Friday, 30 March 2012

Causes and results of good and bad actions

Below are some answers for the questions that we humans often ask to god during emotional disturbances. It is put forward by Jigmed Thubten Thrinley Palzangpo, the 4th Dodrup Chen Rinpoche and translated by Jonathan Miller.

When Ananda asked to the Blessed One," though we in this world now have for once the support of human body, among us , some are handsome and some are unattractive, some are brave with great fortitude while others are cowardly. There are rich and poor, there are those who reach a hundred years of age, some die when young and others while in their mother's womb. some endure long life that is always stricken with suffering and some have unbeatable happiness and well being until they die". Like wise Ananda made his heart pour out for the  different questions he had about the lives of  humans despite being same creature.

The transcendent Buddha spoke, " Ananda, in accordance with your questions on different experiences that occur due to fully ripened consequences of former actions:

Through the peerless force of engaging in pure actions in former lives, one is in the present the most attractive among humans. Being beautiful and charming is the fruit of having cultivated patience in previous lives. Having a face the is ugly arises from karmic effects of anger.

Presently, being a destitute human without food and clothing is the fruit of having been stingy in the former lives. having great wealth and enjoyments is the result of having given generously in previous life.

Being human with great physical strength and splendor comes from abandoning pride and showing respect to the leaders of land. Being of puny physical stature and without strength comes from disrespecting Dharma out of pride.

Being the person who is the most spurned when participating in discussions and meetings is the sign of having done things in the course of your previous lives such as , though being at fault yourself, not disclosing it to others; and not accepting the explanations of ones shortcomings when told by others.

Having a sickly body with poor vitality, gaunt and beaten down by long lasting chronic diseases, while inwardly bearing spiteful attitude, the very condition is the result of being without faith in past and having disregard and appreciation for the value of Three Jewels.

Being human with an oral condition like cleft palate, harelip or other deformity is the result of eating the ritual cakes, butter lamps and other such foods offered  to chortens( stupas).

People whose eyesight is unclear comes from previously having gouged out eyes of other creatures, as is done by killers of small birds such as hawks.

 Those humans who are dumb mutes, unable to converse are experiencing the result and having said in a past life that there is no such thing as karma.

People who have teeth like predatory beasts are experiencing the result of previously loving to gnaw on the flesh and bones of sentient beings.

To appear ugly or repulsive among human beings can result not only from failing to respectfully salute Buddha but from any expression of disrespect.

Having heart disease can result from cutting the limbs off sentient beings and chopping them up in previous life.

Having leprosy or disease with sores that are itchy and weeping comes from having bullied the innocent, accusing them of wrong doing, then seizing their property and possessions.

Those people who are without progeny, male or female have previously killed baby birds. On the other hand, to some people are born many male and female children; they are experiencing the result of loving to nurture sentient beings.

Wealth arises from giving generously.

Possessing clear eyesight and sharp intelligence is the result of reciting the sutras and setting them in writing.

Having senses of sight, hearing, smell , taste, touch and mental faculties that are whole and free from defects of any kind is the result of preserving the discipline of ten virtues.

Having a foul smelling, bad tasting mouth is a result of scolding others with harsh abusive language.

Males who fail to develop sexual organs are experiencing the result of previously castrating or sterilizing dogs or pigs.

People who scornfully make fun of others by repeating the words they say and take pleasure in teasing them with contempt will later take birth as parrot.

Like wise what we have done in previous life has ripen its fruit in our present life and now that we know that the fate of our next life is decided by what  deeds we do in this life, so  we should as far as possible try to follow the path of dharma and teachings of Budhha, so as to have a life we always wanted to have in next life.

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