Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Man behind the Monk who sold his Ferrari.

Robin Sharma has completely captivated my thoughts in the past few months. My enthusiasm of reading got pushed beyond my interest. His words pinched my soul to awaken, his quotes of wisdom threw sparks of light and his rituals has punched me to think " Thinking is not enough, having knowledge is not enough, you have to pull your ass off to see it turn into action and ultimately into a result".

I heard about the book " A monk who sold his ferrari"  lot of times before and even saw lying on the table of my friend many a times but never reached my hand upon it to flip through the content. It was only one and half a month ago that the i  gave a touch on the book when it crossed my sight once again. As if the book was asking me to go through, my instinct told me to read it. I grabbed it and flipped towards the first chapter " The wake up call".  Chapter by chapter, as I made my journey along with Julian Mantle and John, my hands resisted to stop even for a toilet break. I continued incessantly trying to chew every wisdom Robin was trying to share through Julian. Every word, every letter seemed to carry invaluable treasure of wisdom on how to live a fulfilling life.

Master your mind, cultivating and nurturing it with good thoughts to bear a quality life just like a Garden, well cultivated and nurtured  bearing blossom full of colourful flowers. But if weeds are made to grow and not uprooted time to time, blossom ceases to death which relates exactly with the negative thoughts we cultivate and if not thrown out of our mind, it poisons it.

" The purpose of life is life of purpose", a wonderful 8 word sentence filled with enraptured wisdom. To be satisfied emotionally, materially, spiritually and physically, what are one's life goals? priorities? and how can one achieve it? One has to invent one's microscope of mind to magnify, focus, analyse and make sure one's priorities of life are put forward first and all of the rest kept aside at the second. The wisdom goes on and on with each passing line. Rituals of improving lifestyle  professionally and personally for any class of people and for any age group is  portrayed with out most practical reasoning for anyone to understand easily and apply to one's life.

Robin has brought about all the ways to transforms one's, actually anyone's life into a miracle of change to live a happy life so that when we lay down on our deathbed, our hearts are filled with satisfaction and to close our eyes with pride while we breathe our last.

After i completed reading the  book, bubbles of inspiration boiled inside me. I wanted to learn more of it, read more of his books. I browsed through net and discovered the series of books in continuation to his first book . On youtube, i got hold of his vblog where he shared his wisdoms audio-visually and also came across his website. Luckily, one of my friend had three more his books. I completed reading "Leadership wisdom AND who will cry when you die?" as well and now  I am on my way through the pages of " The leader who had no Title". Seed of wisdom learned from him is already planted inside me. I am seeing the life in completely new perspective and i am sure millions around the globe has realized it as well.

People who think "i am  worth nothing", people who feel " i am hopeless or now its too late",  leaders who think  Leadership comes only with titles, those people who are always into excuses, people who always sleep thinking" my life has no meaning" and those of you who always believed  " Greatness is achieved only by those with inborn talents ", you got to pull your ass off the bed and grab one of Robin Sharma"s book and infuse the profound wisdom he shares through his remarkable creativity of rituals  by which one can live life full of richness of mind, body and soul both materialistically and spiritually. 

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