Friday, 21 August 2015

I finally heard the mountain echoe........

Veiling off in through the large curtain, there came our Aditee from “Yeh Jawanee hai Deewani”, dressed casually in a simple pant and a white micky mouse T- shirt with a lose blonde hair dangling behind her head to talk about “GIRL and WOMEN” inside the hall  filled with echoes of the mountain. The dark  RUB hall saw the audience watching the actress perform her act of voicing on behalf of women with enraptured admiration. 
 “Fair by skin but brown in heart”, is how the Kalki Koechlin describes herself which I witnessed  in one of her interview. Parents are both French but whole of her transformation from a child to an adult had a strong Indian culture influence and she is more of a brown Indian than a fair French.
“Sometimes, it’s hard just to breathe”. Oh well! Her act was wonderful, so was herself in real. Indeed an actor. I almost thought she really was screaming at us, all men!  Well, 1st day of Mountain echo in RUB wrapped up with the actress sprinkling light on the already existing women issue of the century.

Patrick French and Nayanjot Lahiri had their conversation on the Art of biography backed up with a sky, cloudy background and warmed up with questions from the audience.

Writing and reading enthusiast from the plains of India and the mountains of Bhutan being brought under one roof by the platform “mountain echoes” had them their energy further boosted up along with young amateur like me  getting kicked up for more motivation.

School children fired innocent questions to the poets and the authors sitting on the couch in Tarayana centre. I was just in time to listen to Guru Tshering Ladakhi  and Abhay’s  first flight inside the poetic world. A magical world of literature has brought all young and old together and it was amazing to witness all inside the hall enjoying the joyous moment.

My zest of excitement has bubbled up to the peak to watch the magician behind the pages of “five point someone”, “one night at the call centre”, “ 3 mistakes of my life”, “revolution 2020”, “2 states” and his first non fiction book “what  the young india wants”, Mr. Chetan Bhagat speaking live right infront of my eyes. I cannot wait to hear what “ Being Chetan” is like. Well, I would soon update my experience of listening to the astounding famous writer of India . Don’t forget to VISIT here once again!!:D


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