Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Failed responsibility, lost of patience

Our college has collected a good amount of Bhutanese students this year. We were only 45 before but now that the new batch of students have also joined us, we are much more a big family. It has crossed seventy plus and now  has become form Bhutanese student association. Tomorrow on 19th, youths of Bhutan studying our college will all come together to have each other introduced, perform cultural program mes to make it memorable and celebrate blessed rainy day in advance. 
But a day before itself became memorable due to lost of patience. We were supposed to perform a welcome dance for our juniors. Our seniors were busy involved in organising the programme and as they were small in number, they asked the second year students(we) to set up a welcome dance. I was the only one who could dance quite well. Being a member of cultural group in school and with my interest involved, i took up the responsibilty to choreograph the song and came up with an entertainment. I selected a wonderful song sho sho by Ugyen Panday which related with the celebration and made the moves. I did all and finally went to ask my mates to join me. But, i got all the negative responses. Nobody were confident enough to cooperate with me. I explained them well that it was not a competition, only a part of fun and not necessary one  knew dancing like superstars. Everyone was reluctant  and afraid to become a joker near the new batch. However i could convince some of them and made them shake their body to some extend. I taught the moves and they could catch up quite well. Nothing more was needed. We reached almost into half the song and one more stanza was left to be completed that they started losing confidence and was getting irritated for they were really expecting themselves to dance like those of the partipants in Dance India Dance. Almost whole day i was making the moves and in the evening, i took my time to teach them. Some moves, i did modify to make it easier, actually much more simpler to make it work for them. But  nothing was going on as i expected. I got irritated, lost my patience and cancelled the programme. Welcome dance was gone from my side. I informed my seniors. But their understanding and urge for keep on going encouraged us  that i gained back my confidence and this time it was working much more smoothly and beautifully. Despite being busy with organising for the day, they took out time to convince us and even decided to dance with us. They substituted those who weren't willing to join back. They too didn't know how to dance but they instantly decided to join us to make us feel comfortable  and we could finally complete the song. We practiced hard and i could see their weariness hidden inside.
 I really thank my seniors for they really did something worth getting a huge applause. They woke the confidence in me and made it a goodnight sleep at last. I am quite ashamed and not happy for i gave up so easily. For now, i wish that the progammes go on well and the day become as memerable as this time also i expect something fruity.

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