Thursday, 17 January 2013

JUMBLE of crazy thoughts.

i was like.......before i started

Body extended, hands perfect, fingers typing smoothly, legs crossed comfortably, midnight passed few minutes before, but my heart awake at this late hour of 17th, too early for 18th. Room mate drenched into deep sleep, under the spell of OH, his body balance seized and bed is the only savior for his loose weight. I watched him lying still, various thoughts dancing inside my body hall, i ask my brain to make me dream. But he said, he can't until I scribble down on this very public diary what thought is pricking me and preventing me to stay alive even at 12:30 am.

Memories long passed away resurfaced again, carrying the thrones of unknown pain. Someone not to be known came to be known, something not to feel crept deep to be felt, the thing not supposed to be together couldn't be together, though together, never  forever.

Star of calmness is barely seen through my window but it reflected the rays of the moon, delivering the parcel of peace to keep me occupied while i am lost writing this very piece of densely confused thoughts. Questions are left unanswered in my brains but i scored full marks getting satisfaction of pouring  thick turbidity of mixed feelings out of this leather soft heart.

The sharp pin of sadness without reason has ran away and the anti-sadness pill presented to me by my inner urge to print the above crazy lines has worked without a scratch.
As the words above walked slowly to this end, within a second, protective layer of peacefulness kiss all over me, a great sense of hope grew and the mysterious injury has subsided kicking me to fall into sleep now.

the more i read, the more confused i get...

I am       healed to   such   an   extend that   i am now , of no capability   to scribble         anymore useless stuff and my   writing pace       has    also   decreased that i   am   not able to   make out   how much space bar to be pressed making it look all broken now , so i apologize my readers for making it      confusing like the baby  in the   picture and wasting your time to make     you go through   without     making  any sense.

I am sleeping now....GOOD NIGHT  ...and good morning, if you have already woken up!!!!

however you guys are just now i don't know, but i am like...hmmmm..!!


  1. Good going, my dear son! Keep scribbling, whatever comes to your mind! You are inspiring me to write too. It does not matter what the topic is about, all it matters is your urge to write and one day you will definitely perfect the art! Keep reading more!

  2. I tend to forgot about the world sometimes, the only thing that comes into my mind is to write and write. May be the topic didn't match the content but as you say, what keeps me more concentrated is my urge to keep on writing. My seed of writing has just started to germinate. Need nutritous comment from all of you for me to grow.
    And i feel more delighted that i am being an inspiration for you to write too..thank you again and please keep on commenting....:)

  3. I was wondering what knocked out your mood yesterday. But some how i got the answer, I must say. It happens because our choice and priority does not match with that of individual. We must accept the fact that we are all unique. We get what we deserve. We can't lose ourselves to some un-deserving activities.
    Do take care and move on. You can't lose yourself like that.