Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I was on my way to  shop to buy hair oil when the cool
 breeze from somewhere far away, in a gust, kissed my
 face and hugged me as if it knew i had longed for it. I felt finally it did come.
It was for the first time i experienced such breeze since i
 came here in college and it flew all across the area. I
saw the trees and plants dancing in delight along with it.
Weather was also good, black smoky cloud which has
 covered the ultra violet rays of sun in its feather making
 the so heated land cooler and better. I stayed standing
there for a moment enjoying the new air when suddenly
 a big plastic covered with sand hit my face. I opened my eyes but the eyes won't open because the sand has entered my eyes and slowly my eyes became watery. I rubbed to remove it but it rather created more rashes. Finally i got rid of it. I looked around and saw plastics and papers flying all over, few dancing up in the sky, making the space look ugly, all the rubbish that the consumers have dumped till now was sowing its seed. The freshness of air did not seem fresh anymore. The trees and plants did not seem delighted anymore when the paper hanged on their branches. My 'U' shaped smile turned downward.

I sheltered under the roof of the shop when i just got stuck with the memory of my school days when we were asked by our teachers to pick the papers during supw. That time, in teacher's presence we would be very sincere but as soon as teachers turned its back, we would throw back what we have picked. We weren't aware with what will happen in future. Various cleanings campaigns would be held to keep the city clean and green in schools, colleges and offices. Guess, the organisers knew what the consequences will be if they didn't come up with such initiatives.I feel very thankful to those wise thinkers as of now.

I came back to where i was and i just realized the hardwork that our government was putting upon to maintain the cleanliness  of the country and became happy that i was one of the people under which such government ruled. 

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