Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MiSty TeRRaCe: Inspirational BAND of the generation.

I am sure i do not need to give any introduction about this band  but  as i am a great fan and since the Band has become a public eye, i got to add some  peppers to give more taste to this inspiring, young, growing band.

Two years back ,I was browsing my facebook when I saw  two videos  posted in my friend’s timeline  with a caption “guys, he got an awesome voice, check it out”.  Thick, black curls of bird’s nest around his head  made me quite curious to check it out once besides being a music lover. When I listened to his voice and the song he has composed, the once to be watched video became again and again, forcing the buffering action of the  video. The spell of 'yonphula' trapped me and I immediately recorded and decided to sing the song  for the first time in Bhutanese gathering during losar celebration. I did get a good compliment from my friends having sung a never heard song as no one knew about the Band back then.

Tandin Wangchuk with his majestic hairstyle.

Since then, I have been following his page ‘misty terrace’ and keeping update with his new videos. I shared about the band to my friend tshering who is also music lover. He also got mad at super musical charm of the band and soon both of us started  getting into the paradise of misty world.  We learned all the songs of them and also started to play guitar along with it in most of the gathering.

The leading Guitarist: Bikas Gurung   

                          Tshewang Gyeltshen, the chorus king                            

Now, the scent of misty world has touched all the hearts of young youths of Bhutan. During my vacation, I saw almost all people especially the youths , in town, neighbourhood  and school, some  beating the strings of  ‘thimphu babesa’, some,"choelu tade" and mostly “yonphula” Even a fifth standard boy was telling he wanted to sing a song of “copi”. At first I thought he was a new singer in Bhutan but soon I learned, the mysterious  copi’ was the nickname of the misty boy  ‘Tandin Wangchuk’.  He seem to have got this name because of the majestic hairstyle like a cauliflower on his head. Even in facebook now, many  fans are seen uploading their own set of cover songs of misty terrace. He is seen performing live shows all around the country and soon he is to release his album at the end of this year. I am really looking forward for that.

Tandin wangchuk( copi’s) got the hand of his lead guitarist Bikas Gurung. The leadings of Bikas and the chorus oTshewang gives more live to the misty songs with the melody  of Tandin’s voice. They are the inspiration not only to me but many young music lovers like me in today’s generation. I put my hands along with all the fans  for the successfull release of their album and to keep composing more of such wonderful songs.


(note:everything i knew about the band, i scripted it down . If some informations are wrong or mistaken, do forgive me)


  1. Beautiful post Kinley..But i was expecting you to tell more about you singing during the recent BSA gathering. Anyways, it was a wonderful read dude. Bring more of it in your blog.

  2. Nice post Kinley. They are new sensational in bhutan. Love their songs very much.

  3. Thanks all of you. Monu, i will write about the BSA gathering later on.
    And Riku sir, i didn't expect you to be also the fan of their songs. Well, Misty terrace indeed has sensationally become a sensation at this generation and in the near future, not very far, i see them reaching the peak of the mountain.!!!