Friday, 23 May 2014

I too had a love story: Ravinder Singh.

As i caught the interest of reading this particular book after being mentioned in Sir.PSN's blog, i finally got to flip pages of the debut novel written by Ravinder Singh.
The languages are simply simple and fun going through without having to hammer our head to understand certain parts. Everything is clear and free flowing.

As i reached the mid pages of the novel, the hormones of excitement and happiness starting jumping to its peak. But few questions started popping inside my mind.

Can Broadband really connect peoples heart to that extend??
Can the connection through network and websites bring soul mate together to such extend that they fall in love without having to see it in real?
Is voices enough to get attracted? What if the voice and the looks that we expected comes out to be completely different?
Are pictures that we see online, which might be edited,cropped, photo-shopped enough to say that the person is exactly like the one we wanted.
Can someones love life be just so perfect? Does soul mates really meet through coincidences and finally become one?
Can families be as supportive as it is described?

Ravin and Khushi is a soul mate who meets through Well, for all the questions that rose inside me, the answers are perfectly positive for this two love birds. Ravin's first love carries him dangling through the rope of euphoric and cloud nine paradise of romantic happiness. He enjoys every bit of his first talk with a girl for long hours, first time feeling of "missing you so much", first time saying "love you shonimoni" , first adrenalin "fight or fly" feeling of meeting a girl for the first time and seeping up the air of romance flowing all around him.

Ravin and Khushi apart, there are lots now in our generation where i guess people meet through online chats and network calls. At the beginning, the taste of love is really sweet just like for Ravin and Khushi but the sweetness subsides slowing or instantly when  finally deciding to meet for the first time, mostly due to disappointment of not being to the level of expectation. For most, it isn't as easy flowing as Ravin and Khushi.

That be the first part. On the second part, the perfectly perfect love birds also faces the cruel treachery of life. The perfectly positive answers that Ravin and Khushi gave for my questions was short lived. Just like most love stories, the ending started turning into tragedy. I somehow knew the girl in the story was going to encounter a cruel fate after reading the summary to the back of the book. I thought of "leukemia or lung cancer" . In any tragedy love stories, this two disease always struck my mind first. But Khushi meets a car accident instead. Marriage was around the corner and their engagement was just at their doorstep about to knock that instead the bride itself gets knocked off. The big curtain of happiness falls down and the world for both falls down completely. Among st many cab, why is it have to be the only cab in which Khushi was present? Why is it that severe damage has to struck exactly on the side where she was sitting?

Why is it so? is it so that the lovers are meant to be met only to be separated? Even Romeo and Juliet couldn't live together, surely they died together though. Has god planned it that way to remind us of impermanence? or is it so that only sad ending love stories cover the front page of every novel, movies and reached to the ears to people and happy ones are left untold.
LOVE came uninvited to Ravin and with Khushi's tragedy,  DEATH also didn't send him greetings before arriving. As i heard somewhere, both love and death comes uninvited.

Ravinder Singh pour out his love and tears for Khushi into the printed letters. An inspiring love story, yet disappointing end. The story would have been entirely a different taste if it wasn't for that truck or if Khushi hasn't chosen to be seated to the impact side. The science of network and website brought two hearts together but the advanced science technology of ventilator dependent lungs and stored blood couldn't keep them longer together. But surely did the thought of turning his love story into a book must have given a ray of hope. Though far away, Khushi will live with his book all along his generation and even after his death. Like every love story, his love story will also be cherished into the museum of love euphoric environment and Khushi will live with us, all of us, FOREVER.


  1. Very nice review Kinley! Seems like a very nice book too! There is always a tragedy in every great love story. And yes, I believe that people can meet their soul mate through Internet as it happens to me too :) But fate and karma have played a very important part on it. Keep reading and writing Kinley! You have a great skill in bringing words together. Keep up your good work! :)

  2. Thank you so much Rima. It is indeed a true story of the incident happened with the author.
    It seems so that broadband connection brings a lot of people in your life and i really love and appreciate the way you hook up and meet with fellow bhutanese People all around. i loved your recent post on meeting Karma and flora. But one thing, i still wonder if the taste of kewa datshi really delights you or you are sqeezing hard to swallow...because everywhere, bhutanese will always have kewa datshi...haha...!!!

    1. Yes Kinley, Internet has brought changes into people's life including mine :) Including how I managed to know you through this blog.

      Thank you for loving my recent post. I don't have privilege to eat Kewa Datsi everyday here. And of course I enjoyed eating it :)