Sunday, 27 November 2011

Like a gust of a wind

I came into this world in 1993.As a tiny toy,small and innocent i was handed over to my mothers hand.My mother would have given a simple smile staring at me but a great joy running inside her.Just like any other new borns,i would have been desperately searching through my mother's chest for the milk and may have had sucked it as if i have stayed hungry for months. After that chapter 1 of my samsara life started germinating.I passed off the topic of indermediate state of birth and god has given me this life to wash off our previous life's sins and be helpful to all sentient beings.


I stepped into the school life to be included with those who are to be called as an educated person  and those who are to be considered as having great knowledge in the future.Reaching 6th grade,i wondered,when i would be like those who are carrying thick text books and are given respect as seniors.Within no time i saw myself in the secondary school.There,i remember doing various activities such as joining scout clubs,participating in dance competition and performing literary programmes. I got through the two years that i spent in the lower secondary school and now i was amongst those who would be studying science divided into three categories.I was worried and doubted whether i would really be able to cope up with the critical theories of biology,head spinning equations of chemistry and various logics of physics.However i managed it and i even got through BCSE.(class 10 board examination). After that, time put me up to the main turning point of my life which would decide my future,BHSEC,class 12 examination.When i got really weary looking at the books,i asked myself,when would i be able to join college,when will the time come for me to go to study without wearing uniform and when will i get to make girlfriends without any hesitations......etc..???Anyhow i again got it through and NOW i am in college BUT its just the same,same thoughts,same feelings,same life and its the same ME.When i rewind back my time,i feel it was just yesterday that i entered school and now i am 18,almost to be a man.My parents usually said,you have grown so fast without my notice and that's for sure.We don't realise things happening around us. No wonder, now i am mostly worried about my job and the time i will go to shopping using my own pocket money But one day it will occur to me when teeths are all fallen down,hair gone white,a long stick in one of my hand and back crooked and i would ask...when did i go to my last picnic and what all things did i do in my life so fast??that time, it would be the time where we would have reached the doorstep to be received by the deadly members of deaths and to be going through the intermediate state of death.....and that time we would realise...LILFE IS TOO SHORT......LIKE A GUST OF has passed.........!!!!!!


  1. It really is the truth..buddy:) It happens to every one abd is happening everyday, but i appreciate your thought of writing iot down and let all know how short really is our life...too short like a gust of wind. So be happy and be contented with what you have and move on with no regrets...:)

  2. agree with you bro, Life is like a gust of wind....
    one wise man said, 'Life is too short to be little'...
    Keep writing...

  3. So enjoy your college life now... be grateful for what you have at the moment. Don't worry about life now... making a girlfriend is more important now...hahahaha!