Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Journey back all over again


Having Peldon's last exam postponed, we were back to our own college, back to my hostel, back to the room. Early morning, i was back on my own couch. Super relaxed, i fell for a whole day nap after having a tiring journey. Till afternoon, the next day, i could sleep soundly. I woke up and the feeling of those supra orbital bones of both eye pulsating  had finally gone. It gave me sign, my eyes got more than enough rest but to freshen up a bit more i got in for a bath.

"It wasn't a restful day and the weariness of the journey hadn't subsided that suddenly I saw five more miscalls from Peldon after I was taking bath. I knew what she wanted to say…"

The particular line above from the previous post seem to have given a wrong idea or should i say confusing. My poor ability to express the things the way i want does not seem to be pouring out in that way. I have mentioned that, since Peldon's exam got postponed for two days or three, not being sure about the dates and the complicated situation of staying in hotel for another few days would be like 1000 kg burden for her, so we had decided to make a go and come back trip.
That was the last situation back then in Devangere.

Back in my hostel room and in my bathroom, i was in shower, rubbing off all my tiredness. :D . After the shower, when i checked my mobile, there were five miscalls from Peldon. Yeah! I knew, what she wanted to say. I called her back and she told me, " i got the call and my last exam is tomorrow", that!, was what she said and that!, was the answer i was expecting which indirectly meant we had to leave the night itself. Barely, did i sleep only once in my bed after coming back, i had to head the journey back again on for 8 hours to and 8 hours fro back again. I thought about the cool place, the park and the freshness there, and replied "ok Peldon, no worries, lets move". The next thought was about the long hours on the humping and bumping bus, my expression was like Phurba Thinley trying to squeeze out the constipation :P ( Yuck) .But the latter thought i  kept to myself.

That was it. The repeat telecast of  our journey then. We got dropped off to the bus station at 9 pm by our same friends, enter and rode on the same bus with same conductor and driver, reached there exactly at the same time as before, lodged on the same hotel and the same room. The story after that was Peldon finally completing her last exam and again humping and bumping back to Raichur the night itself.

That was one Hell of a journey to be remembered!!


  1. It was not exactly confusing. Perhaps, it would have generated misconception because of the suspicion in the sentence itself. Anyways, you write great. Keep writing.

  2. The response from passu sir quite sarcastic..hehe..i wonder what he was thinking exactly.....
    anyways thanks buddy!!!