Monday, 15 December 2014

A Glimpse Towards My Future Profession.

Almost 2 months into the atmosphere of Drukyul . Pleasurable moments of chill air hugging all over my heat rusted skin in the evening and ice cold kisses in the morning and warmth of the winter sun, hussssshhhh!, something I longed for and yeah! I am chewing it to the fullest.

Well, all over excuses again of not having access to the internet to blog but this time I was a bit busy than the usual vacation. I sure did miss you dearest bloggy but I sure did keep in touch with the post of my fellow bloggers through my phone.

I applied in as an intern in the National Referral Hospital here in Thimphu and yes! Thimphu tshoten menkhang  is all about being busy. I entered into my so to be future world since two months back like a man with scarf wound around my eyes with least practical knowledge and with a will to get some light of hope with the work flow. Laboratory section in particular is one of busiest with samples dropping in in bulk without a stop, the section further being divided into hematology, biochemistry, histopathology, microbiology and blood bank. It is through it with which most of the diagnosis of diseases are made and confirmed clinically.

With supportive and frank staffs all around, I could find some transparency through the scarf with which I could slightly make out what was what and how things worked out. Despite that, there were few which made us feel bad about our lack of capabilities in some field  without the slightest idea of the kind of environment with  which we struggled hard to scribble things from nowhere and trying to pour in knowledge from the can which had actually never had experience of carrying its burden.  We don’t blame our self for not knowing much for we tried to push our self hard, we don’t blame our professors nor our college, it is rather contentful in blaming our fate for having to face such challenges with not even a smallest knot to catch hold on for the support back then. With a hope to gain those missed hand of support, we made our mind to be an intern of our motherland environment. Never did we have the slightest pride of being a degree holder nor did we ever  disrespect anyone but we surely did get our self mistaken by assuming everyone to be frank. We shall take this positively and try to the be the flower which blooms little bit later in a more fascinating way than those who bloom all together in one go.

Well , sorry part was only a paragraph, rest  of the story were all filled with fun and a moment of remembrance. Blind folded scarf fell  down and down with time and my eyes could now see a little more further. Observing the work flow and understanding the system was what we aimed for one month of our stay for we had limited time. I  am just so fascinated by how organized our hospital is. The Quality Control Scheme is well regulated and all the staffs are strictly observant about it. Serious laboratory working mentality and strict procedure follow up was something that we were not exposed to back in our college. We are so much glad to have had some hand in hand  and eye in eye experience in it.  If it was in our hand, i would be more delighted to continue our internship of 6 months here since the environment is far better here but as per our college curriculum, we have to perform in our college itself. So I am left with half of the scarf un-fallen which I would expect myself to learn slowly in the future with encouraging staff and supportive working environment . 

Fresh Laboratory competitors.

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