Thursday, 30 August 2012

Silent weeping rose

Rose has been silent for days now. From a joyful, talking flower, he has returned back to his original silent nature. He feels abandoned, his other mates have used him during their happiness and he thinks he has been dumped by them when his need is not required now. As they started their journey together for the first time they passed their time making wonderful memories. All of them would dance, sing and do naughty things together. But by the passing of time he feels betrayed. May be he is right because his mates really didn't understand him well. His sweet fragrance attracted other mates at the beginning but towards the closer look, all were repelled by his sharp thrones along his long stem. All his mates may not be but some  are aware of it. Some could hear the Mr. air whisper the loneliness the Mr.rose was suffering from. They wish to lend their hand. BUT, there was always a but. Why but came in between, nobody knew but they had gone away from him for the betterment of both the lives. And its not justifiable how it was better that way. They just wanted to send a message through Mr.air that it was always the same and that he was good in every way just like his beautiful look,only the thing was others failed to understand him well.. Just as he says time has ruined it and it can never be back again.

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