Monday, 10 February 2014

When trust is no longer left.

'Trust" is a word which comes to our mind when we share something very secretive about our self or anything to someone, a someone whom we know very closely and believe in him/her and feel rejoice sharing. Usually when we are happy, we tend to bounce up and down sharing our good news with everyone but if we are going through a tough period of our life filled with stress and misfortune,no one trustworthy and comfortable enough to let know our feelings, we dig a pit deep inside our heart and keep them locked inside. Suddenly a turning point strikes our way and we meet someone whom we feel so comfortable to be with that the door of hidden secrets is opened and we tend to share everything with the person clearing off the huge burden that was feeding off our thoughts of pure mind and happiness. We get totally engulfed by the comfort zone provided by the warm hands of the person that we tend to get fully depended upon the person. A small act of him/her matters a lot to us. A small mistake of them tend to leave a big print on us.Still then, we keep clinging on them ignoring the small act of ill behaviors and keeping moving with them. With time, when the hand of comfort zone gets dirty with the mud of fed up thoughts, then there, every rigid corner of trust turns delicate suddenly and falls into like a glass pieces on the hard surface of the ground. There, a new set of wounds appear and this time, caused by the same person which cleared the previous wound. and again, life keeps moving and again we meet another healer of the wound and this cycle of trust and breaking of trust continues.

Like a trash we fall when our trust is broken and like a spring, we wake up again when with time, everything becomes alright. we always forget that, all the people around are also human and no one is perfect. We expect the person we trust to be perfect in every ways and when unexpected occurs, everything is left with a dark stain of bad memories. We do not understand that the person whom we trusted would have also expected and trusted more from us which we might have failed to understand and finally land up getting angry without trying to get into the shoes of the person. Guess what, this is what life seems to be. Totally unexplainable and difficult to understand.

We trust someone very badly and the same person breaks it mercilessly. And the one whom we do not trust comes out to be very trustworthy, may be for a short period of time. Nothing is permanent, not even the thoughts. Friends to friends, brothers to brothers and especially between girl and a boy. A modern era with modern thinking, it is said, changing relationships like changing clothes, breaking trust, nothing seems hard i guess, no one damn cares what the world will think. 'Trust' has become a toy of fun, but the thing is, who ever plays it blindly gets wounded very badly at last. This is again something unexplainable. Everyone who is in this game is anyhow right in their own way. Only the thing which is common is, everyone is finally left with an empty bowl of painful memories to rethink.

Life is indeed unpredictable and  as someone said, "everyone in this world are pretenders". Very true, however may be the person at present, we never know what color we will bear in the future. Life turns here and there like a twisted branches that we got no idea, what situations will make us to do and how the life will test us.

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  1. Very nicely expressed and written Kinley! Keep writing!