Friday, 18 October 2013

Post Cyclonic Beauty

The sky was beautifully playing with the new dawn arising after continuous rainfall for two days. The clouds were happy, arranging themselves into various shapes to enjoy the pleasure of warm sun rays coming from above.
The last two days of rainfall almost knocked life out of me. The cyclone in ODISHA brought rainfall after the season was over and snowfall before time in Bhutan. The morning of the day was fresh but gradually the weather became freezing. I was with my cousin who was supposed to leave for India as his vacation was over. Accompanying him for his shopping made my skin so penetrable to cold air, I almost felt the (kanchung) would almost burst out of my bone.
Well, nothing to complain much as this was the weather I wanted to experience while my stay in Bhutan. I longed for it. Skin pinching heat and fight with mosquito in India made me miss this weather time and again.
The main thing I like about rainfall in Bhutan is the post- rainfall weather. After the rainfall, when the rain drop ceases, the clouds slowly clears off allowing the rays of sun to kiss the thunderous land. The mountains dresses themselves with the layer of beautiful white snow on their peak, layer of cottony clouds around them.  Such was the day after the ceasing of cyclone rain. I came out in the balcony of my home to witness the paradise before me in the far area. I felt like flying there and sleep on the bed of soft clouds.

I hurried and took my camera to snap some of the beautiful scenes to capture the wonders of nature’s beauty. Below are few of the pictures which might be refreshing to see.

Also caught a helicopter enjoying the leisure time.

A small treat for this two tiny bunnies.


  1. You've captured nature in its best form. Love them and yeah thanks for sharing. And one suggestion: can you remove that word verification. It makes commenting quite cumbersome?

  2. Blogging and photography goes very well together. There are very shots you took. I can feel the feeling you had when you saw those landscape.

  3. You have caught the beauty of our country and her pristine nature. Wonderful!

  4. You got a great post here. Followed you.