Sunday, 1 February 2015


Visualizing my self slowly pulling my butt off and walking towards the majestic stage of "Blogyul bloggers award" , I see there on the stage, standing four award winners handing over me my blogger award.
Thank you very much all of you. My friend, Monu for always being an encouraging icon for me regarding writings and blogging. Ms. Sherub Pelmo, Mr. Ugyen Tenzin and Jigme Zangpo for awarding me with this award which I wonder if I really deserved it.

More than me being an inspiration, I presume it to be an encouraging key to unlock further more that's inside me and to keep myself pushed on with my writings. Thank you once again friends.

 My award.

Here is few rules to be followed by Award Recipient ;
1. Thank the person with link who nominated you for thankfulness creates happiness.
2. Display the Award on your blog for one may love to see one's award.
3. Sincerely, describe seven points about yourself for others shall know you.
4. Nominate fifteen bloggers for the award through links and inform them about the nomination for they will also love to feel great to have received the award and multiply happiness.

I doubt if I really know myself completely but let me try it anyhow:..hehe

1. Nature lover: greenery of environment, colurful flowers all over, butterflies, fresh water streams, morning breeze and dawn, every thing of natures miracle is what helds my arms open in air.

2. Slow leaner: Catching up of a concept strolls in a snails pace with me. And I am very bad at long time memory retaining . I usually forget easily if I don't keep it touch with something everyday.. I am afraid I would catch up Alzemier's disease soon..Please pray I don't..Lol!

3. I don't get angry easily. I try to dump out evils things that I hear in one ear out from another. But when the boat crosses the river's limit, things get boiled up to the maximum. Be aware you guys!!.:p..

4. I love going for a long drive during dusk, when the city lights have just started to lit with soft western country side songs being played from the background. This is the scene pictured in my mind to have it done when I have my own car. For now, I rejoice imaginning.

5. I try to be optimistic about everything but this days, pessimism is getting rooted. I am reading the book
 the secret' and hope to learn all the theories of law of attraction and uproot the bad thoughts soon.

6. I am silent person in a crowd but wild with my close fellows.

7. I love my parents more than anything in this world and there is one more parent living inside my heart. GOD!.

Well, here are my nominees. Few are those who inspires me a lot and few are those whom I want then to be inspired and encouraged. Tried possibly to exclude those who are nominated already but I love all your writings.

1. Tshering Yangzom
2.Tashi Gyem
3.Sangay Cholden Duba
4.Lungten Wangchuk
5.Riku Dhan
6. Kelzang Dawa
7. Sangay Thinley
8. Sangay Phuntsho
9. Choki Gyeltshen
10. Pelden Sonam Nima
11. Namgang Chejey
12. Sonam Norbu
13. Shacha Dorji
14. Nima
15. Sancha Rai


  1. Congratulations and Thank you so much for the award! I am motivated by the award. I will post on this award whenever I get time. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Kinley but give me some time to respond to you. I leaped a step forward in knowing something more about you by going through those 7 lines portraying your self image inscribed in here. Enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on writing and inspiring others...

  3. Thank you acho.. It's an honor for an amateur blogger. I want to write back but I really am in short of ma list. Kadin chey la

  4. I hope your dream of going on a long drive during the dusk come true soon. I am glad to know you a little more from the description you have given of yourself.