Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Special.

As i opened my facebook page today, new feeds filled my page with pictures of lovers, hearts, roses and status of "happy valentines day" everywhere. On the second month of the year, i see many girls getting excited about the valentines day soon to hit and they start preparing before the time to surprise their lovers. I have been hearing about it since i grew well enough to understand about relationships and knew the meaning of "Love' but i never did personally celebrate one.

In movies, i have seen the hero throwing a surprise party filled with heart shaped balloons to his heroine and the heroine fully impressed and touched, with her heart almost to burst out of her chest, squeezes her face with big smile and jumps over her hero to give a Big hug. In real, i haven't seen one nor i have seen people of Bhutan celebrating it. But modernization has taken a toll over and i can see now that i am in college, be it anyone, valentines day is a very special event for lovers( or just partner bearers). 
oooh....I love you soooo much!!! wink!!

I wonder if anyone wondered what exactly is the history of this day and how it evolved now that it is celebrated all over the world. I clicked on "wikipedia" to find out about it and came across many unheard words and terms which was very difficult for me to understand. It dates back from many years and seems the term 'valentine' is actually the name of a person. A christian saint named 'valentinus' from Rome , history and legends states that the man was imprisoned for performing weddings for the soldiers who were forbidden to marry. He healed the daughter of his jailer named "asterius" during his imprisonment and before his execution, he wrote a letter signed as "your valentine as farewell". It in not well understood actually how the day began to be celebrated.

As for the day, 14th February was the day the saint Valentinus was buried. I wonder how could the day become a day of romance, lovers and happiness when a person has actually lost his life. In England, it evolved into an occasion where lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers and sending greeting cards with handwritten words and soon the symbol used came to be what we use today, heart- shaped outlines. 

However may it be the valentine day in the past, presently, it is a bombastic event for couples, celebrated with full  fun and lots of XOXOXO.:)) And i too wish everyone and myself a happy valentine's day in this last five minutes of the day........

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