Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Next Day: Towards the park

Ghajini  did kill our time for atleast 3 hours. For another two hours,  Rahul Gandhi, Modi, BJP, Congress and Bollywood stars on election kept  me going on. Boredom reached its height.

‘Wai, lets go for an evening stroll through the park nearby, I saw it near to our hotel”, Peldon insisted after having her unfinished nap of the previous night when she was sorting out her practical notes inside her brain. I instantly got up as she just stole my thought.  Dust setting by, cool air on the way, end of tiring day, time for spacious moment with family is what the set of evening brings on.

Peldon had a one day break.  She would resume the next day with her next two exams. Meanwhile the day was free for her as well as for us to explore the new city. Till afternoon, we jailed our self inside the hotel due to the heat outside. By evening, the park cleansed our boredom.

A Big open space situated at the heart of the busy city, fenced neatly with the iron bars forming a giant rectangle. “Ice cream!!” , I stepped forward towards the man with a metal box, like a small child. With ice cream to keep our mouth busy, our legs rejoiced the walk after being stiff for whole day.

It was melting off fast, so i sucked it hard eventually...

There were weird eyes staring at three of us from all sides. It was unusual for the remote places like Devangere  in India to receive  fair, small eyes fellows like us. We gave  no shit and just moved on ignoring since it was nothing new to us. We entertained the situation many a times in our own place in Raichur.
Peldon started her pose and shots with Kinley taking on with camera. Her face slightly turned, lips as if to kiss someone, one leg slightly bend and crossed with other leg is what I assume to be her favorite pose. I could see a fat elephant standing dead towards the centre and two tigers facing one another into a battle field just behind the giant. Young ones  rode them fearlessly, laughing, smiling and playing while elders hold them from beside.  There were mothers holding the hands of their one year old child learning to walk, old parents happily holding onto their grandchildrens’  and couples sharing their moments to the fullest. A perfect family time and a place.

A sudden puff of thick smoke hovered above the tree nearby, followed the ear piercing , creaking sound of unknown creatures flying in the air above from tree to tree. Those weren’t  birds. Something else. I strained my eyes hard above and soon I noticed several ridges on the wings of the creature and the head was unusually large. BATS!! Oh yeah. It was bats. The smoke disturbed their day upside down nap. They were restlessly flying from one tree to another. I always thought bats always resided in dark habitats, in a cave or something cooped with least sun rays but we encounter many a times in Indian trees in town where bats just hung themselves under the tree branches. I never saw bats in Bhutan, so I excitedly admired their aerial features and enraptured them in my camera but it didn’t come clear due to their flying motion. 

Definitely a BAT.

Peldon was still giving her pose in various scenery while Kinley was still her photographer. I was trying to gather wonderful moment pictures of the park, people , bats and children but soon I ran off with the battery and the excitement just melted.
Back to hotel. It was already dark then. We filled our night bellies with Hyderabad chicken, omelet and chicken biriyani. That was awesome dinner. At least for me, ate the girls share too that finally when I was back to hotel room, I felt like having a C-section and have removed whatever was inside. :D.

Morning of next day: I opened my eyes slowly for I heard the BANG twice. Peldon was dozing off with the book on her hand. The book loosened from her grip and fell on the table twice. Working hard!! Pitied her for she had to come so far to do an exam with all the expenses on her head. Nevertheless she had good friends like us….:P…
It took unusually long that day. Last time, she completed within 4 hours but  that day, four hours of waiting took a boring hell out of us. There was no nice place to roam nearby and the day heat was uncontrollably harsh, so no plate of option was left other than to wait on that hard steel chair.

She finally appeared with satisfied exam performance but she brought along a news  which was not worth lending ear to. Her last exam got postponed. What kind of board exam is that, anger ringed my ear hard. Postponing thing about exam wasn't new to us but  in the middle of the on going exam, was definitely an unpleasant news. All of us got confused. She had no idea when her exam would be then, probably two days later. But she was running out of money and staying in hotel for two more days would mean, no eating and no coming back to Raichur. We were helpless when it came to money matter. We lost into individual thoughts to sort out a way. Finally, we did. We decided to go back and come back again when exam date is fixed. I was quite reluctant at first due to the tiring journey on bus but as we say “friend in need is a friend in deed” and at that time, a supportive company was what she needed the most. Stress of  exam,  thoughts of expenses and burden of  travelling 8 hours to and fro, definitely her brain needed some peace and warm company.
The very next day, we drove back to our place in Raichur.

It wasn't a restful day and the weariness of the journey hadn't subsided that suddenly I saw five more miscalls from Peldon after I was taking bath. I knew what she wanted to say……

Note: I assume you all got why i took another few more days to update the second part. It is because of the call i got the last minute from Peldon....


  1. What she wanted to say?ha ha ha
    Have fun brother. Enjoyed travelling with you through your writing.

    1. Thank you for dropping by Passu Sir. My poor ability with expression of thoughts into words seem to have given you a wrong idea and your sarcastic "hahaha" told me where i went wrong with words. Nevertheless, i will clarify in my next post..:)

  2. Beautifully written, keep going :)