Friday, 29 November 2013

Maximum post in a month

Tomorrow, the month of November will end. I have written five post in this month itself. Wow!! this is huge. Well i know, this is nothing for most of the  bloggers. They write more than 10 or even more than that in a month but for me, it was like "woah! i did write a lot this time"!! 
I have come to know that, some of the bloggers though being occupied with tight schedule , won’t put their head on the pillow before at least pinning on some words on their respective blogs. Passionately driven into the world of writing, they write lying awake at night.
Well number of times, i sit in front of my laptop, opening my account, script it down few words but then again, i let my words be erased not being satisfied with what i am writing. I get stuck with the confusion of words to be put down together, not getting appropriate topics to write on and finally always landing  without a single post. So, most of the time, i prefer reading and getting cheerfully amused by what other bloggers have written.
Blogging is a platform where we can pour out what's going inside us, our feelings, thoughts, and opinions without the consent of any body and share to the world without spending a penny. Our literature might not be as good as it should be, mistakes might occur but it's all ours. Time would rectify everything.
So, i ought to promise myself to increase the number of post every month and I have also promised some of the respected bloggers that i would keep up with them and i do not wish to let them down as i have chosen writing not as a materialistic thing  but as a close friend of mine, whom I would chat, laugh, cry and play to the extend I want.
So, fellow bloggers, keep visiting my blog and drop your comments  as much as possible as that would boost me up more and more.
Thank you!!
Have a nice night and a happy December.


  1. This means I have also opened and read your blog maximum this month....:p. Keep blogging as I enjoy reading post of you.

  2. Thank you sherab for always dropping by my blog and printing a comment...!!!