Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hell before death!!!!

I have been repeating the title of my blog ' hell before death' for more than twenty times to any one i met online in face book this month. From the day i came into this world til my 18th, i have never experienced such a throne pinching sensation type of heat ever in my life and i am sure same is with my friends here sharing the same climate.

Everyone lying flat on the bed, wearied with  hot sunny day, some watching movies, facebooking(actually mostly) and few with the books. Fan swinging up the ceiling, hot air does help us a bit though and also chases off the mosquitoes with its powerful rush of force. Everyone is doing fine till now.

7:00pm, the clock ticks and everything is black all around. Lights are gone and for 1hour, the most long and the worst nightmare for everyone here. Disappointment in all faces especially the ones who would be busy flirting in the facebook as i always do and THEN, third-world war starts with mosquitoes with our weapon  CLAPPPPP!!. One pinch in a leg, one CLAP, another on hand, again one more CLAP, next on cheek, then it is SLAPPPP!!. So it is,'Mee phaphu, jao tshutshe'. We are firing the otherside but the bullet is back onto us. The battle continnues for another 60 minutes. 

The second enemy is invisible so, we all lose here. The 'heat', which we cannot see nor smell unless it transmits ones' sweat into a foul odour. No choice and no weapon to fight. All we can do is remove all our clothes and stay naked. Then we become a lump of meat being served infront of the BLOODY blood-suckers, the first enemy and the world war goes on-air more lively.

'CHU'  , water, we enter the bathroom. Turn the tap only to hear the creeking of the turn with no outcome. 'NO WATER'. 'Arrrrrrrhhhhhhh',  the expression of all and then lie flat on the bed. The longest hour of the day for all, lying almost unconsciously until FINALLY, we hear the fan rushing.and everything is visible again. HURRAH!!!. Everybody gets up and prepare oneself to resume whatever one were doing

Within a minute, we all go blind again. NOT AGAIN!!!!! WTF!! echoes all over the hostel and i too hear my voice there.



  1. i enjoyed your writing. keep shooting!