Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Festivities

Only few hours are left for the clock to tick 12 and the very first second of 2013 will start. With that as the crackers shoot high up in the sky with the shinnings as done in most of the country, each and every one of us will also gather up our new beginning with new hopes and aims. everybody is excited about the new year ahead as we have just survived out of the 2012 world end predictions. No planet called Nebru clashed with our earth, no earthquake or any tsunamies came and nothing like fire balls fell from the sky. But instead we are  what we were, celebrating the christmas present gifted to us as 2013 year. Fortunately the false alarm of world end proved to be wrong and we are all the same, happy as ever.

Each and every one of us has got different plans to celebrate the moment. Generally, as for the young boys, they will go hunt down the best bar and sip of the last drop of wines and knockouts till they themselves are knocked down. And for girls, prepare their best dishes that they have inherited from their mother, gather up eating and soft drinks stuffs and enjoy in their own cute ways. For the elders, they mightl assemble in one of their friend's home with aras and bangchangs, along with some steps memorized to shake the floor after the wines have taken control of them and at  night  put their childrens in trap of forcing them to listen to their childhood stories of how they faced difficulties during their school times. hahaha......

As for me, i am participating in the Bhutanese gathering that we are going to organize tomorrow with the session of cutting a big cake to unite our body and mind for the fulfillment of the resolutions that we made for the coming year. Then, with some games and dancing programmes, we will wind up our day. I m so excited about it.
Lastly i wish all the people around the globe, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.
and may your journey ahead be blessed with fortunes and good lucks.
before i wind up my post....i have somthing for you guys...

Nam losar tsheloo tashi delek: to all my dear bhutanese people

Neya Saal Mubarak! : To our country mate, all Indians

Sawatt dee pee mweï.: to our thai friends.

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu: to japanese collegues

Seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo: to koreans

I think i will stop here because i am already tired of copy-pasting and searching for the right word to wish to all the people arounf the world. In short once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.......enjoy!!!!

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