Thursday, 24 November 2011

Memories never to come back

Fresh,cold and chilly air,i could feel. All around me,beautiful thick,deep white snow, falling only once in a year would take me to the heaven...i would enjoy all the natures luxury there. Spreading its purity all throughout my body giving me the essence joy of dirt being cleaned away,chilly air from my nose and mouth goes inside washing off all the impurities sheltering inside my trillion cells.. Unexplainable delightness would run through me coming to see snow once or twice in a year and i would rewind my life 10 years back..

During winter,in one of those days,i would open my eyes and jump to the window just to find out how bountifully the snow has covered the entire area under his rule with its warmth of whiteness. Without washing my face,i would put on some warm robes and go running outside without putting on the gloves because the profound joy i got while touching the snow without gloves didn't give me the same feeling with gloves put on.As if walking on the foot path of paradise land and as if someone far away is waiting for my arrival,i would love the sensation of stepping on the soft white ground and would keep on moving linearly till i come to find a long line of alternate foot print while turning back..That smiling face i made while making the snowman inserting two marbles as his eyes and a thick stick as the nose, that laughable moments i shared with my tiny friends while playing snow ball fight till our hands became red hot and numb,that memory where we would go running inside rubbing our hands and without removing of the snow particles from our clothe,we would just go and sit near the bukharies and heaters only to be found with wet floor and  being scolded by our parents..hehehe..
Rejoicing memories it was,which has now become the old copy of my life but still my lips stretches into a smile flashing back those every hour,every minute and every seconds i spent with the nature.When would i have the same time come again so that i can resurface those wonderful time spent with my fellow friend  snowyy!!

 I wish i had the time machine so that i can switch back the time and enjoy those days of my life to the fullest with SNOWMAN and SNOWBALLS.