Monday, 30 June 2014


Drop by drop, shiny droplets falls                                
Rose smiles as it gets cleansed
With the morning dew freshness
It spreads its beauty to the world

Sun from the far tip of mountain
Stares brilliantly with its warmth
Rose smiles again and sprouts out its petals
Flowery garment fluff along her happiness

With the morning breeze she walks
With the rays of sun, she moves
She moves and she moves
Soon does she realizes evil in her

Red as is her beauty color
So is the print of her darkness
Down till her neck lies all evil
Blood of thrones surround her

Touch me not, never below my neck                            
A pain, painful than any pain          
A cry, louder than any loudness
Finally, did she realize the forgotten

Morning of darkness took it's toll
Dullness surrounded the shrines of her beauty
World never wanted her beauty above
An illusion, haunted with fake happiness

Droplets dried, petals fell
Fluffiness shrinked and wrinkled
Scooped in her home of cloudiness
She sleeps into her lonely world.

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