Saturday, 11 April 2015

Connecting with the Nature.......

I stood still.....!! Puff of thinly arranged clouds lined in the open space below the vastness of east sky, hiding the rays of golden yellow dawn which just unveiled itself from behind the hills. Spikes of rays forcing itself through every opening of cotton clouds, it could possibly locate.

Like a gigantic lion Simba, i stood on a raised rock allowing the morning breeze to kiss me and swirl around my body with its charm. I felt it!, i felt the great pleasure of nature surrounding me. I soaked my thoughts and feeling deep into the moment, playing an imaginary soothing music inside my mind. I let my mind free. I made it fly, fly to the corner of the east dancing on the heavenly clouds, rolling and sliding over the sun rays. It was a magical morning. I realized how beautiful life can be if we give freedom to our mind to do all the things one can't do in real.

Evening was as blissful as the morning but wildly wild at the same time. Sky turned dark, clouds lost its morning texture and turned thick and black. Soft breeze gave its way to an angry wind of storm, carrying light plastics from every possible bins it could possibly pull through. A giant flick of white light snapped from nowhere. Sky gave its first loud roarrrr....!!! Nature was crying from all directions. Screech of metals slapping and flapping against the wind and sounds of objects grumbling surrounded the atmosphere.
Finally, the shower of rain poured its life over the earth. Four elements of nature except for fire fought against each.other whilst raichurians shouted with a howl of happy screams and went running outside into an open space. The strong wind and rain couldn't stop us for we waited for this shower after long drought of struggle against heat. I too pull out the child inside me and drenched myself completely into the moment. I relived my early days. I ran and jumped and splashed hard on the watery lanes. I didn't care about my clothes, the money inside the pocket, didn't give any thought on the cold i might catch the next day, threw of the worry of being hit by a flying board, gave no shit to people staring around. I LIVED the PRESENT to the fullest. It was totally fun and i enjoyed the beauty out of angered nature. I knew the NOW, the second, the minute, the hour  and the TIME which would never come back, so i rolled and rolled and hit every moves with the moment. It would forever be embedded inside my heart though it's just a speck of a moment.

(That's not me by the way....neither in the previous picture.. !!..i couldn't get captured a perfect picture, so i let the fun of my write up get flavoured by the best picture through the source: GOOGLE.)...WINK!!

Have a nice day...!!!!

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