Sunday, 16 September 2012

Finally exams gone, time to say hello to Bhutan...

Today also i woke up with my heart beating so fast, my brain worried with incomplete theories stored in it with broken hands and legs, stared at the ceiling above for sometime and looked for my mobile to check the time. It was 5a.m. Time to freshen up and prepare yourself for the study again. 
Oh no! exams over, i finally realized. I imprinted myself a huge smile  and went back to sleep. I was actually gone used to waking at 5 because my brain was adapted to the time because of the past few days. my past few days were my most difficult but the one of my most sincere hardwork involved. This is the stage that every student passes through when they prepare for the examination at last minute.
It was a living hell for me to spend whole day and night with books. I dont remember being in tension ever as much as of those few weeks where i spent only around 3 hours sleeping. On the night before the last exam i stayed whole night and felt my eyes dancing in the morning. Even during meals i would think about the large portions that i am left to cover with and my heart would start bouncing hard time to time. And i know my friends have also gone  through the same phase because at the beginning all had gone through the same phase of procrastinating the study time table. 

But now, its all gone. The bouncing of heart, spending sleepless night and taking of coffee continuously without break at the middle of the night. I am so much of relaxed. Its been 5 days now since my last exam. That was really a very good lesson that i learned. Assuming it as being college life, i took my studies for granted and got paid of at last minute. No w that my exams are done, i am worried about the results which would soon be released after one month or so. 

BUT, the most happiest thing for me.What kept me excited about the time after exam was my vacation which i will soon be going back to my motherland, the land of thunder dragon. My nose had been missing the fresh air for one year now and is desperate to suck it hard through the green environment of Bhutan. My stomach has been begging for ema datshi and kewa datshi for some time now and now i can't deny them anymore. So,onnly few days are left for me and soon i will be found roaming the streets of Thimphu, inside one of the hotel in zangdopelri shopping complex area having bathup or may be in Tashi Chhodzong staring hard at the Bardo cham because i have planned to reach one day before the Thimphu tshechu begins. So, Bhutan, i am coming. Please wait for my arrival.


  1. there isn't a place on earth like HOME. Good writing.

  2. Thank you Sonam sir for going through. I am indeed very happy to receive comment from you. Do keep visiting and commenting.