Thursday, 8 December 2011

Journey through the mysterious world

A scrawny young boy with almost rounded face and  circled bespectacled ,having shiny black hair marked uniquely by lightning shaped scar to the right of his forehead.He is living with his cruel aunt and uncle along with their fat,nagging son,the dudleys who is always against his happiness.But one night, during  his 11th birthday,a huge man, giant structured with long beard all over his face comes from nowhere and ends up giving the shocking news to the boy that he is a wizard and he has been called upon to the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry for learning magics.That was a blow to the dudleys as well as to the boy but a joy of delightness ran through his body.

I am talking of non other than the mysterious Harry Potter who has brought evolution to the fantasy world.Harry Potter became my friend since i saw him first time in the television carrying a wand in his hand and making all sorts of things to fly automatically.I grew up along with Harry and his best friends,Ron and Hermione.Along with Harry,i enjoyed the first journey inside the magical world,saw the Diagon Alley,got a wand,sat under the sorting hat,played Quidditch by riding onto the broomstick. Harry introduced me to different witches and wizards,met with the charming Dumbledore,Professor McGonagall and the scary professor Snape. and the arrogant Draco Malfoy along with his two sidekicks.Starting from the series of Harry potter and the philosopher's stone till the end of Harry potter and the Deadly Hallows,Harry passes through the mysterious journey and the quest for various questions he had in his mind.Sacrifices,drama,emotions,magics,actions,enemies and romance is all through the story and along with them i am also one of the character hidden inside every character.I saw Harry fighting with the Quirrell,server of the Lord voldermort who killed Harry's parents, for the Quirell wanted the philosopher stone,Harry getting warned by the house elf Dobby not to return back to Hogwarts,trip inside the flying car and uncovering the secrets behind the chamber of secrets.With the help of the time turning device,Hermione saves both Harry and the buckbeck and along with it...i see myself flying at the back of the hippogriff where the prisoner of Askaban Sirius,Harry's god father also gets rescued.
Even in this magical world,occasions like ball where he needs she and she needs he is been shown wonderfully and here i get to see the real beauty hiding behind the scrawny Hermione where the romance gives light to Ron's heart. Unexpectedly,Harry is amongst the champions to compete in the triwizard tournament.....i see him struggling against the monsterous dragon,flying as fast as he could with his broomstick and winning over the golden egg.
In on setting of his fifth year,i see a new professor for the defence against the dark arts,Dolores Umbridge whose evil power increases in the school which the students cannot not bear and tries to form a secret group called as'Dumbledore's Army' to learn defensive spells.Here, Harry gives new face to his heart as romantic feelings arises for Cho Chang.Harry comes to terms that he and Voldermort are to kill eachother in the end.Harry comes to know about Tom Riddle's past and learns the Voldermort's intention of creating seven horcrux.In the last page of Harry potter series,there are lots of mishappenings going on,good as well as bad,love as well as tragedy,but as is in many stories,happy ending is what all want and in this also,good wins and evil,lord of dark fails with the end of Voldermort.Harry getting into new life with Ginny and having a happy family and Ron as well getting married with Hermione.What a story it was...and it would be....for every one of us who has grown along with Harry and his Hogwarts family.
Through all the journey that Harry went,i was always with him,in every corner of Hogwarts school of magics as an imaginary figure,not seen by anyone but was a shadow of all the characters present in the series. Harry took me to a new world surrounded by all sorts of unexplainable creatures and thanks to J.K Rowling that i can imagine about the things not seen in real and create our own beauty land. Journey into the world filled with all witch and wizards,wands and spells,conversation with deads,trip with animals having human head,talks with animals left me with a new world inside my mind which would be ringing every time i hear about Harry.Harry potter series mite have ended but the story continues in my mind forever with my own thoughts.....
Harry Potter fans all over..........!!!!!


  1. reads good buddy...keep posting!
    i kno u took more than a week just to come out with this post and it is worth the hardwork u put in....really written profoundly man....
    looking forward for more of your post to come wishes!!!

  2. Thank u man.only u know y i took that long.but i am happy for u took it in a positive way and encouraged me more...i will try to improve and keep on making u all happy until and i unless,ur lips does not stretch into a smile...heehe..thank u once again..