Friday, 21 September 2012

Day, long waited

I have been counting the days to go back to Bhutan since two months back when i knew our vacations will soon be starting right after the exam. But our exams got postponed twice and so did our vacations. Now that we are done with our exam, and the time for me to step the soil of Drugyul is nearing, i am very much excited but our luck again tricked us. We planned to reach Thimphu before 22nd of september so that on the day, we find our self sitting near a plate full of red rice with phaksha cikam, shakam hanging from the side of the plate and mouth watering ema datshi.....( my mouth is already watery....), to find myself joining my relatives in the age old traditional dance going round and round. Damn, our tickets didn't get confirm. Actually we had tickets for 16th but now we are coming on 23rd, but have to move from college tomorrow. We are neither going to be in our college atleast to celebrate with our friends nor will reach up there but it seems we will be spotted  in between somewhere in the streets of city of hyderabad. We have got no direct train and have to go through the railway station in hyderabad. We are supposed to land on Phuentsholing on 25th morning and if possible, soon after i am going to fled to Thimphu. 
So, guys, HAPPY BLESSED RAINY DAY and keep my share of enjoyment especially the food. Happy reading, readers and bloggers keep on blogging. Really enjoy the blogyul family. I am not very good in writing as of you guys but i want to keep trying and improve it as i am very much inspired. thank you.


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