Friday, 4 January 2013

If I Were SHE...

"I am just 23 years old. I was a student still studying and had got dreams to be fulfilled and still more to dream. The white coat that i was wearing was not to let people assume that i am a proud doctor, it was the dream of my heart, my parents to see me treating the patients and spread the purity of my heart  into them and make them capable of re-germinating their life. When you ever have a back pain, i would have been there to massage you, when ever your legs swelled, you would have seen me treating you with my own bare hands, when ever your mom or your father complained of body ache, i would have participated in exercising them to restore their fitness. There are lots of disabled people in our country, i would have made them get up on their feet and made them walk, giving them a new life.  BUT, before i could do any of this, you all made me experience the most terrible pain of my life and  made me myself lie handicapped on the bed of the place where i was supposed to treat you. For days,i was clinging between life and death. My breath fell short and i finally died." 

This is how i would have felt being in the shoe of the Delhi gang rape victim, the girl who was a physiotherapy student. Like any other young teenager, she would have also had dreams and hopes to be fulfilled, to make her parents proud of her and spent her life with happiness. BUT her happiness was short lived and she died after being brutally raped by six boys and assaulting her with an iron rod. She stayed in a state hanging between life and death in the hospital bed for few days after the incident and soon died as her body was totally into shock and so was her eye muscles to weak to open because all her organs failed to work. How can i body work when her mind is completely lost. She would have never imagined that this kind of thing would even happen to her. 

Whole world is disturbed by this incident and all over the India, there are protest going on for the justice of the girl and  all the rapist to be penalized to death sentence. The Indian government is receiving  criticisms for not being able to protect a girl, that also in the capital city and every women is becoming violent, fire running in their eyes and hearts crying. Those Rapist should be punished for their sins. Hanging them to death also does not seem to be enough because the duration of pain is nothing compared to the pain that the girl went through. Death is a simple process if hanged but the continuous shock she received while being raped by those rapist in turn and when the iron rod was used, no one could imagine how painful that would have been.

Now ,she had already left us, we could do nothing but let us all  pray for the peace of her soul(R.I.P). May she be reborn to fulfill all those which was left unfulfilled and make her dreams come alive one day, And may those who ruined her,suffer even after death and get no place to breath even in hell!!!


  1. Great article.... keep writing!

    Yes, it is a very sad end to this girl's life and I can imagine the grief of her parents..... This is purely my opinion and I would like to share with u all. Though the miscreants deserves a strong punishment and a slow/painful death, however our Buddhists values that has been instilled in us does not allow us to think that way..... Will hanging the miscreants or giving slow, torturous death to this people bring back the girl to life and make their parents happy? Of course everyone would be happy if those miscreants are given torturous punishment.. but at the end of day, the girl should be alive and healthy with no scars in her body as before! Would that be possible? Demi Tshewang

  2. I clearly understand what you are trying to say la. we know that hanging the rapist won't awaken the deceased back to life, nor it will make her parents happy but with such punishment, i think the life of thousands of girls around the globe would be secure and never let the history of the girl be repeated to other girls in the future and also not let the precious tears roll down through the cheek of thousands of parents.
    Only my thought. Cannot imagine the pain of the girl and the future girls who might encounter the same fate.
    Thank you for your comments aunt..your comments will bring improvements to my writing..keep on commenting.