but  as i am a great fan and since the Band has become a public eye, i got to add some  peppers to give more taste to this inspiring, young, growing band.

Two years back ,I was browsing my facebook when I saw  two videos  posted in my friend’s timeline  with a caption “guys, he got an awesome voice, check it out”.  Thick, black curls of bird’s nest around his head  made me quite curious to check it out once besides being a music lover. When I listened to his voice and the song he has composed, the once to be watched video became again and again, forcing the buffering action of the  video. The spell of 'yonphula' trapped me and I immediately recorded and decided to sing the song  for the first time in Bhutanese gathering during losar celebration. I did get a good compliment from my friends having sung a never heard song as no one knew about the Band back then.

Tandin Wangchuk with his majestic hairstyle.

Since then, I have been following his page ‘misty terrace’ and keeping update with his new videos. I shared about the band to my friend tshering who is also music lover. He also got mad at super musical charm of the band and soon both of us started  getting into the paradise of misty world.  We learned all the songs of them and also started to play guitar along with it in most of the gathering.

The leading Guitarist: Bikas Gurung   

                          Tshewang Gyeltshen, the chorus king                            

Now, the scent of misty world has touched all the hearts of young youths of Bhutan. During my vacation, I saw almost all people especially the youths , in town, neighbourhood  and school, some  beating the strings of  ‘thimphu babesa’, some,"choelu tade" and mostly “yonphula” Even a fifth standard boy was telling he wanted to sing a song of “copi”. At first I thought he was a new singer in Bhutan but soon I learned, the mysterious  copi’ was the nickname of the misty boy  ‘Tandin Wangchuk’.  He seem to have got this name because of the majestic hairstyle like a cauliflower on his head. Even in facebook now, many  fans are seen uploading their own set of cover songs of misty terrace. He is seen performing live shows all around the country and soon he is to release his album at the end of this year. I am really looking forward for that.

Tandin wangchuk( copi’s) got the hand of his lead guitarist Bikas Gurung. The leadings of Bikas and the chorus oTshewang gives more live to the misty songs with the melody  of Tandin’s voice. They are the inspiration not only to me but many young music lovers like me in today’s generation. I put my hands along with all the fans  for the successfull release of their album and to keep composing more of such wonderful songs.


(note:everything i knew about the band, i scripted it down . If some informations are wrong or mistaken, do forgive me)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Post Cyclonic Beauty

The sky was beautifully playing with the new dawn arising after continuous rainfall for two days. The clouds were happy, arranging themselves into various shapes to enjoy the pleasure of warm sun rays coming from above.
The last two days of rainfall almost knocked life out of me. The cyclone in ODISHA brought rainfall after the season was over and snowfall before time in Bhutan. The morning of the day was fresh but gradually the weather became freezing. I was with my cousin who was supposed to leave for India as his vacation was over. Accompanying him for his shopping made my skin so penetrable to cold air, I almost felt the (kanchung) would almost burst out of my bone.
Well, nothing to complain much as this was the weather I wanted to experience while my stay in Bhutan. I longed for it. Skin pinching heat and fight with mosquito in India made me miss this weather time and again.
The main thing I like about rainfall in Bhutan is the post- rainfall weather. After the rainfall, when the rain drop ceases, the clouds slowly clears off allowing the rays of sun to kiss the thunderous land. The mountains dresses themselves with the layer of beautiful white snow on their peak, layer of cottony clouds around them.  Such was the day after the ceasing of cyclone rain. I came out in the balcony of my home to witness the paradise before me in the far area. I felt like flying there and sleep on the bed of soft clouds.

I hurried and took my camera to snap some of the beautiful scenes to capture the wonders of nature’s beauty. Below are few of the pictures which might be refreshing to see.

Also caught a helicopter enjoying the leisure time.

A small treat for this two tiny bunnies.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Humorous Passu and Smiling Riku

Facing the notice board filled with youthful arts, pictures and literatures just inside the room entering the youth center office, I felt a shadow moving behind me. I heard my friend talking and I just knew who he was. I turned to find out exactly the person I was expecting.

 I was waiting for two of the most inspirational bloggers in the Bhutanese blogging universe along with another blogger, my friend Mr.Monu Tamang.
The person whom I was talking about had a gho put on,not so thin (as I assumed)) but very much healthy looking and smart guy. I could instantly recognize him from behind itself. I made myself interfere between their conversation. He turned towards me and Monu had me introduced to him. It was indeed a great pleasure for me to have a handshake with him. He is a teacher of Bajo Higher Secondary School and whoever knows him knows very well that he is one of the most inspiring and dedicated teacher and blogger of Bhutan. I do not know him personally but I know him via blog as I am one of the keen reader of his updates. Well yes! he is none other than Mr.Passang Tshering(passu).

“He is also a blogger la..”, Monu declared, (not a regular one, lazy one), thought within myself. Three of us had just begun our chit chat conversation that soon we were joined by another handsome man proceeding towards us with all his tooth exposed (smiling). The two senior bloggers made their ‘kuzuzangpo’ shake, Monu then and me. With beautifully curved up smile, he forwarded his hand. Passu sir said “Kinley, Blogger as well”. This time I didn’t resist, “but not a regular one la..”,I said. To that, passu sir responded immediately, “platform is free yaarrr!” haha!. I didn’t know his profession until then. He was a programming officer in the youth center. I mostly knew him by his updates on spring blossoms and walks along the motithang-zilukha road. Mr. RikuDhanSubha. He was one of those to comment on my sometime written blogs.

Four of us then had ourselves seated and continued our talks with a cup of tea each. Being regular,  three of them had much more to talk. Just as in blog, Passu sir had the same sense of humor as he talked. His voice was soft and seemed much younger than him. The humor he had in his talks made Monu and me laugh out loud. As for Riku sir, charming as he was in his looks, was his dzongkha speaking more charming. I didn’t expect  his dzongkha speaking to be so fluent. He always kept a smiling ingredient on his face whenever he talked. They had their conversation about the camp fire night with a Singaporean. Passu sir teased riku sir about him being single, having chances to mingle anytime soon.

Blogging universe connected unknown as if known for long time like families meeting after a long gap. Passu sir described how the bloggers insulted each other on their first meeting and he also gave us a highlight on how the Dawa knight made his haap origin so popular(wink) on their meet. Monu and me had nothing but to laugh at humorous sparks of words coming out from Passu sir. The moment was wonderful but was very short. Passu sir had a marriage party to attend and we all had to keep our meeting short and sweet. 

Nevertheless, I felt very overwhelming in that short period of time and gained some encouragement too, to drive off my laziness and keep my blog updated regularly. I would surely try to keep up with them now as I know more how blossoming it is to be a part of blogging.
The meet really was wonderful and I would like to thank my  friend Monu for informing me about it and taking me along with him. Even sir Passu and Riku for taking out this short yet charming time with us despite their busy schedule.

(to monu: it was and indeed was a very long time since I last wrote and I had this blog written because you had me mentioned in your blog that I would update anytime soon and it was purely under pressure…..hahah…just kidding) 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

sHe iS tHeRe.......

Without having any idea, she holds the tiny and soft body of her baby which was inside her body for 9 months and now she is ready to do anything for this tiny little. 


To sing you lullaby until she falls asleep herself.

To defend you every time even if you are in fault.

Search for food and feed you, sacrificing her own hunger.

Become child to play with you .
Support you when you are sad or depressed.

First one to shed tears of happiness during your success.

Also the one to cry when she sees you crying.

Treats all children equally because all mothers share same care.

And She does dies with you when you are to die.

So...LOVE and RESPECT your mother for she has been everywhere whenever you wanted, needed....


iSn'T tHiS vErY cUtE!!!!