Friday, 21 March 2014

Heat is back again.....

Cold, cool and warm were the climatic experiences i have been having during whole of my childhood. Born in the capital, and grown on the mountain streets of Thimphu, a moderately moderate temperature throughout the year, at least for me, it was the best one. Memories of snow flakes kissing the cheeks of my face during winter, beautiful spring with the scent of new start of life all over again, warm summer and a promising autumn.
Never did it ever cross my mind that i would be one day going to a place whose spring temperature will more than Thimphu's summer temperature. Even the heat of Phuntsholing and Samdrup Jongkhar was unbearable for me before. Raichur is one place where one can experience "one hell of unbearable, skin pricking heat". Even the Bangalore is cooler than our place. Being here for almost two and half years now but still the summer heat is something like..."hell" for me.

Its spring but for the people here, summer has already started. Morning is fresh though, but gradually, a very powerful atmosphere of heat evolves. As we walk back to our hostel after class, the roasted road under our feet reflects so much heat that we feel we are being fried inside a large pan. This reminds me of my condition after death in the real "hell", if i am to believe. creepyyy!!! Back to hostel, no lights which means, no fan and that leads to us again dancing here and there, not able to be in one place due to heat. We lay down on our,bed, tired, eyes closed. But there again, buzzing of mosquitoes just against our ear. Totally irritating and the worst moments starting again. This goes on and on and on and on..............

Want to have some eggs for the lunch?? its ready,......:P


  1. Enjoy the heat, and the rain, but careful with mosquitoes. Nice post, though!

    1. Rain is something like still "not now" sign of it sir....haha...thanks for dropping by!!