Sunday, 27 July 2014

The GIVER: From the pages to On Screen.

Brace yourself class 10 students of 2014 because this year your English 2 subject will be much more fun. The novel Giver that you have as a part of your subject will not only be on the pages but on screen as well. Yes, the Hollywood has done it again. The best seller Lois Lowry's book has now been adapted into a movie. And for those who has already done with 10 standard or who has had the 'Giver' as your favorite novel, let your memories be retrived back with Jonas and the weird community.

I am in no doubt that the novel 'Giver' would have been an essential part for all especially the Bhutanese students because not only was it a compulsory part of a subject and not only the stroy in it was fun, weird and interesting, but for most, it was the first( actually second novel after DAWA..:P) one would have ever read or completed reading fully. Right?? Hehe!.

Anyways, for me personally, I read novels before that but never completed anyone fully. But 'Dawa' I did. Yes!! So, "Giver" comes second in the list. During class 10, i read it not once, not twice but thrice( one in mid- term, another on trial and finally on annual..hehe!!). But actually, after that i read it three more times because i enjoyed every time i read. I still remember how i wished it to be adapted into movies. I had my own imagination of Jonas,Lily, Asher, Fiona, Larissa, chief leader, community, crews, and of course the Giver as the picture of the old man on the front cover every time I read. Now, those might get replaced after I watch the movie but I am very much excited to meet them visually.

The release date has been fixed to 15th August. The Trailer is a Blast!! Camera effects and cinematographies seems perfectly placed upon. Unfortunately, Raichur theatres won't hit the movie. I would either have to travel 180 km to watch or wait till it is available for download. Well, i am eagerly waiting for the moment to meet the Jonas' community.

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