Sunday, 11 December 2011

Always there with you

Seeing the beauty of your beauty
Thinking it not to be illusion
I give myself a smile
For i get sad for not able to see  you
My mind isn't in my control
Lost in inner self,i have got no way

In the core of my body
Lies a precious diamond
Though my luck is shortened
That my diamond cannot be given
No help could my luck provide
Sad it is
Togetherness not fate it is
Nor marriage is written in it
Uniting of souls and soulmates
Life it gives,the one with true love
Sadness is not to be meant
Fate isn't there with us
Though love would always shine within
Forever and forever!!!!

Will be always waiting for u!!!


  1. yeah great expression.
    its alys great when words come from the heart.
    hope ur menchung bum will read it m find the hidden meaasge...gret work!!!...keep posting buddy:))

  2. True words frm heart... hope u dont have to wait for long...all the best :)