Wednesday, 4 June 2014

B.A Pass.

The title of the movie imaged my thoughts to a young B.A college student struggling with the demand and supply curves of economics and commercial mathematical problems of commerce to obtain the degree certificate in business administration. But the plots pours out to be totally contrasting. I wonder what connection did the title and movie actually had?

"Early lost of both parents does not seem to be an accident nor a death call, just seem to be a betrayal, who played the treachery, it remains a mystery", narrator begins the story with the line on an unfaithful dark day with his parents picture curved  with flowers infront. Mukesh is left orphaned along with his two teenage sisters, without complete degree, unemployed and struggling on burdened shoulders of his maternal aunt.

Aunt, having lost her strength to hang on with the burden, sends two sisters to "Home", a place where young girls without proper guardian are looked after. But instead, the girls soon come to realize the sort of activities going on there and  how mischievously the place was running and rather find unsafe to be there. Mukesh, desperately in need of money to rescue her sisters, finds no other path but enters into the world of male prostitution. He introduces himself into the sex industry with the help of the lady name "Sarika".

The poison of necessity and desperateness not only leads women into such paths but even men. Houses to houses, platform to platform, he knocks the door of rich wives with the fragrance of money flowing in the air, quenching their thirst of pleasure and taking back with him, his two to three hours hard earned action salary.

For sometime, everything runs smoothly and he finally decides to bring his sisters back.But the cruel game of betrayal once again plays with his life.His friend runs away with his money within a speck of seconds without his knowledge, having put his trust completely on him, only to realize later that the pot he was feeding on was actually feeding from him, playing with his innocence and he was now left with only a hollow well of pot, full of emptiness. He breaks off completely. In the mean time, he receives call from his sisters saying they are on their way to reach his place anytime. Buzz of confusion, fear, anger and sadness run through his head. In a state of such confusions and head spinning situation, he lands up killing "Sarika" . One after another, arrow of problems prick  him all over. Craziness crosses the limit, height of desperateness reaches its maximum and he finally sees nothing infront. He closes his eyes and lean forward to let himself fall, fall into the world, free of suffering, following the steps of his dead parents, he kills himself.

 Lust of sexual energy runs through in the beginning having to witness lustful scenes but the ending leaves the viewers with the thought of betrayal, struggle, and harsh realities of life one has to go through if the coin of our fate turns out to be rusted.

The Movie is adapted from the short story "Railway Aunty" written by Mohan Sikka who is a writer and artist based in NY, sketching mainly the social and familial relationships.

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