Monday, 26 January 2015

Towards the Namdroling Paradise..part 1..

The journey on the plain pavements of India usually carries me swiftly without disturbances through my throat but this time i felt my head spinning as soon the pungent smell of bus poked into my nose as my journey towards the paradise i longed to go for till now kick started.

Its was 9.30 p.m. Lights off but the rays from television screen hanged on the metal wall near the first front seats hit brightly over us.

There we were in the middle of Bangalore city with our heads too heavy as if a pumpkin had been placed above and as if the pool of liquid were all dancing inside. In such condition we stepped into the second bus and sleep of tiring journey knocked us out for almost 5 hours with sun radiating directly upon us from the window. With dust swirled yellow around our hair and robe, we reached the heart of Mysore town. It was similar to any other indian town, busy with traffic, shops everywhere and film poster pasted on every wall.
Through the same bus station, we headed onto another 2 hours journey towards khushalnagar from where the GOLDEN TEMPLE of Namdrolling paradise was only 30 minutes.

As we neared towards our destination, the air itself seemed to be welcoming us with fragrance of multi-coloured flags and   lungdar raised onto trees and houses.

The vegetation greened with tall evergreen trees, beautiful flowers, and grasses grown well carpeted over the earth even at this season of the year. The place felt truely blessed. Well, a familiar looks with red robe and shaved head riding a bike ran in a sudden gush towards the way opposite to ours and finally, we had ourself on the pathway leading the heaven of Mysore Buddhist monastery

We called  our host, a bhutanese monk who was a relative of our friend. He greeted us with a charming smile on his face and  three of us went in search of a room. All the monastic guest houses were packed, even the rest of the hotels outside were full. Tired and weary,  we went into further search and finally an old women proprietor of two storied house  at her seventies rented two of us her room underground which was quite big at 200 per night.  We took a shower and finally took a relaxing nap till we dozed off completely.

To be cont.....


  1. You're lucky by far to reach that place. I, as one of the Buddhists have always longed to visit that place. But I don't know when I will be able to reach there. You're lucky. Enjoy your stay there and come back physically cleansed and spiritually satisfied. All the best of luck bro.

  2. Hi Kinley, I have nominated you for the very inspiring blog award. Please visit my blog for more details.

  3. Thank you ST for dropping by. It was indeed my long time wish to visit but couldn't make it until now though being in India for 3 years. Finally, i do feel cleansed and spiritually satisfied for having myself onto the footsteps of real heaven like zangthopelri. Everyone should visit once and feel the magical feeling it has as soon as you spot the rainbow showered lhakhang. Its just amazing!!

  4. Thank you so much S.pelmo for the award. I wonder if i really deserve it. I will follow all the steps as soon as i am,done with my current post!!