Sunday, 20 November 2011

Seems i am also getting into the world of writing!

Am i really writing?ahh...yes! writing was not something which interested me but few months back i came across one young man which was one of the known and appreciated blogger among the bhutanese....he is a very good writer,i would say a fantastic writer! he is around 20 years old,two years elder than me and he has really inspired me to get into the world of writing. He has even published a book during his stay in his school and gained popularity among his friends and teachers. Actually he is non other than my friend monu tamang. We came to know eachother fews months before when we were placed in the same college for our further studies. He is from tsirang and has passed out successfully from damphu higher secondary school and now he is doing bsc.physiotherapy on government scholarship. He is simple and a very helpful friend of mine. Since the time i came here,i saw him most of the time busy with internet.i wondered what excactly he was typing so fast and spontaneously.Slowly after coming to know him well,he told me about the blog facility and how his thoughts were written down into the web,so that everyone around the world can read him and give him comments.He was really enjoying it and as i came to know more,i was also getting into it.

I started to read his blogs as well as his fellow bloggers' blogs,including our opposition party's blog.he was also one of the popular bhutanese blogger and they delighted me with their wonderful writings.Not only me but he has even inspired ngajey,also one friend of mine to put up his collection of poems and stories into the blog.He was just happy to do so!There were lot other and all have put up their wonderful skill of writing in it.After having look over theirs' slowly i asked myself,shouldn't i give it a try?? I was hesitant as i doubt my level of writing would not match with them..but still i want to give it a try.i hope all the readers would not mind to my english standard of writing and rather hope to receive comments(good as well as bad),so that i can improve.
Before i end here,i think i should introduce myself.My name is Kinley Wangchuk and i am from Samdrup Jongkhar,shinkhar lauri.I finished my class 12 from Motithang Higher Secondary School and now doing bsc.medical laboratory technology here in novodaya college on government scholarship.

So i end here.I would like to thank my buddy Monu Tamang for inspiring me and hope to get more inspiration from other bloggers.


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  1. I know u can do it. I know u will become the one! So its the beginning and keep going, i can assure u wud enjoy it. Keep goin and thakk u for u looked at me, though i cudnt do much to u...:D