Thursday, 2 October 2014

Coming home again!!!

There is no other joy greater than the joy of knowing that you are going back to your country, your people, your home and your family after a long, long years stay outside. Every year, at this point, excitement builds, energy thrives and patience struggles as the mind is hurried to make a go and step on the earth of motherland.

I am done with my final year as of now till the result is out which would probably be during January month, which means i have an extra days, weeks and a month to be spent this time at home unlike previous vacations which would only be for a month.

Enthusiasm and marbles of anxiety is jumping inside me. Many thoughts and feeling, unexplainable excitement is taking over me these days. Being out of the borders, browsing net, reading and viewing the events, news, programmes and seeing the pictures of our family gone to a picnic, pilgrimage, adventures etc, makes us feel so much wanting to be there and be a part of it.

There's a whole lot of things that is planned inside my head, that i am to do back home. Well, nothing as such but eating  job job of bhutanese dish  is my first priority in the list which i would not delay even an hour after stepping in the sands of Phuentsholing. I am so done with the bindi, sambar, plain dal, yellow yellow curries whose names which i still do not know. Even the thought of this food chokes me to feel like a vomit. I just wonder  how the hell for three long years, have i been eating those. But i am thankful for i have reached till here because of its metabolism.
Red swelled up yuechum, cheessy cheese ema datshi, shiny slime sikam along with giant ema marb and dried norsha gote, ohh!!, the thought of it itself makes my mouth watery.

Second is to have adventurous rounds in and along the mountainous paths, breath in the mist of fresh and cool air, listen to the birds chirping in the dense evergreen forest. This time, i wil have winter season all to my self. Sweating in the heat of raichur and biting and clapping drama with mosquites has all scalded off my skin rough with red spot appearances. I just wish, snow falls early this year, densely covering whole of thimphu white all over. I haven't seen snow for the past three years and i just got to get covered in it once.

Well, many more are in my list. I would have it done when the time comes. So nature of Bhutan, wait for me, i'm coming!!!