Sunday, 17 November 2013

Illusionary journey of impermanence

As i move on and on with life, time and again, i get to wonder why we are here. In the streets of raichur, i see many people, young and old, all busy trying to cope up with life under the scorching heat to fill up their bellies. On the way, for the cattles and buffaloes, Ranveer kapoor and Deepika padukone's film posters have become the meals for them as no green grasses are available. They got no choice but to change their taste buds to fulfill their hunger. Back to college, many white apron bearers including me are seen in libraries, some in hospitals and some in hostels, all busy designing their life so that  it be beautifully decorated in the future.

Animals, humans, insects and even the non living things get transformed, non functional, and one day become what we refer to as impermanence. With time, everything ceases. We are living in an illusionary  dream which will be over one day or the other. For the living ones, when death calls us, we have no idea as to where the call will lead us to. If there is life after death, then we shall live in another  world of suffering, ignorance and hatred, full of illusions adding up our sins forming a chain around the circle of life and death.

Buddha has spread Buddhism in almost all the directions around the world. People do know and understand the precious, golden words of Buddha which was spread from his disciples to make us understand the teachings for the generations now and then to pass over this samsara and attain the life of Nirvana. But in this advanced world where technology and science has dominantly taken powerful hold, the innocent worldy beings are driven into the so called trying to achieve 'impermanence". Life seems  meaningless when we think about death but worth meaningful if done something meaningfully good and beneficial to all sentient beings.

                 No matter how green she might have been, it will  have no single leave to beautify her.

              you might have been the most beautiful once, but the wrinkles wont stop you from aging.

        it would have been the best looking car, but the lifeless things also ages with time.

          While alive, mingling together would have been fun, but death do all of us apart forever leaving behind just the gust of memories in the air which volatilizes with the passing 
                                                                    of time !!!!


  1. Beautiful Kinley. You took me back and shook me. It rang the bell of my heart. Thank you for sharing...

  2. Nice post. Enjoyed going through. Keep posting bro..