Friday, 18 May 2012

Seven months have passed........

With the rising of new dawn, gives hope to the new day, new beginning and a new adventure but as journey goes on, day set of  with the sun getting dipped behind the mountains(or hills in case of India)   pulled  by the dusk. Opening the eyes, hostel becoming alive with the voices of different land creatures all settled up here in the knowledge giving home, I too open my chinky eyes. My body factory of bones and muscles sets into work for the day. As soon as I wake, recite some prayer and coop into the bathroom for showering and then provide my oral cavity with some delicious ingredients, may not be, into it in the mess. Coming back, stare at my still dredged into dream roommate with only innerwear upon his lower part of the body. Again do my daily  job  of sprinkling some H2O onto my hair and style it left and right with the gel(I use hair oil). Going into my wardrobe, I see collar shirts and formal pants hanged, choose for the one I haven’t worn in the previous day, fit it into my thick, large diameter thighs and abdomen. Upon my upper part, I add a white apron representing a medical community and then wait for my two fellow mates to ride our way to the college for the class. 

On the way, our shiny shoes get powdered by the dry sands and reach to the class fully made up. There we encounter our another two fellow, now they are not masculine, they are soft and high pitched creatures in our class. Yes, they are girls. Five of us, only five of us in the class and that also all Bhutanese. No seniors, no juniors( yet to come),no international students, no faculties separately, no college segmented, just and just five of us. But a wonderful, joking, laughing, fighting, getting angry ,small, happy family we are. Learning together, leaning when bored together on the table, day dreaming together, bunking together, having juice and lassi together and egg puff not to be forgotten also together. Memories made within these seven months in our college life and yet to be made in another two and half years. We are not recognized much in our college being small in number and course started newly. We are also not recognized  in college activities, didn’t receive a fresher’s welcome party like our other course mates did and  also unlike them, we could not spot our self inside the quarterly magazine named NECTER which is usually filled with new faces of the year. That was a melancholy thing for we guys  felt as if we aren’t there. That was just merely a luck(sad one) for we didn’t have any seniors and the course was a fresh one. 

Within this seven months, though not entertained as how we expected the college environment to be, as the passing time, we gained the anatomical wisdom by Madam Sudha on Monday, pathological knowledge by Mr. Basavraj on Tuesday, biochemical history of body by joined faculty of biochemistry department on Wednesday, studies on bacteriological creatures by Mr. Anand on Thursday, physiological functions of the body  by Sir. Majunath and on Saturday, join medicine community for learning various national and international health programmes. That trend kept  going on weeks by weeks and months by months till this stage where we five have become the most wanted guest in the college as we are taught upon by many professors.. Not only that, sometimes we gather the intellectual knowledge of more the one faculty as PGs(post graduates) also teach us. Compared to the number of learners in our course, number of faculties are more which is of more entertaining to our learning surrounding as what counts more in the end is the basic motto of all education system “learn to excel”. Coming this far from our home land, we are here to learn and with our best strength,  will try to excel and go back to our place by printing smiles on our masters. Carrying degree certificate in our hand and a certified knowledge in our brain, we dream to serve our nation to promote the principles and philosophies of Gross National Happiness. 

Rough sketch of my MLT Group
(Medical Laboratory technology)
I am not included there as i did that sketch. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

girlfriend, boyfriend, friendship, love, society and life...........

"Hey, I am Kinley and you are also Kinley, right?", knew eachother for the first time that way. Being in the class together,same school and resident near,so going home together and roaming together wasn't a big deal then. Lots of students and lots of friends surrounding. We had our own life separately. All had their own life. Nobody cared what others did. That was good.
That is when being as an innocent children

But for now, we have got no idea whether it was just the mere of coincidence or fate but we are into the same college doing the same course. We two being only student from same school and being a good friend, our closeness together as a friend grew more and more.Story of deep friendship began with it. She was my classmate from 11th standard till 12 and our luck carried us together in the same college and same course. Starting our journey from train till some months back, we were into good fortune as being a  pretty good and close friend but time made us set ourselves differently.  There were 14 other students from different schools of Bhutan, all government sponsored students. All faces were new to one another. Talking to each other was uncomfortable. But for me and Kinley, we were already a known face, so throughout our journey, we were doing chit chat together.  That time we weren't aware of what the new faces were making out of our friendship. 

Time went on, college started and everything went smoothly. We got made up with new faces. I too got build up with my new colleagues. Once one of my friend started using me as a booked guy to the other college mates. That was weird for i never had one nor i shared anything related to my personal things to anyone then. I asked what he was talking about and there i got the whole idea that all that time all my train friends had been thinking me and kinley as 'girlfriend and boyfriend'. Everyone was bothering now to each others life unlike in school.We never did a sort of thing to make them think that way but i guess our togetherness made really wrong sense to them. News flew from one pair of ear to another, people talked about us from one mouth to another and we became a headline for all tv channels in our college. Kinley started feeling uncomfortable then to be with me, actually i too was.  I didn't had that free thing to do everything with her as a friend.  Our closeness became diverging, everything was like a new after that, like she was becoming stranger to me and me to her. We never talked much then. 

That is when being in school

 I kept asking myself, can't a boy and girl be a friend, just a friend???. Spending time together, is it done only between boyfriend and girlfriend?? Friendship is put upon a question between the gender. Not only that i guess now even between same sex, if time is spent more, people start thinking them as gays and lazy beans. Now that i have not much connection with Kinley, friends started thinking we have broken up and trying new ones in it because we are grownnup now? May be that is one of the chapters of college life. How the hell fast people keep suspecting and coming to conclusion. Exception might be there but that must be one of the nature of human because i too remember doing that to others. Seeing every time a girl and a boy together, thinking them as couple, starting to tease, not believing what they are saying is just a part of social life i guess. Life, society, friendship, love, actually everything is unexplainable. Like one of my friend says, every human beings are pretenders, to complete their cycle in the samsara, they are doing things what that environment or situation make them to do. We are grown into that environment,so i guess we have to also go through that.....!!!!.

   Now that is in college