Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thank you...Dear Parents.

“How often do we thank our parents?”, the right side of Ms. Sherub Pelmo’s blog page read.  The subject ticked me for a second. My urge to go through made me click on it.  It was a lovely post and the very fact that “sorry” and “thank you” does not exist in parents-children relationship especially in Bhutanese society is indeed strongly prevalent and it is a respectable habit which needs be taken up by all as she mentions.  She also highlighted how education and modernization has taken its toll to the current generation and now even little kids thank their parents for every thing. It is true and a very overwhelming sight  to see such relationships between parents and children.

Well, reading her post made my “son” button click on and I just started missing my parents a lot. Thank you Sherab pelmo for I got awakened from my sleep and “thank you” to my parents will be one word I will try to make a habit so that it slips easily and spontaneously and let them feel  how that small word from their children can bring a smile on their face.

“Thank you apa, thank you ama”, did I ever thank my parents? No! I don’t remember saying even once. As soon as I was grown matured enough to know what’s right and what’s not right, I started thanking them from inside for the things they did for me. I thanked god for the lovely and loving parents he gave me, shared with friends  many a times how blessed I felt for having them but I actually never said “thank you” to them personally, never.  There is actually only two word “thank you”. I could have said it when my father gave me pocket money every time I went out with friends and to my mother who used to hurryingly prepare warm hot food and serve me when I came tired, hungry  from outside.

Blurr images of myself being a toddler , bathed by my mother, putting on gho onto me and sending me to school. My father on the other hand, always hiding his own worries, needs and wants only to fulfill ours and keep us happy. From those times where I didn’t even know how to wipe my own snot to now where I have become an adult 22 year old man, now do i come to realize many things when seeing back onto times. I would like to start by thanking them from here, from written words into my blog.

As I heard one of my friend say, “we do not have to wait for a birthday to gift a someone special”, today without waiting for mother’s day or father’s day, I want to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to both of my parents . A children will never be able to repay the love bestowed upon them back to their parents but I wil try to gift even more love back to you two. I will try to serve you both well with respect when I stand on my feet, the feet that  you two held whenever I failed and made me move on. I may have hurted you both a many times or might hurt you in future too as no human is perfect, I would like to apologize for my childishness and say “sorry” in advance for my future wrong doings. I will pray in every life, I get blessed with parents like you two and in every life of yours, you get loved even more. 


  1. This is very thoughtful Kinley. Hope you'll make your parents proud of you. But I consider saying 'Thank You' for them will be just a small part of repaying their love and care given for us. Majority must be done through our minds physically. Great post. Enjoyed reading!

  2. Very thoughtful post, Kinley. I admire your reverence and respect that you have for your parents. Every parent wishes to have a son like you.

  3. Thank you Sherab and Riku Sir for dropping by!!!

  4. Wow! Your parents are still very young Kinley! Hope both of them read this post :)

  5. Great blog!!

    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

  6. Beautiful post. Just love the thoughtfulness in you. And also the frequency of your blog updates. Keep posting, keep inspiring us.

  7. Thank you Rima...I am a young son of young parents! haha!

    Thank you Pablo...i did visit you blog..but it's in spanish which i didn't understand a bit.i will try to read it though with some translating technique.

    Thank you monu. You know my laziness, right? how hard i am trying to catch up with you all..haha...!!

  8. And I stumble upon your blog while going through your post on ‎Blogyul- Blogging Bhutan. I realize, your last blog update connects to mine. I am glad to know you read it and felt inspired. This is one beautiful post, Kinley. Now that I have discovered your blog as well. I will keep visiting. Happy blogging!