Friday, 30 January 2015

Towards the Namdroling paradise. Part 3.

Into the heavenly realms of gaylug, kagyud and nyingma studies, inserting purity of sacredness in the form of blessing, we had ourself inside every monastery towards every reach from our stay.
Magnificently standing there for more than 30 years, the temples are the echo of thousand tibetans crying for their homeland, monks for their religious freedom and childrens for their himalayan toys. The traditions and cultures well preserved and the temples destroyed in Tibet are rebuilt in every part of their refugee settlements. It is so painful to learn that the rinpoches and great lamas of Tibet are all struggling to keep their Tibet alive for the future generations, moving around the world spreading the message of non- violence.

With our gelong guide, we visited each and every lhakhang whose doors remain usually closed but was open in all when we reached.

After feeling spiritually satisfied, we reached back to our dormetory and there was our proprieter, our boju, 76 year old angaay. She invited us for a tea and we had a long conversation about her family and her life. Winkles marked around her face but smile shinning ever green, softly would her voice flow with an accent of a pure tibetan. She showed her care towards us like her own grandchildren and we could feel presence of grandmotherly love. She lives there all by herself, a house built by her son who is a khenpo. She says, " with my Sons prayers, I can still run, move and jump like a child" when we said, she looks so strong even at that age.

 With our Boju!!

The next morning, when we were to leave, she again invited us for tea and it was very touching she had woken up early, keeping a small glass of milk to prepare us a tea. She gave us a wonderful hug and a kiss when we came out of house. A bell of emotional thud surrounded our heart. It was as though we were going back to college after being on a vacation with our famiily.

With a final goodbye, we made our journey back to our college after feeling fulfilled and packed with blessings.


  1. It's glad to know that you had really great time exploring and imploring Namdroling Paradise. So sweet of a 76 year old boju, though old, her heart seems always kind and tender.
    Hello Kinley bro, I have nominated your blog for the award. You can visit my blog for more information. Keep sharing. Keep blogging for the world shall know your heart. Hope all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do great. Take Care. :)

  2. Thank you was as though she has been yearning for grand childrens love for years!!...
    Thank you as well for nominating me the award!!